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Congrats on your first file ; looks wonderful.
Welcome ! :)

hi Thanks :-)

Nice and Clean
Good luck with sales :-)

terima kasih, sama2 dari indonesia :-)

has a one page template got a good seo optimization? is there some solution about that?

We made it without SEO optimization, you must do SEO by yourself, depends on your business

If I’ll buy it, do I find all the 3 version of the layout (default, vertical and horizontal)?

yes, you will get 3 style of sliding features which are horizontal, vertical, and the default. i have mentioned it in the theme features :-)

nice good job Gan!

Thanks bro :-)

It doesn’t work well on iPad. I saw the menu but if I click on an item it doesn’t jump to the selected page – I saw always the start slider. Can you fix it? It’s necessary for me that the template works on iPad. It’s a really good job!

The theme is still not responsive yet, it is still have problem with ipad, we are working on the responsive one, we will let you know when it is updated, please be patience

Hi there. Would love to implement this theme however we really require some backward browser compatibility and perhaps responsiveness. What you have done so far is truely awesome but do you think you could give us an estimate as to when you might be bringing out a build that is compatible for the ipad?

Hi, thanks, for this theme the responsive only for the vertical one, we will update it later, for now we still building another theme

Hi, the theme is really cool, I love it, but when will it be the responsive features available? It doesn’t jump to the right page when i tested on iphone.

we haven’t plan to update the responsiveness of vesperone, but we plan to create new themes like that with responsive features, if you want it, i can notice you when it is ready, please email me on stephanus_06@yahoo.com so i know your email and i can give you notification in the future :-)


I would like to know if the ipad’s problem is solved. Is the horizontal theme working well on ipad and iphone?

I would love to use it!

Thank you,

Hi any news about the horizontal layout compatibility with iPad or iPhone? Thanks

it is not responsive

Well I Have a problem the slider on the firs page doesn’t work properly. The slider seems to be floated to the left. I did try to changing the jquery.flexslider and the css files but iI couldn’t fixed the problem.

You can check the link from the themeforest it has the same error. I bought it cause I thought the download files where ok but the slider is not working at all. I hope that you can help me with this matter.