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I like your them i bought it a while back but im having 3 MAJOR problems ind i would appreciate you if you can resolve this for me and laso include it in the update

1. when clicking the download button with the link to the file it sends people to a page can not be found because the

ive already reset permalinks and cleared cache its not a problem on my side

why is the url showing up twice every single time this is very annoying i need you to fix this please asap its not supposed to do this regardless of if you have a download manager or not

2. why is it that when we play an album it adds a playlist at the bottom and doesent play it. when you click the play button its supposed to load and play that album .. its not working right

3. i think you could really do some enhancements on your themes functionality to work smoother . . its a great theme and just a little more work would make your customers so happy. just the small things count. ive bought all your themes. help me out please

Hi, regarding the mp3 as you are posting an example link I can’t test if the file can be reached. This shouldn’t be a permalink issue. Probably this is already improved in the latet theme version, is maybe worth updating (it was published 2 hours ago).

2. Interesting idea, will see how to do

3. We add constantly fixes and updates, if you have any detailed suggestion we always take them in exam for the next theme versions. Thanks!

can you give me the code that makes it force the download .. i dont wanna click download and open it in another window

can you link me your site please?

So when using Shoutcast server, this player cannot read song title and artist correct? This one uses Mp3 and cannot read any data from the stream, correct? Only OnAir2 theme player can do that?

Hi, exactly, this theme doesn’t provide song titles as instead the OnAir2 theme does, because Vice was not conceived for radio stations but since the player can read them, you are allowed to add radio channels. Reading titles is a whole different thing and implementing that may add too much weight to the theme code, so is not possible.

If you have a radio and prefere the OnAir2 theme, you can ask a refund for Vice and switch to OnAir2, no problem ;)

Thank you. We have submitted a return request and will purchase the OnAir2 theme.

Per the player. I noticed it the player stops when you change pages. Can you assist in letting me know if this is typical?

You may have an outdated theme version. Please update the theme to latest version (2.0 is the latest) if the problem persists, please contact the helpdesk for support.

Please remember that if you are logged as administrator the pages will load normally (not ajaxed, so the music stops).


jxff Purchased

Why is the activation page an HTTP? I bought this theme a while back and now realize why I didn’t activate it… I don’t like sending my Envato info in clear test

The form doesn’t “Send” anything, it calculates your code directly in place. It is not sent nor stored anywhere. Your purchase code is personal but not “private” it means it can be requested for different uses.

Personal is an information that you keep for yourself and use when needed, as your name or your tax number.

Private is an information that may put you at risk if in bad hands, like the password of your email.

We don’t require any password, just your public data and personal purchase code.

Plus is not required to use the product, just to activate the Beatport importer, which is an Extra function. You can use everything without doing activation.


jxff Purchased

Thank you for clearing this up, you have an excellent themes.

Don’t worry, we take seriously privacy and data management and would never expose our customer’s data. In the same way, we apply very strict policies in our support site and products to avoid purchase key stealing, as those things can happen and is very important for our customers to know that their license is always safe and can’t be stolen ;)

Hello, I have just purchased this theme and have followed the installation instructions to the letter however I am unable to get past the install of the required and recommended plugins due to getting the following error message.

“An error occurred while installing QT Swipebox Photo And Video: Download failed. cURL error 7: couldn’t connect to host.”

it also shows the file path it is trying to download from and I have checked this in my FTP and the files are where they should be, please can you help me with this as I cannot do anything until the required plugins are installed.


It looks you don’t have CURL active in your server, it is necessary to download the updated version of the plugins from WordPress and from our repository. You have to contact your hosting provider and request to enable the CURL library and allow connection to and

You can dowload and install the plugins manually but if you don’t fix the issue on your server you’ll have to do that manually forever. It’s very weird btw that still there are hosting with CURL disabled, so check also to not have any security plugin or firewall blocking you.

Proase for your nexrt support requests please contact the helpdesk as described in the manual under the support section, you’ll receive a faster help. Thanks


The Read More functionality is not working. I am adding a read more button in the module editor, but the read more button is not appearing on my page. Could this be fixed?


Hello Felipe, this issue requires to please open a ticket on the helpdesk. You find the instructions under the Support section of the manual:

Please compile the ticket details for a faster support. Thanks!


When I look at the demo of this theme on my mobile, the page gets stuck in a loop. The video is stuck and I cannot scroll down.

What’s wrong with the mobile site?

I am using an iPhone 6S and google chrome

Hello Filipek, I just checked from Android and iOS and can see it perfectly. I think it may have been a network timeout causing your issue. The homepage of our demo is a bit heavy to showcase all the theme’s potential and maybe it went in timeout before fully loading.

you have login but you do not have register?

if you say yes u have ,,,, can be artis register in and upload his song or radio lnk?

