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can i edit this template on dreamweaver

thank you for your genuine response…...but i want a little more help can you send me a simple template website where i can edit in your template and learn how to edit a template…after all i will purchase your template….

please find a free template online cuz im not allowed to post a link here.


Hi, Just bought the template and I notice that the CONTACT BOX at the bottom does not display properly in Firefox 26.0 (the main text box overlays the Phone/email/street list items on the right) Is there an easy fix for this??



Nice and well-coded template. There is a small issue with Firefox under Windows though, the message textarea in the footer isn’t rendered right. To fix this, please alter code in style.css to the following:

form#footer-contact textarea {
    display: inline-block;
    margin: 1px 0 0;

Hey Irata, thank you very much for bringing this out. we will surely fix this and update it for other buyers as well.

Kind Regards :)

Dear all,

Using the preview demo on my Ipad Mini, the template is shown with the bg picture left and right from the boxed content; in both landscape and portrait and not making use of the full screen.

Any comments and suggestions are welcome of course,


Thanks, I am sure going into history as a Homer Simpson.. sorry. Just don’t know how to send an screenshot / attachment. Please let me know.

Dear all,

In addition, please check the link of the demo / preview by using ipadpeek.com. It shows my point.

Thanks again, Jan

hi Eurobras and thanks for ur message. thanks for the ipadpeek link too (very useful tool)

we’ve checked our demo with ipeek and didn’t found any bug/error. the background is meant to be like that. we didn’t want to fit the whole screen with the content, we left that background purposely, it wasn’t an accident.

Thank u so much! Faton

Hi Faton, According to the Item Details, this template can be set to either – wide or boxed layout -. Would appreciate your guidance as how and where to set either option.

Thank you in advance, Jan.

hi Jan, im really sorry but seems i’ve made a mistake on the item preview image. im really sorry for that.

Hi Faton,

Thank you for your answer and I take it that this template is not able to be set to a boxed version. Please confirm; thank you.

I have checked this template on my Ipad Mini by using the Live Preview tab and a have noticed the following (the same findings do apply to the template Convertible and Orbit7):

- when using the Live Preview tab in Vertical, the template is displayed with considerable space left and right from the content. However, if in the upper-left corner “x remover frame” is clicked, the mentioned space becomes considerable less.

- when using the Live Preview with Orbit7 and Convertible, the loading takes a long time, sometimes freezes the Ipad and becomes totally unusable… When the “x remove frame” is clicked (quick during loading) both templates are displayed perfectly.

I am using the latest OS7 on the Mini and in addition I have not noticed any difference on my other Macs.

Maybe this information will be useful somehow. Let me know what you think of it. Kind regards, Jan.

hi Jan, yes i confirm that boxed version is not included.

it’s true that viewing demos with themeforest’s iframe is not preferable, many templates show some issues when opened within TF iframe after clicking Live Preview. all u have to do is remove that iframe (x) and it will show its original view.

Thank u very much for those informations.

Kind Regards

Well done, on Vertikal – Multipurpose HTML5 Template.We will be ready for your next one. :)

hi InnerClick. Thank u so muchhh again for purchasing another item from me :).

Warm Regards

Any update on a wordpress version? Earlier in comments you said Jan 10. Thanks, great theme.

hi Xorth and thanks for showing interest in our work.

Yes that was the expected date for release but we’ve run into some problems through develpment but we will surely release it this month. max 31 Jan.

Stay in touch.

Hi Faton, will there be support for WooCommerce in the Wordpress edition?

hi and thanks for showing interest in my work.

no we will not include the WooCommerce Plugin in the first release. if we get many requests from customers we’ll add it in future upgrades.


Hi can you tell me how to change the “services-box” icons. ex. multipurpose, flexible design and etc. i need to image there how would i do that.


hi Sujan and thanks for purchasing our work.

to change the icons u have to open the “index.html” with any text editor and find let’s say “Multipurpose” icon which is called: “services-icon1” then u can replace that with any icon from font-awesome icon’s archive: http://fortawesome.github.io/Font-Awesome/icons/


Why galleries doesnt work in internet explorer?

I have internet explorer 11 but the galleries of the home doesnt seem to work

sorry for reapiting my comment

hello and thanks for purchasing my work.

you mean portfolio page ? i’ve checked and looks perfect on my side.

can u please provide a screenshots or any other info at this e-mail: besimdauti24@gmail.com


Hello, good evening. Yesterday I bought the “Vertical” template. I do not work the box “contact form” of the footer. I understand that all I have to do is add my email address to the file “contact.php”: #Your e-mail address define(“TO”, “info@aromasquecuran.es”); I need you to help me solve the problem. Thank you very much!

plz leave your e-mail here, i want to send you the slider documentations

email sent!

