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Why is the demo content not included. Very unsatisfied!!!

Dear customer, I’m glad to say that you unsatisfaction can easily turn into satisfaction :D

In fact, you simply didn’t read the instructions manual, where you would have discovered that this theme has a One Click demo installer.

The process is well described in the installation section:

The manual
If you still have any question please let me know, i’ll be glad to help

The one click installer isnt doing anything. I click it and the page is grey and nothing happens…

you have to wait and not do it twice otherwise you can import everything double. It may take some minutes, as explained in the importer description, because it has to do a lot of stuff.


I created a widget and put a icecast-now-playing.1.6.4 plugin in this area to grab metadata from icecast server,

I need to set interval timer to update metadata showing in qplayer footer.

How i can do that?


Hi, it’s already set to 2 minutes

Hi, I have a question, I used the demo theme of vice music to set up my site, but I have three questions:

1.I need to mount a radio channel there, according to the tutorial you need to pass the file single-radiochannel.php to the folder vice-child, since this file has passed this folder but there is no change. I do not understand how is the process? help me pls.

2. On the other hand I have a SHOUTcast file to place them Radio channels, but I do not know (MP3 Stream URL) is valid, I have two links: 3. How do I place the extension .mp3 as requested in the (MP3 Stream URL)?

Thank you awaiting response.

Hello! 1) ” pass the file single-radiochannel.php to the folder vice-child, since this file has passed this folder but there is no change. ” I think this information may be decontestualized and its meaning is not actually just this, Can you kindly point me to the manual section where you found it? No such process is “required” you simply need to create a radio channel, that’s all actually.

2) Stream url:

Hi, I have a website: www.haray.net with a Radio station playing on the site. I want to change the theme of my website.I would like to know is there any way of having the free version of the Vice theme to see whether it works for me or not before buying the pro version. How can I try the theme before buying it? Do you provide a download link? Thanks

Hello, I’m sorry but there is no such thing as free version. Anyway, for a radio station, I’d suggest the theme OnAir2 or kentha + kentha Radio plugin

https://themeforest.net/item/onair2-radio-station-wordpress-theme/edit/19340714 - Kentha and Kentha Radio https://themeforest.net/item/kentha-visionary-music-wordpress-theme/21148850 https://codecanyon.net/item/kentharadio-addon-for-kentha-music-wordpress-theme-to-add-radio-station-and-schedule-functionality/21878366?s_rank=1

This because Vice has a very basic support for radio stations and its functions are not as complete as the ones of the other themes.


Can I import Apple Podcast or from a Feed?

Hi, there is no such function at the moment, but we have it in queue for development. Please don’t take it as a promise as we didn’t even check out the iTunes API for importing yet. thanks

Video Background is not working anymore. I read some comments, I also tried to upload on youtube a video with no audio and disable the audio on the theme settings, but it still not working. Any idea?

Hi fabio, just checked your site, very easy why background doesn’t work. Simply the Url format you used is https://youtu.be/oZv-aYrYgFc while you should use the original one, that is indicated near the input field of the video background. You cannot change the URL flag of the custom post types instead. This is a fixed thing of the theme that would requires core files editing and may lead to cascade issues. regards

thank you once again for your fast reply! I swear I was pretty sure I tested out also the “original one”, and even the original link you find the first time you open the template, but evidently I was doing something wrong because you’re right, not it’s working.. Sorry for that and thanks again.

No problem, that was a small tip so even thou the support expired, this is not really support and is our duty to indicate the right path :D

Which caching plugin would you recommend or is the best and most compatible one for the VICE theme?

w3 total cache, without js minification

hello, i would like buy your theme. I have a question about gigs and the google map integration. I see we need to indicate a google api id. It’s free to use it on a little website? I don’t understand the new google price… They are other solution? Can you propose also an alternative like OpenStreetMap integration? Thanks !

thanks, they are a french translation avaible? If not, how can i translate it?

i don’t understand the google price and wat i need to do to activate an api key


In your theme’s folder there is a languages folder, containing a file called vice.pot

The pot file included in this folder is ready to use.

1. Start up Poedit.

2. In Poedit goto File -> New from POT/PO file…

3. Select and Open the pot file from the languages folder.

4. Enter your name, email address, your language and country (i.e. French fr_FR, German de_DE) to the setting form.

5. Click the Update button in the main Poedit UI.

6. Save the file: – For a plugin like filename-xx_XX.po with xx_XX for your language and country. – For a theme xx_XX.po


8. That’s it, go to your WordPress blog and see your translation in action. N’joy your blogging!!!

Google Maps api key


Where are you seeing any cost detail? A screenshot would be appreciated please :)

Anyway, basic usage is free. You don’t need premium plans, as our software is made in a way that you don’t need so many requests because results are saved in database isntead of calling the API at every page opening.

Hello. Is there a limit on the number of events which can show up on the homepage map?

Hello, no but if you put like 2000 the html will for sure be a bit heavy and the density of markers will possibly prevent an easy usage.

If you want more control over the map events, in other themes as Kentha we wmbed our powerful Maps plugin (QT Places, which is a Premium plugin that costs 30$ if purchased separately).

This plugins offers total control over the amount of events you display, design, map colors and you can also filter by taxonomy and display event filters, plus a better vertical menu.

