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I buy your theme and I liked so much. But I dont know how to do some customizations. Do you have some tutorial to do this. My site is: www.sudacocina.com.br I want to acrescent de widgets with images do columm 1, 2 and 3. I dont know how to do it. Excuse my vocabulary I am brasilian and dont speak english very well.

Can you email me from my profile page contact form so that i can help you out in theme installation.


We’d like to add more than 9 images to the slider on each portfolio page except within the wordpress edit page there is only 9 boxes in the ‘additional images’ editor. Is there anyway to upload more than 9?

Also, within the portfolio sliders is there anyway to avoid a standard crop where each image loads with its own individual resolution.

If any of the above is not possible, can you recommend a work-around or a good gallery plugin.

Many thanks

Can you email me the URL and WP Logins so that i can take a closer look as slider can have unlimited slides and there are no limits for it.

Hi, I’ve got an issue. Apparently in IE8 my navigation is not showing up for one of our clients. Is there a chance you might know what is going wrong?

The url is : http://www.sparetimetexas.com/dev

Any help on this matter would be amazing!

I’ve highly customized the victoria theme, so hopefully you can notice what is wrong.

I believe he is in Windows XP. and Internet Explorer 8 is his browser. The site looks great in every other browser tested though!

Thanks for your time!

It has been fixed in the older version you need to update the theme but i see you have fully modified the theme. I will try to help you whats the issue is can you email me from my profile page contact form.


A menu is important to my restaurant but your Menu pages default to the site map. Do you have any examples online of a typical menu for this theme? Also are you working on a mobile version of this theme?


Yes working on mobile version and will soon update it. Typical Menu? Email me from my profile page contact form.

Thanks, what I mean by typical menu is do we just use a typical page and enter the menu info, or can we create a menu using posts with page styling like in stomaci or ermark adora?

Can you email me from my profile page contact form so that i can take a closer look at it.

After downloading the new theme with the upgrades what is the best way to upgrade the site do I need to back up the existing information? How is that done? Do I just delete the old version of the theme?

You can just remove the old theme and replace with old one but before that you need to make some changes for that if you can email me from my profile page contact form then i can take a closer look at it.

Hello, Is it possible to make this site easily multi-lingual? Is the a normal contact template included? Is a demo-content avaiable? Thanks for a quick reply. We want urgently buy the theme… Christian [etgroup]

Yes its multi-lingual but which plugin you want to use this like WPML or QTranslate. Sample data xml file is also included in the package. Contact template is not included as contact form shortcode are available with the theme for use.

Hello, I have a problem with firefox when i run the theme as content carousel slider it not run animation of the javascript, the version of the firefox is 18.0.2 … Also I put facebook like box, it also appears in chrome but not appear in chrome but not appear in firefox and IE Thanks for your great work and am waiting your kind support

Please email me the URL so that i can see whats wrong.

finally please let me know, if i need to make content carousel slider auto animation … is this available or not :)

Sorry there is no auto play option for this carousel.

firstly thank you very much for your quick reply i really appreciated, I still working in local host and don’t upload my site till now, but the same problem with your demo http://www.aivahthemes.com/victoria/content-carousel-slider/ and the version of the firefox is 18.0.2 … its the last version

When its live let me know so that i can take a closer look at it.

What’s the best way to update to a newer version of Victoria as it’s live on my site?

Take a backup of the content and update it.

Hello as I can change the language in the booking calendar Tks. http://www.yesterdayamericandiner.com/reservas/

Drop me an email so that i can guide you the files to modify.

hey send me email or send it to me here, I already send an email

open the following files and find the commented lines and uncomment it and change according to your desired language.

victoria/template_reservation.php victoria/reservation.php

Find the lines as shown below

//dayNamesMin : [ "Di", "Lu", "Ma", "Me", "Je", "Ve", "Sa" ], //monthNames: [ "Januar", "Februar", "Marts", "April", "Maj", "Juni", "Juli", "August", "September", "Oktober", "November", "December" ],

Hey, I need to get the slider to show up on all the pages. When I add the code it breaks the slider, It looks like it is not calling the JS files or something. What can I do to get the slider to show up on all the pages?

Thanks in advance! Bryan

You need to alter the code. Drop me an email from my profile page contact form so that i can make an alteration for it.

Hi there,

I’m in the process of doing a redesign for a restaurant and I like your theme however I have two questions before I commit to purchasing it

1. Can we embed videos into the blogs?

2. We’re going for something really simple, yet not too modern (we like to have a little shab if you understand), and so the images at the bottom of the home page above the rest of the widgets I’d like to eliminate for simplicity. Is that easy to do? Are the just widgets or are they a non-optional part of the site?

Thanks you!

If you can email me from my profile page contact form on themeforest then i can email you the detailed explanation.

Okay, I sent you an email, can I please have access to your support forum? There are a lot of little things I would like to update and I think they are probably already explained there.

I have replied to your email and now you can contact me via email for all the support queries as our support forum is down for a while.

How do I turn down the content background color opacity?

Its there in the style.css where you can set opacity and the class property is .pagemid

Hello I just bought your template, when i am uploading the file through wordpress it is telling me it exceeds the size limit? what do i do?

Increase the wordpress execution time limit or upload via FTP.

Hello, Is the theme responsive? because there is a bug when I go on mobile on my website. I am presently working on the site so your help would be very appreciated. thank you.

Yes its responsive but not fully as we need to update a slider which is not responsive so hopefully i will make it responsive soon.

Live demo is donw, please help

Its back now. There seems to be down by the server side due to migration in the hosting.

Responsive layout?

Responsive is not yet done but i will try to release it soon in next week.

i wait, thanks

Hey, i purchased your theme, very good…how can i hardcode the slider for all pages?


You can do that by copying slider code from index.php to page.php and other pages.