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Hello there… i ve got an issue with video background on modular page which has break since last update… Only the background image can be seen…no more video thx for help

Update is out and available for download ;)

yeahh ! good job it ok for me… note that i’im using visual composer with my standalone licence with vice and more of the feature are ok… i will make the v2 site online tomorow with a custom personnal soundcloud inside visible in the main menu (sounds link)..all the link are actually set without the v2. subdomain url and have no sounds yet but i think it could be a great feature for your theme !

great job and thx for your reactivity !!

Well done excellent job :D (i mean it independently of the theme, nice colors, font and image selection). When moving domain, we use a plugin called “better search and replace” where you can set the query string to replace in your entire database (backup it first). It works perfectly and we always use it when moving a site.

Doubts before purchase. Your theme is very beautiful, problem is that your Play De Musica “PARA” when changing page, this is very bad for who is browsing, how you want to fix it.

Hi, the music doesn’t stop except if you click on shop links, because WooCommerce can’t be loaded with ajax. The music stops only when visiting WooCommerce products or shopping cart pages.

Hi. I see that your podcast page supports mixcloud and soundcloud, but all my shows are uploaded on Is there any way to use your theme with Hearthis? I would love to buy it but without Hearthis support i cannot use it. Thanks!

Hi! I’m sorry we are not going to implement hearthis for the moment, sincerely is the first request we have for this site in about 7k customers, I know the site and is really great, simply is not used enough to justify a full implementation. I mean, in the future is maybe possible, but for the moment for sure not (until next year).

I understand. The site is great but is indeed missing the popularity. I thought maybe there is an easy way to add hearthis instead of soundcloud in the player.

Well it requires a javascript integration, it doesn’t take long if you know javascript and I can point you to the right direction in the code, the long story is to study the hearthis API to embed the player, which may take hours, and for a single customer of course is too much work…

Hello, first sorry for my english….i’ve got a issue with the bakcground video since the last update…the video don’t work…other thing the overlay pattern option is no longer in effect on the backgroup image…all was fine before i update the site today…you can see it here: thaks for hep.

No, it is the best way to update ;) If you have language translation files as .po .mo in Vice/languages be sure to save them in local before updating.

Also, I think you had previous version of vice, you can now download 1.8.2

Ho my god! the 1.8.2 solved the problem! thanks you!! Thanks you for your patience and your speed of answer!

Thanks to you glad it helped ;)

Presale Question: Is it possible to use SSL and still display metadata to listeners? If so, how can one do it?

Hi! For a radio station, to obtain a similar result as Vice but do what you need, you have to go with kentha + Kentha Radio plugin or OnAir2. Your stream has to support SSL thou. Let me know if you need more info ;)

Thanks for the tip! Kentha theme + radio plugin looks like it is pure magic! Amazing job man! Totally blown away! Gonna buy that.

I’m very happy you like it, we work really hard to make unique products. We can test your radio stream in advance if you want, just send your details to our themes supports most of the major providers but if we encounter new ones we usually implement the support as well. Looking forward for anything else you may need Regards Igor

Hello there… ive got a new issue with mixcloud importation settings… when importing “impossible to set featured image” with the image of the podcasr on mixcloud…so we have to set it manually which could be long in my case whith 44 podcast online… without featured img no link to open the main podcast page the content description text from mixcloud where my client let his playlist and other thing is not importing either… 2 related podcast are not showed in the main podcast page… thx for help

This is a known issue, it can’t be solved, its origin is in the way WordPress sanitize the database entries at low level of the WP core. While Mixcloud allows accents and special characters, WP doesn’t, and they are encoded. When they are encoded, those URLs can’t be loaded from the API, and doesn’t work. We spent tons of hours looking for a workaround but we never found it. Unfortunately that URL with accent structure has been a pain for many french users, really the WP sanitarization system is a big issue in this case, but there is totally no solution. For those podcasts you will need to add them manually.

i was thinking about one other solution which seems to be very interesting using djpod well known podcast portal…this website seems to offer much more fonctionnality such download podcast as mp3 , playlist and synchro with itunes…. as far as featured image is concerned i made many try this night with your native code and the url you get from mixcloud api is good and open the large image when we open it in the brownser but the issue seems to come from set_featuredimage_by_url($picture,$post_id).. but i haven’t found where is this function in your theme… despite of your help with the player background image, i don’t know where to add code in the theme to change the layout of the player automatically for all podcast imported from mixcloud…... last thing that i can suggest you for the podcast carrousel in the modular page is to have a button which add url with ‘see more” linked to the archive main podcast page…because when we set for exemple 12 or more to show, the list scroll is too long on mobile or tablette layout i think i will try to add it in your code in child theme

thx for all !!

Good point, we can add it, but to do that I need you to please submit a formal request to the helpdesk forum so it will be recorded and enqueued. Thanks!

PS specify in the request that the idea was already approved by Igor in the themeforest forum with elixirlab thanks

Hi, Is it possible that in the artist under “music” only the releases are listed and not all mixes? Has it always been like this? I can not remember that, unfortunately?

If that is not possible otherwise, it would certainly be better if at least the corresponding mix would stand next to it.

At the moment you see (if there are 4 mixes, for example) 4x the same release title. ex:

Best regards Chris

he he no problem :)

Of course, they are separate releases:

Check this first ex: Here are 2 Videos and 2 Versions of the release. Than change to the artists / music: You will see 4 entrys of this release with the same text.

That all mixes are displayed in the overview is already irritating. Especially when they all have the same name.

It would be cool if you can see only 1 Release.

What do you think? Best regards Chris

Thanks for the clarification, I asked just to be sure, ok then I have to check in the code but I thing it is because of reduplication process. Will check asap but I need to ask you a bit of patience please.

No Problem. :)

hello, where i could change the copyright date please?

Hello! appearance > customize > footer

Thanks you!

Hi there great theme. Was hoping to upload the demo content for a base to start off with but was unable to locate the xml file in my downloaded zip.

read the updated documentation was able to get the demo content up and going

Good, thanks for the update, please for a faster reply make use of our helpdesk for your next requests ;)