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Very very nice mate! Great use of space. Oh, and I really love the icons, they look really great in there! :)

Wow ! I love that a lot !

Just amazing! :)

Hey bro,

you going to rock this site. Another thumbs up or 1 +++ for you :)

Greetings from Germany

Awesome Any plans to code this in html or a wp? bookmarked

Great colors, lots of detail. Very, very nice design.

Thanks alot guys :D

Absolutely would love to see this as a Wordpress template! This is a fantastic design that would suit some ideas I have in mind for a video tutorial site I want to run.

Awesome work Gyro :)

great design..bookmarked. :)

looking farward for wordpress version…

still waiting for the wordpress version mate..

Would love to see this as WordPress, as well!

amazing theme , I will buy if you have wordpress version

wp version please …........................... ?

Bought this a while back, just started to work with it, got a perfect application for it in a site gallery. :D

If you can add html format, I would buy it.


The design is amazing but it uses a propietary (commercial) font as the main one which by no means is web-safe… so, although it’s design, there is no way to adapt it to html without changing some things.

you can use grablau sans ( i believe thats what you’re referring to ) with font-face. That’s what i intended to do iirc.

Please make a html version, you will double your sales ;) plus I need a site like this … good job!

Is there a LIVE , working version of this theme… I’d love to see it in Action before purchasing. Thanks.

HI, can i look to demo version please…word press if possible

Very Nice! Hope that its converted to wordpress one day so that I can buy it :)