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Discussion on VideoTube - A Responsive Video WordPress Theme

Discussion on VideoTube - A Responsive Video WordPress Theme

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Hello, I would like to know if it is possible to delete the user registration section and all its pages. Thanks

Hello, sure, we can easily disable the feature in backend.

Thanks for your interest.

Hi, im interested in buying your VideoTube theme. Looks great, just wanted to know one thing when I’m embedding YouTube videos can I add a custom plugin that allows donations somewhere?

Thanks please let me know Saj M


Why not, the donation feature is not available by default but You can always use the 3rd party plugins to extend your WordPress website.

Thanks for your interest.

Hello It is very easy to use.

It may be difficult to read because it is sent using the translation function.

The question is, is it possible to display rankings such as the number of views at the bottom of the video posting page? If possible, I would like to set up rankings on a weekly basis.

Currently, the video list is set as the front page on the fixed page.

I want the logo to be in the center.

Hello, I’m afraid you would need to modify the theme manually, the logo can be found in wp-content/themes/videotube/header.php file.


avson4545 Purchased

thank you !!

When I paste an advertisement for PC on the right homepage, it is also displayed on my smartphone. Is it possible to hide only smartphone ads?

Other ads are working! wonderful! !! !! !!

hank you!

I have one more question. I want to make the characters on the site white Even if you enter it in custom CSS, it will not be reflected.

If possible, just share your website URL and show me which text you want to mark up, I will have a look into it.

The reply was delayed.

I was able to solve it on my own.

Thank you very much.


I am requesting a refund for my purchase. I have not downloaded it. Below is my purchase info:

97e48469-7e92-4fcd-8ebe-9565784b866b – 6 Oct 2021 REGULAR LICENSE



May I have a refund? I don’t know if my previous message was received. Below is my purchase information. The theme has not been downloaded.

Kind regards

Hello, refund is accepted, you will receive money soon, thanks for your interest, hope you like our next theme in the future.

Is it possible to move the position of the logo on the site?

Hello, I purchased and installed the theme and the plug-ins, but the home page does not look like the the demo one at all, with the video thumbnails and the blocks with other videos and profile and other section. Instead I see a 2 column-page which seems to be a hello world default… How can I get the theme to see the default template? thank you.

Thank you so much, I think I got it! I will let you know if I run into anymore problems!

I’m glad you found that, feel free to let me know if you need further assistance.


Thank you so much, I appreciate!


avson4545 Purchased

Hello php!

Right now, I am displaying 6 columns with stretch row and content, but there is a sidebar that does not exist on the right side, and I can not click the content that overlaps there.

See past comments in single video php <? php get_sidebar ();?> Delete or I also changed col-md-8 ⇨ col-md-12, but nothing changed.

Is there any other way? ?? ??


avson4545 Purchased


This is a fixed page, but you can leave it as it is.


However, when you go to the video playback page like this, the screen is quite large.

I want to make this screen smaller and put an ad in the right sidebar.


Did you modify the wp-content/themes/videotube/single-video.php file? if so, I suggest that you restore the file, then, you can add any widgets onto the “Inner Page Right” sidebar.

To set the small layout, you can select “Small” when adding/editing the video (screenshot).

I hope that helps.


avson4545 Purchased

I was able to restore it!

thank you! !!

When I paste the content from the widget to the inner page light, it appears below the video.

Hello, did you modify the single-video.php file? if so, I’m afraid I cannot help, you might break the file.

Otherwise, could you show me what you pasted to the widget? and share your URL, I will have a look into it.