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Realy nice Theme !

Looks wonderfull ;)

Thanks man

Great work GLWS

Thanks, GLWS too

Waw, beutifull theme. ;)

great work :)
good luck with sale
visit this item :grin:

Very promising. A search and alternative homepages would be good. I’m after simple yet elegant frame for my project ;)

Thanks, there is only one homepage in this template. It just html template so it doesn’t have search function

The template should be IE7 & IE8 compatible, but it doesn’t function correct in IE7 & IE8 In IE8 the white backgrounds behind the text and menubar dissapears, in IE7 the images in the sliders also dissapear. Please update quickly to make it at least IE8 compatible as promised.

Please wait, we’ll check it and fix it.

What is the status?

We already fix it few weeks ago. You should already received notification. Try redownloading the file again

On the gallery category layout, the images with the “last” attribute show half the size of the others while viewing in mobile.

We already upload the new update with the fix, but it still in queue. Meawhile you can fix it by yourself. Edit stylemobile.css Replace line 312-328 with this code:
.gallery-category, .gallery-category.last {
        height: 280px;
        overflow: hidden;
    .more-gallery, .more-gallery:link, .more-gallery:visited {
        padding:6px 0;
        transition: none;
        -webkit-transition: none;
        -moz-transition: none;
        -o-transition: none;
        -ms-transition: none;

Still doesn’t solve the issue :/

Hmm contact me from my profile page and give me your url and ftp access, I will check it and fix it

Nice work.

1) The style/ie7.css is empty. Do you plan to fill this file in the future?

2) If you reload the template or sometimes when loading the page at the first time, the background-pic will not correctly resize. I placed the following code under the script in the html:

$(document).ready(function() { var theWindow = $(window), $bg = $("#bg"), aspectRatio = $bg.width() / $bg.height(); function resizeBg() { if ( (theWindow.width() / theWindow.height()) < aspectRatio ) { $bg .removeClass() .addClass('bgheight'); } else { $bg .removeClass() .addClass('bgwidth'); } } resizeBg(); });


1. No, this template didn’t support IE7 2. Hmm that’s weird, what is your browser?


Having trouble with the “send message” from the contact.html. Is there a .php page managing the send to email address? If so, could you show me where to find the code.

No, you need to use contact.php, use the contact.php file to create the contact form

Hi there, just bought this template. I notice you mentioned that the food images do not come with the download. I am however not sure why the main background image is not included, that background was my main reason for purchasing this template. Is there anyway I can get it so it can replicate as shown here.


Contact me from my profile page and I will give you the background

Hi there, waiting to hear back.