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I also have problem with sliders… I have victoria theme version 2.1 and wordpress 3.5.2 . What Can I do?

email me from my profile page contact form on themeforest please.

I just installed the updated theme, suddenly my menu pages are not working, the short code that I install on each page for each menu type is not displaying the category, instead it’s just displaying the most recently added food items. it’s suddenly doing this on all the menu pages.. please advise, thanks.

I see its working fine can you recheck and let me know where exactly you are getting bug or error.

Great theme! I just copied the code that you provided for the Front Page teaser and pasted it into the teaser widget area and for some reason the teaser is not centered with the rest of the home page when viewed in Safari. I checked Chrome and Firefox and it looks fine. Any suggestions?

Here’s the webpage for reference:

Thanks for the ref i will check the url and let you know whats wrong.

Hey it’s working now! : ) Not sure if you did anything or it was a glitch or something. Hopefully it sticks!

Wordpress 3.6 has added a lot of errors. Googlemaps widget no longer works, homepage text now has a -—dotted line above it. Are you planning to update this?

I will check n update it soon.

Page layout options are broken. I am assuming it is from the latest WordPress update. Can you let me know if there is a quick fix? Thanks!

I will be adding an update soon


ive installed a couple of plugins…visual composer and slider revolution slider. The prettyphoto popup does not work correctly with the gallery, and I can’t see where to add the new slider…can you advise please.

Ok cheers, just sent you an email…did you receive it?

I got it. Your website is jlproperty…... right?

Ok excellent…any chance you can look at this today?

Hi System32

It’s nice to see you’ve updated to a responsive theme, you have my respect and appreciation for making the changes.

Installed the newest version, ran into some issues:

slider issues:
-cycle slider does not appear on page, flex slider works but I don’t want to use it.

-how do you change slide orders? documentation does not mention this.

responsive mode:
-navigation menu disappears under 980px width, why is that?

-pages are not centered while viewing on iPhone, there is more space on the left side than right side. why is this uneven?

other errors:
-pages with parents don’t work, directs to page not found

-copyright footer not siting at bottom, about 30px background showing at bottom.

-homepage teaser text starts at top and is touching top of the div (can add a break but should this really have to be done?)

Are you aware of these issues mentioned, hope it helps with your theme and you are able to find solutions to these bugs.

Thank you

It appears that skin.css is missing….

To mention the responsive mode again, the menu does not work in Wordpress 3.6

Tested in 3.5 and it works but 3.6 it does not. Could you please update this as soon as possible, we have an extremely tight time budget and need this fixed please.

Thank you

Yes please do, I sent you a message via the profile page contact.


Thanks for the mail i got your email I will send you the updated theme.

Great! Please send that today, thank you

Hi there,

What is the process to go about upgrading my theme to the newest version? Do you have documentation on how to do so without losing any data/settings from the previous theme version?

Thanks for a great theme!

Yes i will add a changelog.txt file in the package wait for a day as a new update is coming again possibly tomorrow.

are months that I await the resolution of these problems … I’m sorry but your assistance is very bad

I got your email but due to loads of mails daily i missed your email. I will take a look at your problems tomorrow.

Just pointing out a few bugs found with this theme:

Setting Homepage Content to “none” results in a “page not found” section that’s not pretty. How does one exclude a teaser on the homepage?

One half columns make the entire page alignment off when in responsive mode, around the tablet sized display.

Main drop down menu in responsive mode should be same width a rest of content but guess that’s your design….

Certain characters in the heading tags show up incorrectly when viewing the site. example: ’ = /’

1) Save the theme options again it will solve the issue existing page ID shows you such error. Drop an email to me with WP Logins to see whats wrong. Homepage section in theme options panel first option checkbox is for excluding the teaser on frontpage.

2) I don’t see any such layout mess can you email me the url to that specific layout where it messes please so that i can make a fix for it.

3) yes that’s a part of design

4) Show me an example of that as well please. I mean the screenshot please.

my client update wordpress to version 3.6. since i have no sliders dispayed and no calendar for reservation i am on version 1.8 of the theme. how can i upgrade it and how can i solve my problems ? thanks


where are the datepikcer files because i want to write monthes and text in french?

Open template_reservation.php file where you can alter the coding for the months names and weekdays in your lang.. see for //dayNamesMin and after write the names uncomment the line to take effect.


Thank you for your beautiful theme,

I have one question :

when i put my menu and I click to any text (of the menu) it doesn’t load the page and say to me the error :

Fatal error: Call to undefined function breadcrumbs_plus() in /homez.744/lebalmor/www/wp-content/themes/victoria/framework/common/atp_generator.php on line 584

do you have a solution ?

Thx in advence


Contact me through my profile page contact form it might be something wrong with installation or you are using old version or not sure.

Hello, I try to send you A message but it’s apparently not working, So please, if you can help me by the way it’s very simple for me ! Thank you in advance


You sent me an email I have got it and I have responded to it. It was late night when I receive your email.

twitter not working on my site

Kindly update the theme to the latest version and add your twitter API settings keys in theme options panel and in widget too to make the tweets working.

the text with the copyright bar does not appear and the sticky does not work too

Email me from my profile page contact form with wp logins and url so that I can take a closer look at it.

The slider is not working. I am using wp 3.6.1 and version 2.4 of Victoria theme.

Please advise.

Support is offered for free instantly or within a business day (Mon-Fri GMT+5:30). Kindly register at our support forum for the doubts or queries you have.

Hi. Great theme!

I am trying to link the logo img to a different url. Editing the header.php file is not working and when trying to change the image link url it just defaults back. A plug in that allows a forwarded link url is not working as well. Can you please help? Thanks.

Hi. How do I change the pricing color from pink to a different color?

You can add that in the custom css section in theme options panel.

.pricenew { background-color:#your color code }

Two questions, where can you change the sticky to be permantely on so you don’t have to click the top bar for it to toggle? Also, do I enter the notification email address for receiving reservations?

Sticky on by default isn’t there but If you want you can make it display:block in style.css file in Sticky Bar section.

Yes you need to enter the notification email ID in theme options panel.

I have a few questions before purchase.

1. Can people indicate the number of guests when they make a reservation? Otherwise how does the admin determine if there are seats available?

2. Can the available times for making reservations be in blocks, ie. lunch 12-3pm and dinner 6-9pm? So reservations can only be made during these durations.

3. Do customers get a confirmation email after making reservations?

4. Can admins view the list of reservations for that day?

Thank you.