Discussion on VideoStories – WordPress Video Theme

Discussion on VideoStories – WordPress Video Theme

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Documentation for videostories template is not available anywhere. Why?

Documentation Attached with Full Package a folder name “Documentation”


here are my questions before buying:

1. do you support uploading video from PC?, i noticed you only accept via YouTube and other video channels in the upload page and there is no option to upload from PC.

2. can I hide the upload page from the users?

3. can I have a workflow to accept the videos, I mean after the video is uploaded I will get an email to accept it or not?

5. does the uploaded videos from PC encoded so it will be smaller in size, I mean if user uploaded 1 GB file, does it save in the server with 1 GB?

6. there is no EMBED option for video so users can use the uploaded video in other website, can you confirm this?

WordPress has default functionality on that. Please take a look at this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ir7J0eEuWgk

there is mis-understanding for what I mean… here is more details for what i am asking: 1. First the user will upload the video to the WP 2. the user will open the video on WP to view it 3. the user want to EMBED the video which is uploaded in the WP to other 3rd parity website. I tired to find the EMBED button on your site and I can’t find it. please note that I embed button i want it for self-hosted videos on WP not from youtube.

here is an example for what i am searching for http://videopro.cactusthemes.com/doc/wp-content/uploads/2016/07/Screenshot_11.png

Got it, will add this option for you. No problem. Will send you link EMBED link.

My website www.summerrejection.com is broken as it is having the exactly same issue as it had last month ( Template lost all formatting) . Please note that there was no updates since you last fixed it.. I have sent email to support@jeweltheme.com and help@market.envato.com and I am still waiting to hear back

Fixed your problem. Just replied your email.

I have successfully set up the theme,But i am unable to set up my account menu. My goal is, user can upload videos by choosing pre-define categories. So, Un der My account, there will be few link like about my profile, upload, my video etc. SO, HOW COULD i SET UP THOSE LINK. And i also want to restrict those page,only logged in user can access those page, according to your theme , any one can access my video, upload section.

When you will be releasing the update ?? It’s better please solve my issue.. After logged in, When I click on my name and go to my profile page, Under my profile their is Home, Video, Upload, About… this all are in Static mode..so Its showing 404 not found also I want to add some others menu over here.. also I want to upload my Profile picture, it is also not working. Plz fix it soon bro.. it’s very annoying.. thanks

We’ll resolve your issues and release update by tomorrow.

Extremely sorry for the delay, we’re going through some work pressure.
Fixed all issues on your website and given update. You don’t need to Update Theme I’ve updated everything on your website.

pre sale question please : hello i would to buy the amazing theme i have urgent question does it support history feature as ; watched video , searched video , liked or disliked videos , watch later and create play list? in member profile if not any plugin can help?

Thanks for your query. Sorry, those features aren’t available right now.

Hi there, i am looking for a very simple theme, it only needs to do two things:

1. accept a submission of video URL (tiktok video link from the app) and automatically generate the embedded code from it so that the video appear in the gallery. Same thing that you are able to do with youtube and vimeo.

2. video should play within the frame, without opening up an additional page.

3. on desktop must autoplay each video whenever the mouse is over that specific video, and on mobile must autoplay when the video is visible on the screen.

4. must have the infinite scrolling

5. videos should not be uploaded on the site, but just played remotely.

6. the size of the card where the video will be embedded should be customizable by admin.

Can your theme do all the above? Thanks.


How to remove sign in and register banner in top heder areas

you need to change codes in header.php file

Does this theme support YouTube LIVE Stream

Hi there, Does it support RTL?

Yes, it supports RTL.

does this theme still work? no new feature or update in a year

Yes, it works
we’ll update on next week.

Can it import movie/series data from TMDB