Discussion on Vice: Underground Music Elementor WordPress Theme

Discussion on Vice: Underground Music Elementor WordPress Theme

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Outstanding Design!

when i need install the plugin i see this message (Server message: Authentication error – ERROR: This activation key is not connected with your actual website URL. Stored host: axradio.net Your host: https://wealpha.team )

Please find here the requested information step by step: https://vice.qantumthemes.xyz/manual/knowledge-base/3-4-required-plugins-installation/


i delete every thing then install again

hello, I see you just installed everything correctly from our log. I see the site has a coming soon page so further tests are not possible, but please contact us via helpdesk if you want us to check your installation


We can make sure all is up and working correctly.

Best regards


djsolin Purchased

Hi there guys, I am liking the theme thus far. Do you guys have an Event Ticketing plugin I can buy (or recommend a good one) that allows me to sell tickets directly from my website? I’d like it to generate the customers’ QR code for their purchased tickets for check in at day of event.

Hi! I’m glad to hear you like it! We put our maximum effort in the products and your satisfaction is the best reward.

About a ticketing plugin, actually you can connect any plugin that works, since the theme allows to set any link as purchase link.

We don’t test them, but some customers do use them so you can try them out and see if they work

https://wordpress.org/plugins/event-tickets-manager-for-woocommerce/ https://yithemes.com/themes/plugins/yith-woocommerce-event-tickets/ https://woocommerce.com/es-es/products/tickets-woocommerce/

Some are free some are premium… depends on what you need.

I’ve also seen many people selling tickets without any special plugin: you simply make a downloadable product in woocommerce with a finished stock, and make a virtual ticket to download.

At the event entry, people need to bring the invoice and you can check the order number and how many people are in the ticket, from a laptop at the ticket booth. No extra plugins or hassle…


ipicado Purchased

Malware: plugin-modules.php php.filename.file.put.contents.isset.cookie.allow.url.fopen

class.plugin-modules.php php.filename.file.put.contents.isset.cookie.allow.url.fopen

Hello, there is no file with this name in our project, including theme and plugins. This stuff is not from ur theme, sorry.


this theme support RTL ? because I need to buy this

RTL support is not included or tested with the theme, it may require editing to make it work. Best regards

External links are opening up gallery instead of going to the url.

when right clicking and opening in new tab the links work, but if I just click on them it opens a gallery of pictures. very strange.

is this a known issue, which plugin would possibly be causing it?

Hello, please contact our helpdesk for technical support, all the info is available in the documentation at the page Support. Thanks

okay cool, I don’t want to overburden them with constant questions. you guys should consider expanding the documentation a bit. Like, I don’t even know how to edit the buttons on the modern slider is that even possible?

Hello Decorbe, it seems this account is not even linked to a product license, so we can’t provide further answers, please contact us from an account that purchased a license. Thanks

have you version for android app?

no sorry but you can make a Web App from a website for a very small cost, is basically a browser without interface that loads your website in the phone.


bellisi Purchased

I removed the following code from the footer widget to copy the demo, maybe it can be removed automatically for future people who install the demo?

(see below for my removal / changes)

Footer Sidebar One Block 1

<!- wp:search /->

Block 2 <!- wp:group -> <!- wp:heading ->

Recent Posts

<!- /wp:heading -><!- wp:latest-posts /-> <!- /wp:group -> Block 3 <!- wp:group -> <!- wp:heading ->

Recent Comments

<!- /wp:heading -><!- wp:latest-comments {displayAvatar} /-> <!- /wp:group ->

Footer Sidebar Two Block 1 <!- wp:group -> <!- wp:heading ->


<!- /wp:heading -><!- wp:archives /-> <!- /wp:group -> Block 2 <!- wp:group -> <!- wp:heading ->


<!- /wp:heading -><!- wp:categories /-> <!- /wp:group ->

Lateral Sidebar Search (widget)

Q2 Recent Release Widget: Recent Re… - Title: Recent Releases - Quantity: 3 - Show Cover: True - Show Link To Archive: Hide - Link Text: See all


bellisi Purchased

The above code didn’t have a strike-through font when on the website. The strike-through above must be generated by Envato

Hi, sorry for late answering but all this was marked as spam by our mail because of all the code. What you posted here is the code added by the block ediotor from Wordpress. is source code… You’re supposed to delete the demo contents and just create your own pages…

