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Hello again,

1. There’s a small bug in the carousel slider. When I click the arrows to rotate the slides the titles disappear.

2. Can I choose a specific menu type to show as slides? For example, I have the categories: doughnuts, paninis, muffins, etc., am I able to just show the doughnuts as the slider?

3. Can I also pick and choose specific menu items to show? I may want to use the slider to only showcase certain menu items. Is this possible?

1) If you can email me the WP Logins and URL then i can take a closer look at issue.

2) Its not there to select specific category but i will consider in the future updates. 3) Its not there but i will consider this also in future updates.

The “Victoria Menu Options” are not available on my food items. Can you help please!!! I see the screen shot of how the page is supposed to look and my pages do nit have any of those options.

email me the WP Logins please from my themeforest profile page contact form

Hi there!

Just wanted to ask why the Google map widget is not working? Set it up correctly, but still nothing shows up. No errors reported.



I will crosscheck and let you know. Can you email me the URL please.

Its here: http://www.to-mi-uo.hr/index.php. I ended up adding a google map shortcode in a text widget. That worked fine. Thanks anyway.

Small mistake, was not able to delete this post, so please ignore it.


I’ve purchased the Victoria theme a while back and am now designing a wordpress website for one of our clients. I’ve run into a small problem though; The “read more” button that you get on the home page that shows below a post excerpt redirects directly back to the home page. Can you tell me how to change the destination of these links to the appropriate post?

Thank you in advance!

Email me from my profile page contact form so that i can take a closer look into it.

Make sure you set your permalink set as postname not as something like day/post/archive etc. set it only for postname and check.

Hi there,

I really like the custom sidebars. I’d like to use a specific custom sidebar by default for all my blogposts. Is this possible? If so, how do I do this?

Right now I would have to select it with every blogpost.

Another one: about the main sidebar. I would like to disable it, but I’m not sure how to do this. Can anybody help me out?

Thanks in advance :)

Use the default sidebar. For a specific posts you need to specify obviously with this theme you can’t assign automatically if you want you can assign that but you have to tweak some code in php.

For homepage you need to select which sidebar you want to have for that page by editing that page.

Email me the WP logins and URL so that i can create one separate widget for you.

Hi System32,

Did you receive my e-mail?

I have replied to your email please check now.

Trying to upload a Background in the Theme options menu, no results, also menu bar colour remains black despite the change in colour. How do i fix this?

Its there in the documentation. Make sure your skin.css file is writable i mean its CHMOD should be 777. If it still doesn’t comes let me know via email with the URL and WP Logins so that i can take a closer look at it.


I am trying to change the background on the sidebar. I have changed it to black but it is still white (refreshed page, cleared cache etc)

I am changing “Sidebar Background Color”

I will crosscheck and make an update on it.

I changed the code in the CSS and got it working. Thanks


Glad you got it solved :)

Please, please help?! im lost.

Whats the problem please email me thru my profile page contact form with the WP Logins and URL

Hi, I love the theme as does my client. I have one problem: I recently changed the Admin email. Now, the reservation form keeps sending the reservation to the OLD email. I’ve changed the old email everywhere I can in the ADMIN , but it still points to the old one (which is LaPlayaColorado@...). The new email is LaPlayCafe@...

If you can please tell me what I need to do, I would appreciate it… my client needs it pointing correctly.

Also… on the same note, can I point the reservation to 2 emails?... this way, the GM and the manager can both receive them.

The site is http://laplayacafe.com


Its there in the victorial email setup in options panel that you need to change the email. If you want you can add two emails with comma separated in the admin email in theme options panel under email setup.

How can I translate the the theme? where is the languages folder? Using codestyling localization and trying to localize the theme brings an error. It seems to be trying to translate files in ‘breadcrumbs-plus’.

I am having 2 problems:

1. The cycle slider on my homepage is full width. I am looking to reduce the size of the slider to cover 75% of the page, and center it.

2. The MAIN sidebar on my homepage, under the 3 Fontpage column and above the 3 column footer is useless to me. I cant see to delete it.


Thank you

1) I see your cycle slider is of perfect but still you want to reduce? you need to edit the cycle-slider.php file in the sliders folder and edit the css files located in the css folder. 2) Its not there to delete you need to hard code it

Can the fonts be customized on this?

Yes it can be customized all the headings can be changed to any different google web fonts

the victoria contact form widget doesn’t seem to work ! I have entered a valid email but i never received any mail neither in spam …

Could you help me?

Can you email me the WP Logins and URL so that i can check it out.

Help! After I updated to 3.5 I cannot use the visual editor on Wordpress! What is wrong?

Please disregard my last message, fixed it.

Another question…

Is it possible to have more than 3 or 4 slides on the home page slider? I can’t figure out how to do it.

Its there in the cycle-slider.php file i think I will take a closer look and make this theme 3.5 ready and update it on tuesday.

Yes please update for 3.5, I am having issues changing the backgrounds also, I have read the setup guide and chmod on the skin.php and the cache folder but when I add new background nothing happens. o.0

Hi! I like your theme and I plan to purchase it, but first I have a question: is it possible to show the slider on all the pages?

Thanks in advance!

Its not possible but you can customize it to show on all pages by hardcoding.