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Good work. I like for my gourmet site : :))


Your demo site is down…

Its working now. it was down for 3 minutes.

Thanks @WPExplorer and @dcarrero

hello good work, you can put more products on the main page for wordpress?

Yes you can use shortcodes and limit the products as it will be fetched by tags for menu items.

was watching the screens following the issue and realized that you can mark time for the product to be booted – am I right? You can do this?

This theme is specially designed for Restaurant and Cafe’s only not for any other product showcasing as you said you don’t have any option to boot the product on timing.

looks great!

Thanks @wdavid.

Great job! Yeah, cool name ;)

I always get a “cannot modify header”-error when I try to save / publish / edit a page or post. any idea?

the error is in this file, line 334:


Drop me an email with your wordpress login and URL so that i can take a closer look at it. If you are using breadcrumb plus please disable it.

remove line #334 and #335 from common.php file located in framework folder.

Can this work for travel agency? i mean the booking can be edited?

Nope its not possible but Yes there is another theme which will be coming soon for travel agency please drop me an email for more details.

There is no Picture Viewer ??? How can i Zoom the Pictures ?

Where do you want to add the picture viewer in menu items? If so yes it will be added soon in the coming update.

Nice Theme! :) One question… How did you make the logo if you don’t mind me asking. And What font was used? Thanks :D Best Regards,

I made the logo using droid serif font.

i will buy the theme, if i can enlarge or zoom the pictures in viewer … i cant klick them right now. or is there a picutre gallery included?

Yes picture gallery shortcode is there.

WOW this looks awesome, I was looking for a template for a restaurant a while back, this would’ve been perfect!! :D Ironically enough the restaurant is located in Victoria, Texas. I might have to get this template just to keep on hand. :)

Great job!

Thanks Matt_Sawyers :)

hi i bought it now … but first errors i have … Warning: copy(/var/www/web32/html/wordpress/wp-content/uploads/logo_klein.jpg) [function.copy]: failed to open stream: Permission denied in /var/www/web32/html/wordpress/wp-admin/includes/file.php on line 348 5

what means this ?

i cant upload files to media … everytime the same error :(

This is not a problem with your WordPress installation. This is a problem with your web host. The problem is that the allowed memory size on your host. If you can email me the wp logins then i can take a closer look at it.

ok, thank you…E-Mail Adress?

Its there in the documentation file headers please.

Question before purchase of Victoria,

I would like the “content carousel slider” modules to expand to contain embedded video from vimeo instead of the “heading/description” it currently displays in the demo. Does the control panel allow for the insertion of “html” into the carousel’s expanded fields?

I’m familiar with xHTML/CSS/Java if there’s an adjustment I can make in the code to make this work? Other than this the template is a great fit.


Expanded fields is the content area you can add video too i will add some in live preview and show you

How u setup in the LIVE PREVIEW ure frontpage teaser text? the headline is bigger than the content text and on the left side is a picture? with the widget i can only put text in it which i cant resize?

I have added the code in live preview in navigation ‘Get Codes’ where you can get the codes and details.

Very useful template! Thanks!