There is no such function i’m sorry, you have to handle this via custom plugins or ask a developer.


djxtof Purchased

hi guys, I know I am past my support period, but I’m just now getting the hang of the theme, great stuff by the way. Although one question, is it possible to remove all the music player code altogether for the purpose of reducing http requests?

Many thanks in advance!

Hello! The player is totally integrated in the Vice theme, so it doesn’t have external things loading and it doesn’t impact performance. If you don’t use album releases it won’t even make the single initial request for the first album, that by the way is a tiny json code of few kb.


djxtof Purchased

Hi guys! Thanks for your kind reply! I ran the site through GtMetrix and the (get)radiochannel as well as the (get)release takes a fair amount to fully load, 1.97sec and 1.01sec respectively. Anything that can be done about this? Thanks!

Well if you don’t need the music player at all, to avoid any ajax call to playlists and radios, even thou they are performed in differ and doesn’t affect the loading time (they load in background) you can anyway disable all the player functions by commenting this line in qt-main.js line 82


I don’t know if this can generate other js errors, if it does, as code customizations are not properly support territory, you have to use chrome debugger, and disable all the related functions that may crush when you disable the player. I think is not very probable but is possible you will have to.

Pre purchase question. It’s possible to add artist thumbnail to album page?

I’m sorry there is no such function…

Hi, this theme is compatible with ? thanks

Thanks, yes is perfect. The radio player works fine with this URL:


I bought the theme. Where do I enter this string?

Thanks muschioo, this is how to set up a radio channel:

I strongly encourage you to please read the manual to enjoy the full potential of the product: For the support please check this section:

Thanks and have a nice day!

Social Links Opening in Current And New Tab (Theme Version 1.7.1) Hi, I’ve watched the social link be opened twice. In a current and in a new tab.

Unfortunately, I no longer have access to your support forum. I bought the theme a long time ago :)

best regards Adam

Hello! We had a similar report from another user, then tested his same links in our test installation, and can’t reproduce the problem. I took a video:

Some js could have changed regarding ajax and selectors, so it could be possible that in your browser you have some cached resources that doesn’t match with the new html structure.

I’d recommend to update the theme ( we are now 1.7.7 so you missed quite some reisions) clear the browser cache and try again. Thanks!

What you missed:

1.7.7 [2017 November 12]
  • customizations.php fixed default color
1.7.6 [2017 November 02]
  • qt-main.js updated ajax exclude list (.wav)
1.7.5 [2017 November 01]
  • FIXED js\qt-jquerylibraries.js, L.303:
1.7.4 [2017 September 22]
  • FIXED: qt-main.js:266 reversed menu array to fix item highlight
  • FIXED: qt-main.js:1719 (the main page goes to top and when you close the qwjquerycontent dialog)
  • FIXED: main.css:1394 events ipad fix
  • FIXED: main.css:969 image does not scale correctly

+ ADDED taxonomy select in meta_box.php + ADDED artist genre filter for artist archives

> UPDATED: Revolution Slider > UPDATED: TGM Plugin Activation library

  • qt-main.js fixed replacethisHtml2 function
  • added taxonomy-artistgenre.php
1.7.2 [2017 July 29]
  • qt-main.js:137 added ajax exceptions

Upps my fault. I checked only on the item detail site (down below) if there is a new version. I´ll update soon. Thanks for your help

Best regards & nice Weekend.

Thanks to you have a nice day!

Hi Qantum Team , i’ve alot of question here , first of all your themes design is awesome , but there’s alot of limitation even a page that i create for about us page is full of bug or unshow , i’ve tried alot way just to create a about us page .

1) when i create an about us (new page) there’s alot of widgets there , but after i delete all the widgets but still have a expend left on the top right corner , even when i “display:none” and apply to custom css but is still the same .

2)i’ve try to create a about page by choosing template as modular page , and use modular to create a about us with vc composer , after i point my about us modular to the page , click on preview or after publish is still blank no matter what i try .

3) and i also try to duplicate homepage to try to apply my about us modules and it also blank as well .

4)i cant imaging if i keep going to create the other page how many bug i still need to facing with . and it just a very simple things how come make it so complicated ? i’ve no offense but is really piss me off .

if possible i wish to make a refund , this themes is not for custom design use , is just for a beginner with no any other design request and try to make a DJ’s website this’s a really good theme for you , if for custom design use i would not prefer for this theme , im sorry .

Hello, I need you please to open a ticket because are a lot of questions and we have a dedicated service for tech support, please find the instructions here: helpdesk:

Hello, I love this theme, congratulations. I’m thinking about buying this theme but first I need to resolve some doubts. 1- I need a gallery of images that allows download the image in Hi Res through a download button, is it possible to do this on this theme? 2- Is there a plugin that allows downloading images in Hi Res compatible with this theme? 3- If none of the two previous questions are not viable, could you tailor it to me? How much would it cost me? is it possible to do this on this theme? Thank you. Maria.