More info: https://qantumthemes.com/kentha/events-and-gigs-kentha/ https://qantumthemes.xyz/manuals/kentha/knowledge-base/3-2-places/ http://qantumthemes.com/demo/qtplaces/ Kentha theme: https://themeforest.net/item/kentha-visionary-music-wordpress-theme/21148850

In the module settings, there is “Elements quantity” and the max is 24. Where can 24 be changed to a larger number?

Hi, this sounds like a support request, but you don’t seem like having a theme license.


Madum Purchased

I would like to know why cd do not display correctly on my page http://www.cedricgervy.be/release/#? There are different positions between each album

Hi Madum, thanks for getting in touch about your issue. Actually the support is provided via helpdesk, where we have technicians trained to help you: http://qantumthemes.com/manuals/vice/#section45 as this forum is only for pre-purchase questions.

Anyway, I gave a look at your page, and I can tell you for sure that the problem are the album covers: in fact, not all of them are squared,breaking the grid.

Please be sure you upload squared pictures in Vice for the albums (as recommended in the manual http://qantumthemes.com/manuals/vice/#section11 ) , and your page will look good ;)

Please, for your further questions, be sure to make use of our helpdesk.


Being a musician and designer, the “VICE” theme looks perfect and the sales pitch on the demo certainly does sell it well. unfortunately, I feel like I’ve been mis-sold this product and am close to asking for my money back if this is not resolved quickly.

I have followed all steps for installation, and even contacted and paid for a technician (UK2) to help with the install of VICE theme. Not once has a ONE CLICK STEPUP PROCESS happened and there are missing files e.g no background video files or full slider within this theme. On further investigation, I have to pay a further $34 for the slider (which was sold as within) and even then, its only the software and poss not even the slider im after (as in the demo). This theme does not have all the elements that’s in the demo and I hope this is just a mistake and not a rip off.

I have 10 days left to finish this website and need reply today please. I’ve spent my money with you and really do expect to get what I paid for. Please don’t take long in getting back to me, or ill be getting my money back and have to look for a better theme that works. I showed faith in you and your product, please don’t let me down further. djsamurai@live.co.uk – SODA Tracks

1. Images are not part of the product

2. The video is not part of the product, is a video from Youtube. You simply go on youtube and upload your own video as background. What you purchased is a wordpress theme, not a video.

3. You do NOT NEED to pay for the slider, as is bundled, and you didn’t read the manual where it’s explained that bundled plugins do NOT need a private license as you get the bundle one, as explained by Themeforest bundled license. We provide the updates with the theme after testing them.


So, please, more reading, less aggressivity, as you are taking it in the wrong way. We are here to help and you are getting things in the wrong way and expecting stuff to be how they are not.

I am not responsible for your deadlines, I’m sorry.

Also, you may have received an answer a lot of time ago if you simply would have open a helpdesk request, as explained in the manual.


Thank you for your reply. I needed your attention. My deadline is my own, but you as a seller should be more clear in what you are selling. there is no indication that none of the videos are not within the theme and the slider does not work without a licence code. I am understandably disappointed in this product as its not what it says in the demo by a long shot. I will look through again at the slider manual but I guess im just wasting more time. Reading comments above, Im not the only one that has had this problem…. inc playlist does not add new releases, or even work so far. I will give this another 24hrs, if there is no joy in this, I will like a refund please.

I want to help you with the product and the insallation, therefore I need to please ask you to open a helpdesk ticket and you will be in touch with my collegue that will help you getting the video and anything else you may be missing.

Please register here: http://www.qantumthemes.com/helpdesk/register/ and please open your ticket here: http://www.qantumthemes.com/helpdesk/forums/forum/vice-music-dj-and-music-band-wordpress-theme/

Once you open the ticket, please try to be as clear as possible with the different questions, in this way you will receive a clear and tidy solution to apply immediately.


Adding the Demo Content worked before, One Click isnt working any more. Is there a real way to get it to work… Anybody have a new solution as this theme sucks without the demo to start from unless u have a lot of time on your hands!!

Hello, what is exactly not working? I just tested it and works perfectly.

Qantum Themes you have 6 hours to respond to my complaint above. Its disgusting that you can take peoples money without given the FULL PRODUCT. let me remind you…. https://definitions.uslegal.com/f/false-trade-description/

I hope for your companies sake and Theme Forest that you have made a mistake that is repairable. RESPOND NOW. djsamurai@live.co.uk SODA Tracks Ltd.

Answered. More reading, less complaining. No mistakes, you are simply doing and getting things wrong.

After I follow instructions and click demo installer, it timeout to white screen even after 45 minutes on a fast connection.. can u zip the demo files for me to manually install demo or a workaround.. thanks.. crushmgt@gmail.com

Question: as you already had the theme installed first without problems, were you maybe on another server?

Also, I can copy and paste you some solution here:

1. add this in the .htaccess file of your server php_value memory_limit 256M php_value post_max_size256M php_value upload_max_filesize 256M php_value max_execution_time 1800

2. add thiss to wp-config.php define(‘WP_MEMORY_LIMIT’, ‘256M’);

3. create a text file, call it php.ini and put this text in it: upload_max_filesize =512M post_max_size =512M

Hi, how can i create a page like this : http://qantumthemes.xyz/vice/eventtype/house-party/#

How can i add this section in the homepage ?


Hello, this is simple and I know it too even thou I’m not tech support (that is actually in our helpdesk as explained in the manual). To do this you just assign categories to releases or podcast (music genre for instance). Then you ga in Appearance > Manual and top right corner open screen options. There you can enable these taxonomy as genres, and add them to the menu. That’s all ;)