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Missing style sheet error when installing the theme

A common issue that can occur with users new to installing WordPress themes is a "Broken theme and/or stylesheets missing” error message being displayed when trying to upload or activate the theme. This error message does not mean that the theme you have purchased is broken, it simply means it has been uploaded incorrectly. Luckily, there is a very easy fix.

How to create custom sidebars?

1) Appearance >> Vibration Options >> Miscellaneous >> Custom Sidebars.

2) Input the amount of custom sidebar’s you’d like to create here.

3) Setup your widgets by visiting Appearance >> Widgets (You’ll see the custom sidebar widget area’s now)

4) When you create/edit a page select the custom sidebar and publish the page.

How to create multiple gallery pages?

1) Create a post for your gallery and add a category to it. Repeat this for all the post’s that are like this add them to the same category.

2) Once you got all your gallery post’s created and have the categories assigned to them your ready to create the pages for them.

3) Using the page builder drag the Latest Photo’s button to the Page Builder area and click the pencil(edit) a screen will pop up input your category name or category slug here.

Repeat this step for all the different gallery pages. Creating a new page for each category and editing them to only show 1 category. You can also add multiple category name’s or slugs seperated with a comma.