I’m in love with the VICE theme, Sonik don’t have the same interface but I know is more complete, I prefer VICE theme. Anyway, Is there any chance to improve the VICE theme and adapt it to my needs? Do you offer this service? How does the store work in Vice? Thank you.M.

Yes the store work in Vice, but please get in touch at because I would like to send you a couple of info that can’t be presented here in the public forum. Thanks

Ok thank you, I have already sent you the email. M.

Hacking attempt detected – Fix your activation screen and give me my activation code. i followed your process and you site says i tried to hack you system. No I paid you full price and now I have to wait to deliver the website to my client because your activation is not working! my email is

Hello, it means you are not entering the capcha correctly. If you see that message, it means that you didn’t write 5 in the field.

Where it says “Write F I V E in number” you must enter 5. Anyway, the activation is only needed now for the BeatPort importer, but since a couple of days it looks like Beatport is not working anymore, so you can also not do it.

Good morning is support for this theme (Vice) on forever?

Hello, as any other theme on Envato is 6 months + annual renewal if you want it.

I have one question. When I buy it I can download it anytime (vice)?

sorry my english. I’m Czech

Yes of course, the product updates are always available and included in the price, also after the support expiration.

Hello…i like the design of your demo anf have some pre-buy questions… 1 – is there a complete option interface on admin page with settings for size / colors for h1 /h2 /h3… 2 – customising général design padding margin of the element, mask the title of the page, colomns…? 3 – Is there possible to have a classic menu on top header ? 4 – page composer with dragable block for easy update for my client who are not developper with line code, or only shortcode ?

thx for your reply


font size is fixed, this is part of what a theme does (setting the font scale). To change it you have to edit the CSS of the typography yourself.

2) Again, paddings and margins are part of the theme, there is no “interface” to change the design, as the product IS the design. You can change it by adding you own CSS

3) No, but we have a new theme that is very close to Vice and have a top menu possibility, it will be out in 2-3 weeks

4) No, Vice doesn’t have Visual Composer, it works using Modules. Also for this, the new theme will instead be made on Visual Composer

I’d suggest, basing on your requests, to wait a bit for the new product to come out, as you’ll maybe like it more than Vice. You can see already a demo here:

There will be many more, but the product may change once published as is still in beta.

Thx for this reply…i just look your new demo…i like what you did with the vertical iconic menu on vice theme but sometimes some people are strangly scared when they don’t have the possiblity to use a classic horizontal menu and even if i have all skills for css re-coding theme, many client would like to update content themselves and it’s not so easy with shotcode than with draggable block…i had bought a multi license for visual composer which i can perhaps integrate with your theme…my actual project concern a relooking site with all content soon online and the best for me could be to try your vice theme to see if i can easily customize your native design with custom css without to spend time & money depending of the budget of my client…is there any possibility to try a limited time full fonctionnality of your theme to know if i can wait your new one ?


Well, there is actually no such possibility because the product is binded with the Themeforest delivery network regarding updates and isntallation so it requires a regular license, but we provide a 100% money back warranty within the week, so you can buy and test it, and if not happy you can ask a refund, but I already tell you that Vice doesn’t love Visual Composer very much because is not compatible with some elements within ajax loading environment, while the new theme coming next month will work with Visual Composer and we also provide it.

I’d like to point out that extended license is (just for your info) NOT a multi-site license. It’s a license to bundle the plugin inside of another product. But with the new theme Fluid we will provide it bundled.

It won’t be so easy to add a horizontal menu in Vice, so I’d suggest, if you like Fluid, to wait for the new product, which is already under review in Themeforest since 2 weeks, so it won’t take long.


WPrado Purchased

Hello, out theme its not playing on Android devices.

We contact our streaming supplier and figure out its the Player its not working properly.

could you please check it out.

also we put the supplier player as widget on foot and its working very well.

Thank you for your time!

Hello,the player is very tested and working fine both on Android and iOS, it may depend on your streaming settings, but this is a very tricky thing to be answered here, so please open a proper support request on our HelpDesk and we will be glad to check out your settings and help you sort out the problem. Thanks!

WPrado Purchased

done! :D


Groovegsus Purchased

Since i upgraded to last version , beatport don’t import my covers , and i have no more sound ?? any idea why or how to fix ?

Hi, beatport smashed the API and as explained in the product and service description this was an “experimental” function (not even part of the product) but the fact is that now it looks like they messed up the API and the data is not containing many things, like the tracks can’t be imported anymore for example. In fact in their servers tracks are now splitted i many tiny pieces to prevent hotlinks and importing, which makes it impossible to read them. We got in touch with beatport but it looks like there is not going to be any fix as they did it on purpose (they don’t want people to import releases).