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I am considering buying this theme, can I have twitch streams instead of movies?

We are supporting Twitch embeds on the wordpress version so it should be working fine.

Hello, I am interested in this template. Can you tell me is there option for this video player to stream from all hosting video sites(youtube, vimeo… and less known) and to have subtitles option?

Can I buy some other player that fits my needs and add him to this template?

Yes you can buy another, but it will require implementing it. That can be done by modifying “includes/single/image.php”

Can you tell me how can I add new posts on this template ?

Hi; Is this template full website? Or Wordpress, Blogger etc. template?

Hello! This is HTML Template. Fully functional Wordpress theme you can find here – http://themeforest.net/item/videomag-powerful-video-wordpress-theme/7712718

Ok, thank you.. Meanwhile, the slide does not change the homepage. How can I edit?

The slider is intended for use with AJAX, since the HTML has no server side, it is not included. If you wish, you can take out this part from http://videomag.orange-themes.com/wp-content/themes/videomag-theme/js/theme-scripts.js

want to buy …. what is your email ? i need extra customizations … will PAY extra

Unfortunately we currently do not offer customization services, you can find a freelance developer on Envato’s freelance marketplace though: http://studio.envato.com/

I’m working on creating a website to show and share documentaries, and I think this template is very suitable. I’m wondering:

1- Can I embed videos from a public Google Drive storage? 2- Can I create categories for videos? 3- Can I create playlists for videos? 4- Are RTL languages supported (such as Arabic)? 5- Can I add Google Adsense Ads to every page, easily?

Thank you so much. Fahad M. :)

Since this is an HTML template, it will require programming knowledge, but it can be done, but unfortunately currently playlists / RTL will not be supported.

Hi, Do you provide psd files also in this HTML package?

Yes, we do include the PSD files in the archive.

And are psd and html files included in the wordpress package? I have to decide which one suits my needs better.

The wordpress version will include the PSDs, but does not include the HTML files.

Bonjour je voudrai creer un site de partage vidéos youtube et dailymotion et je trouve ce thème parfait est ce que je peux l’avoir en français ?

Apologies, but could you repeat that in English?

Hello I am writing a youtube video sharing website Dailymotion and I found this perfect theme is that I can have it in French?

This is an HTML template, it will be as is – a static layout, but if you are wondering about the Wordpress version of the theme, it will not include a french locale, but we do support translations: https://orangethemes.ticksy.com/article/5878/

Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 404 (Not Found) —>http://videomag.orange-themes.com/html/font/fontawesome-webfont.woff?v=3.2.1 This is example from your presentation webpage. It is exactly the same error just like on my webpage.

Can you please tell me how can I fix this?

Hello, We will launch an update for this, it should be available by tomorrow.

Can you give me any example of code or some tutorial about implementing AJAX , so I can make that video slider works. Thanks

You can inspect our Wordpress demo site, this is the call that is being made to load them:
jQuery(".video-slider").on("ot-slider-change", function(event, elementID, elementHREF, elementREL) {

    var postID = elementREL;
        success:function(results) {

Is there any other things which needs to be changed so this actually works. I have tried to implement this and so many other things but still no luck. Please help me. Thanks

I have a question regarding your theme, I know you have said this:

Video Posts You can easy create a video post from Vimeo, Vine, Youtube DailyMotion, Twitch or a self-hosted video.

I use all those companies apart from DailyMotion which i substitute for Rumble.com, so… the question I have for you is:

Would VideoMag support the embed code for Rumble.com ?

Sample of Rumble.com code:

<iframe class=”rumble” width=”640” height=”360” src=”https://rumble.com/embed/u7674.vb6xw/” frameborder=”0” allowfullscreen></iframe>

On this HTML template it will work, if you were wondering for the Wordpress version, it should work too but it will not be able to automatically download the thumbnail image, you will need to set it manually.

ot-player can’t open flv files? Why? Including self hosted or external file.

Could you give us a link to the page where the problem encounters so we can see it in live?

1) Why? Can’t you install your template and test it ? 2) I can’t give a link because its private project. 3) Believe me everything its correct, while we are playing mp4 etc. When we change the source to flv file, and change mime types aswell, neighter otplayer nor jwplayer wont trigger

Currently the HTML5 player does not support flv formats, you can use the JW player, it will work with the flv formats.

I was searching for this type of video website. I’m interested but I need to confirm few things.

1. Should I backlink the Youtube videos and other videos play sites videos in your Template. ( Ex: If anyone looking for recipe in your template, Can I show result of youtube recipe videos?) 2. Is this template will take low clarity video as well.


1. Only self hosted videos will use the JW or HTML5 player, videos from other services will use embeds, for example http://videomag.orange-themes.com/html/post-youtube.html on the video bottom right corner there will be a link to the youtube page itself.
2. It doesn’t really matter how high the definition of the video, if it’s a self-hosted video, it only matters that the video is in a format that the player supports.


I really like your product but I wanted to know if I can stream videos which are located on our amazon streaming server?

Hi. Nice work and i bought your template. So, i am having trouble with your slider. Can u give me an example to make it work? Thx

Could you specify what exactly is wrong with it?

When i click on slider tabs, video also should change, right? it doesn’t works

It is not included in the template, it is said in the description:
Please notice that, the download files doesn’t contain javascript for galleries, news slider and contact form and also the download files doesn’t contain any php files.
The reason for that is that it uses AJAX and the HTML template has no server side. You can inspect the Wordpress version http://videomag.orange-themes.com/ scripts and copy them into your project.

Hello, I installed the theme in my WordPress, I made the purchase to install it in wordpress and it does not work

Give me back money that is no longer complete for the worldpress version, or where I open the dispute for money, you should understand that there are no more HTML versions and Wordlpress version.

There is a HTML template and a WordPress template, the price is different for both of them, also the description says that this is a HTML template.

We can consider this as a mistaken purchase if you get a WordPress version, you can create a refund request here: https://themeforest.net/refund_requests/new

I already asked for the refund, if they return me today with that complete for the other version worldpress. Because with what I will complete will complete. Thank you

Pre purchase question,

can i add selected YouTube videos so that i could watch my collection later on.( as a favourite book marking album?)

You can embed the videos in the theme from Vimeo and Youtube.

But please note that this is a HTML template.

what reason this script mainly design for?


The HTML template is mainly for web developers, so they can assign it to they own CMS etc.

It’s recommended to have HTML, CSS, JS knowledge.

Hi i paid for this some time at start of year i dont have access to the paypal account or email aress no more so dont have proff of payment sorry. When i downloaded zip with files i didnt no at the time that it was missing the css responsive file i need to resize the browser window. I dont have much cash and cannot affoard to get new template so can you tell me do i have to pay again to get this please. Thank you

The HTML had responsive CSS files included.

Ok as i dont have this file and really need it i have to order again yes? is this still for sale? and maintained? thanks


All the responsive css files are in the html folder/css/responsive/ , there are 3 files, desktop.css, ipad.css and phone.css

Hi, I have few questions:

- How can I add a layer slider in my home page that show latest videos from my post? - How can I activate the Visual compressor?



This is a HTML template, and there won’t be possible to activate VC, and also there is not included layerslider.

Maybe you mean the WordPress version? In that case please add the comment there.

I’m interested with your template, if I have blogspot (Google), can I insert the template to our blogspot.com? Let me know, thanks a lot for your support


This is a HTML template and without modifications it won’t fit for you in this case.


This is a HTML template, but WordPress version does come with RSS Feed built in by WordPress


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