Please use the helpdesk to get faster support next time: https://vice.qantumthemes.xyz/manual/knowledge-base/2-1-support/



bellisi Purchased

can you help with this error: Sorry! Something went wrong. This page didn’t load Google Maps correctly. See the JavaScript console for technical details

I can see the google maps api in Customizing ▸ Theme customization General

Please use the helpdesk for tech support. As explained in the manual, support is not provided here, thi sis a comment form for presale questions. https://vice.qantumthemes.xyz/manual/knowledge-base/2-1-support/ About google maps api, you can find here the setup information: https://vice.qantumthemes.xyz/manual/knowledge-base/4-05-theme-general-settings/



bellisi Purchased

Can you tell me how to update the home page to be the same as the demo including the parallax / top of the fold video: https://preview.themeforest.net/item/vice-music-band-dj-and-radio-wordpress-theme/full_screen_preview/10067870


bellisi Purchased

When importing the theme, I got this error:

[ERROR] Failed to import "Gopro_China_Yading2019OCT_26102019_GH012902_1" (Media)

can you help fix? Thanks

Hi, that’s just one picture that was not copied correctly from our server to your server, it could be anything (hd space, timeout in the transfer, writing error). Somewhere there could be a demo picture missing (of a post for what I see). Since that’s just random demo content, you may eventually find a post without a picture and just set a picture for that.

Demo contents are supposed to be deleted in production anyway… so there is no heavy “error” to really fix here, you can just ignore the message.


bellisi Purchased

how do I download the banner video ?

Hello, not sure what you mean, can you send me a link to an example page?

Hi i just went to sup to see my ticket and it says that i need enter licence code again to see ticket and when i put my licence code it say is not valid?????

Hi, issue solved, it was some database caching isse, returning outdated date.

I wish that the Artists, Releases etc stuff was its own plugin that I could use on any theme.

Is there any way that I can export a lot of this existing data to CPTs so that I can present it on another theme? Because as far as I can tell, this functionality is built into the theme itself rather than a plugin like the slider or Asteroid background thing is.

Hi, that’s not possible, sorry, we sell a theme that has those functions built-in since is not in our interest to make a plugin to be used on other themes

If you sold the plugin for $100, I’d buy it.

Thanks for the appreciation, I can imagine… but is not our target strategy and is technically not compatible with the functionality offered by the full integration, is really the theme that needs to do most of the job.

I am trying to update, but it stucked in loading that never end. Then I decide to make a new install with the same domain name, but it said my purchased code has already used. I already submit a ticket. my subdomain is xplore.world..id. Thanks for your help

Hi! I see you had a code reissue request in place, which has been processed. You can try again now, thanks!

Good day,

is it possible on the music page soundcloud or youtube to stream videos instead of mp3 files, such as is possible in the podcast section soundcloud?

Thank you for your help

Good day,

is it possible on the music page to stream soundcloud or youtube videos instead of mp3 files, such as is possible in the podcast section soundcloud?

Thank you for your help

Hello, you can include easily those sources in the release pages, not a problem. But they can only play from that specific page, not in the global player, since they can’t allow to access to the direct audio file.

So, using an mp3, is the best option for an optimal user experience.

Hi, I have few presale questions please. 1- Is it possible to make a onepage website? 2- As I want to make a podcast site, can I embed player from other site (iframe)? 3- Do you have a light (not dark) template witch work with glitch shortcode? Thanks a lot. Fred


1. Not sure what you mean as one page. Technically when you click to open a podcast that’s another page… You can build the page in Elementary.

2. Yes you can embed the player using iframes, no problem. SoundCloud and mixcloud are embedded automatically. Other services can be embedded pasting the iframe code manually in the page.

3. There is no light demo but you can change any color in the theme, not a problem.

Hi there! How do I get the Wordpress blog information out of the footers? Search, recent post and comments, etc. Thanks!

Hi, in appearance – widgets

I just purchased VICE from Envato (2.3.1). How come I cannot find how to switch to the DARK theme that is represented as included with my purchase?

I’ve installed the theme (looks like vice 1, light) that came with my purchase. I see DHRK mentioned in some documentation, but I cannot find where on Envato or in theme details where to get and download Dark. Thanks for your help!

Disregard, I found it!

Great! Have a nice day!


RoniFl Purchased

is the theme compatible with WCFM Marketplace plugin?

It’s compatible with woocommerce


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