Have some problems with Google analytics tracking code. It is saved in theme options in WP panel but it never occurs on a sample pagle (each kind of page). url: http://pankregoslup.pl Where it should be placed? I mean in which file there is some method which should print out this code?

I’m using wordpress, I put all the tracking code from google analytics in the admin panel but it do not show on the webpage (ctrl + u and view source – there is no tracking code)

Ok then contact the the right guy who developed the wordpress version of Vertikal http://themeforest.net/user/ImanGM


Hello, Are other skins like food, furniture, photography included in the html version ?

hello, no, unfortunately they are not included in the HTML version


So, can’t i choose only “the photography theme” when i’m buying ?

not in html version, we don’t have any ready-made skins for html version but it’s not hard at all to make it as “photography” skin. it’s a matter of color, logo, and pictures, nothing else.

after you purchase it you can simply change the colors and the pictures and there you go :D

if you can’t do that, we can do it for yout



where can I change the color of the font-awesome-icons? They are blue atm and I want them in #de411a

hi and thanks for purchasing our work.

which icons u want to change exactly ? the default skin color is ”#007aff” maybe you want to change the whole skin. if yes, just find the ”#007aff” and replace with ur desired one.



I have a few questions about this template.. I already bought it but now I want to change few things.

1. How can I change the blue color with orange? I tried it like you wrote in one of the previous comments but it doesn’t work or I don’t know how to do it.

2. How can I change logo if I want that the logo is as big as that dark grey square around logo in this template.

Thanks for all your help :)

hi TP and thanks for purchasing our work. please send us your kappe files at besimdauti24@gmail.com and we’ll do all the changes for you

thanks, I already sent it to you :)

Hi there,

I am trying to change the parameters through theme options BUT whatever I change it doesn’t respond (e.g Logo Background Color). The color which i want is displayed correctly in theme options after saving BUT it doesn’t change on the site. The only thing that works is text (e.g Contact Email Address) on “Header Top Bar” Options.

Why is this happening???? Please help me.

hi Marios and thank s for purchasing our work.

to get faster support, plz contact our developer directly at: besimdauti24@gmail.com

Thank u so much.

Hi guys!

We bought HTML5 version of your awesome Vertikal template some days ago. Really nice stuff! Can you advise any admin panel or WYSIWYG content editor, or other solution for content editing site created and based on your template? We would like to know, how to edit e.g. BLOG part of this site template, without editing raw HTML code. Yes, we know, you have Wordpress version of your template, where this question would be irrelevant, but our hosting account is based on PHP-MySQL/Postgresql, so we are able to use only HTML, or PHP codes with some DB engines backend in our website…and we don’t want to switch to Wordpress due to other considerations. So, there is no problem for us create some tables in DB for user authentication to enabling content editing, we could rewrite parts of your HTML code to PHP too (in this case for BLOG), create some PHP scripts for content editing, etc. but we thing, the easiest way would be solusion based on admin panel or WYSIWYG editor (e.g. based on AJAX, JS, or other scripting technology). So, by your opinion, what would be the best way?


Istvan Budapest Hungary

Thank you. A fabulous theme.

I have been using for a while now and I am genuinely delighted with it. I just realised I had not rated it yet so five stars well deserved.

My site looks awesome now thanks to your hard work, I hope you sell thousands of them :-)

Highly recommend to people. Well commented, easy to customise, well coded, lots of functionality, looks superb on mobiles.

Thank you again,

Best wishes, Paul.

Thank you very much for the kind words Paul, we really appreaciate your comment and your 5-star rating.

Thanks a bunch!!!!!!!!!!! :)

Hi there! I cant find the way to hide the circle buttons on the slider, and just leave the arrows, i find them reduntant.. but I cant find where to remove this code i’ve found on Firebug

<div class="tp-bullets simplebullets round" style="top: 0px; right: -42px;" />

hello and thanks for purchasing Vertikal.

To get a quicker response please send a message with your issue to this e-mail: besimdauti24@gmail.com.

Nevermind.. you initialise the slider in the JS code at the bottom of the page, there you can set it up to none. Got it.

hi Cardo, im glad you made it :)