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I am not able to download. It fails abruptly. I am trying since yesterday.


Please contact envato support about this issue here .

Can people upload their videos?


Only via backend and only who have editor rights.

Featured image when viewed on mobile is not responsive on single post view. The featured image which I use as the header image for the post is far too big? How can you fix this?

Great, thanks. That sorted out the problem.

How do you change the body text font size?

By adding these css lines in any custom css plugin, it should do that trick

body p { font-size:15x; }

I have installed (admin account) your Theme, activated but when is am tryng to import (demo data) videomag.wordpress.2014-05-09.xml, i get this msg “( ! ) Fatal error: Maximum execution time of 60 seconds exceeded in C:\wamp64\www\wordpress\wp-includes\Requests\Transport\cURL.php on line 462 ” call_user_func:{C:\wamp64\www\wordpress\wp-admin\admin.php:308} ( )

waiting for your reply


As there are some really large files that come with the xml and seems like you try to download the media files too, then the maximum execution time needs to be increased depending on your server internet download speed.

Is because in the demo there are 3 large videos.

What are these tags/ID’s for this theme? I’m struggling to find them. - Content Container - Post Title - Post Navigation - Comments Container


You can easy disable it via theme management panel in general -> blog just disable this option

That is different to ‘Related Posts’ Under Settings > Reading it shows info about Related Posts… But there is no way to disable. Similar Posts setting is set to HIDE on mine.

In that case this could come from a plugin not a theme.

I have imported your XML file but your documentation gives no answer as to how to edit the items in the homepage slider. How is this done?

I added one of your Latest News Block to the homepage and it deleted the slider. Now I need the video slider back.


You can enable the slider by editing your homepage, the homepage needs to be attached to the drag&drop builder template, in that case you will see slider options here you can enable it and select the wanted categories, to show all category posts just leave the category field off, after that edit a post and in the options mark it as a main slider post

How do I insert ad code below the blog post but above related articles?

For this I would suggest this plugin it allows you you add the ad code anywhere you want in the single post.

How do I insert ad code below the blog post but above related articles?

Maybe you have some private posts on the page and as you are logged in in desktop you see them? Because we see the same posts on both devices as you on mobile and on desktop

Please make a support ticket here add also wp-admin access details sop we could have closer look.

I’m using W3 Total Cache plugin, would this cause a problem.

Could be. Try to flush the cache.

hello, i try put external feature image but i can’t, How i can use external thumbnails with this theme?

Sorry, but your support license has expired, you can renew it in the item page, otherwise we are not allowed to support you.

Right now all I can suggest is to disable all plugins to see if that helps. The featured images should work fine.

i can not add embeded youtube video on my theme header,,,,like demo…plz help me….

Is any body there?????????

Can you please add a direct link? Please close the theme iframe and then you will get the direct link to the page.

Do you mean the single post video?

I love the theme and bought it a few months ago. How do I remove the “search” icon from the menu?


Sorry but your support license has expired, you can renew it in the item page, otherwise we are not allowed to support you.


I submit you a ticket to the technical support because I can’t upload the demo content like the demo of Themeforest.

Nobody has replied me, please could you answer me and configure the web with the demo content like the demo of themeforest please?.



All support tickets should be answered by now.

Hi again.

How much is the time to get response from the tecnhical support?. I’ve sent a ticket more than 24 hours ago but I’ve had no response yet, What’s the problem?

I asked two days ago to install the demo content but today I continue without a clear reponse in the ticket I sent.

I only need to install the demo content like in the Themeofrest demo ( I don’t why the theme comes without its demo content xml.



The response time is ~24hours, at the moment your ticket should be answered.


febrow Purchased

Is there anyone? I have written to you 3 times through the contact form and I still have no answer !!!


You should receive a automated answer that the support via email is discounted. Please create a support ticket here:


febrow Purchased

ok, than you


I have few questions:

- How can I add a layer slider in my home page that show latest videos from my post?

- How can I activate the Visual compressor?


Sorry but we have a extended licence and we can’t provide you any plugin keys, if you want to add some additional features they offer you will need to buy it separately.

About the slider, you need to create a page, and assign it to the drag&drop template and save the page.

after that enable the slider

then you will need to save the page and go edit a post that you want to see in the slider and mark it as the main slider post:

Also be sure that the post is added in the slider selected category (if you have selected them)

Hmmm…. When I bought the theme, it says all the plugins are included.

An other question. Does the theme support videos hosted in YouTube? When I add a youtube video to a post, it doesn’t play. It just show black screen. How do I resolve that?

The visual composer plugin is included as it comes from themeforest, but if there are some limitations because of the purchase code, then we won’t be able to help here.

About the vide, yes it needs to work fine with youtube videos, doesn’t it work with some specific video or all videos?

Great Theme. when installing to wordpress I get this error:

Installing Theme from uploaded file:

Unpacking the package…

Installing the theme…

The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet. Theme install failed.

Sorry! I found answer in the docs..

Will you update the theme, specially because of the outdated Visual Composer Plugins anytime again?

thank you and sorry for late response, i simply will use the plugin from other template i bought from you ;)

after 7 months still no update.


Sorry for the delay!

You can now download the latest WPBakery page builder version.

visit this site and tell me what you think


Sorry but we can’t access the link.

Sorry but there is 404 error.

What exactly do you want to show us?

Can only Show 2 Post In Main Slider. How can I show more?


By default it should show 5 posts in the slider, please make sure that you have marked the posts ar slider posts in the post settings, and also the post is posted in the category that is selected for the main slider in homepage slider settings.

hi, this theme support in my instagram videos automatically come to my website, my website videos sharing to instagram automatically ?


Unfortunately such feature won’t be available.


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When will the next update be? The template has not had any updates for over a year. Are you sure that the template is well protected? I’m not saying that the template works badly, but I am a bit surprised why nothing has happened for over a year.

A few days ago I had a virus website based on this template. I do not know what path malware got. It’s possible that one of the plugins. However, when I was looking for a problem and updated everything to the latest versions, I noticed that this template has no updates. It surprised me.

Will there be any updates yet?


At the moment there aren’t any knows security bugs, also as the theme as it self doesn’t offer you to upload any content, then it’s much secure.

At the moment there aren’t planed any updates as I know, but in case there will be found bugs, we will release fixes for them.


febrow Purchased

thanks for answer :)