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Hi is there a way to manually add Pages to the home page (just so you see the 1,2,3,4, etc on the bottom of the page).

What I am doing is adding multiple Templates in the page builder (On one page) so I could edit the Title Name as the Date that the videos were posted on. The only problem with this is that it makes one continuous page.

I would really like to be able to have multiple templates on one page so I could have the title of the template be the date the videos were posted with the videos underneath. Then be able add or link other pages as page numbers


I’m not sure what exactly you are looking for, however, I think I answered in the first reply, If that does not help, just share with me an example, I will have a look into it.


Hey not a problem, my last question based off of what you said is that I understand that adding the watch more button will add a tab that you can click to get to the next page. However would it be possible to get a custom coder to add the number of pages along side the bottom (1,2,3,4, etc) since I will have a lot of pages?


Actually, the theme does not support querying posts like that and so, the pagination is unavailable.

Thanks for your understanding.

If I want some CSS in my child theme, specifically for the author page /domain/author/username, is there a way to do that? Or i need to modify the author.php file?


Please read What is a Child Theme?

If so, you should add your own CSS to /wp-content/theme//videotube-child/style.css file, the custom CSS code should be wrapped in the body.author class, for example:
  /** custom CSS code goes here  */


I hope that helps.

Perfect! Thanks ;)

You are welcome.


What do you suggest when the auto thumbnail feature is creating a glitched thumbnail? Doesn’t happen most of the time but when it does, it’s very annoying and of course makes my site look bad and disappoints users. Maybe like twice in 50 times – so like 4%

As above, that’s not something we can do, if you are the video owner (the video uploaded in your Youtube account), then you can change the thumbnail image of the player from your own Youtube studio page, otherwise, it’s IMPOSSIBLE.

I hope that makes sense :)

Doesn’t make sense to me bcs the thumbnail on YouTube looks ok to me but ok if there’s nothing you can do, there’s nothing you can do. Is there something you can do to stop this happening in a future update?

I don’t think we can do something, the player appears exactly like as how it looks on Youtube, please check.

No1Ideas Purchased

can you give me shortcode of homepage defaut? like this link demo http://videotube.marstheme.com/video-scrolling-page/ In documentation I do not find it

Hello there,

If you imported the demo content, you would see it.

Otherwise, you can create a new or edit an existing page and:

- Select “Scrolling page” in the Template dropdown

- Select “Video” in the Post Type dropdown

- Remember to save changes.

See the screesnhot.

I hope that helps.


No1Ideas Purchased

We have 3 issues that need you support. 1. How to create socials boxes on homepage as the demo, I just can crate the title” social boxes” but can not make the symbols of Facebook, youtube… 2. How to create Facebook fanpage on homepages 3. How to remove the text ” OOps ..nothing ” on home page I attached pictures bellow. Like this link http://videotube.marstheme.com/homepage-v5-1-column-right-sidebar/


I suggest that you use the Widget Importer & Exporter plugin to import the sample data widgets, it would save you a lot.

1. To configure the social count widget, you can navigate to Settings > Social Count Plus page and enter your own information.

2. The Facebook Page plugin lets you easily create a custom HTML fan page, after putting the info, you can click on the “Get Code” button, a pop up will appear, switch to the Iframe tab and copy the Iframe code (screenshot).

Navigate to Appearance > Widgets, drag and drop the “Custom HTML” widget to any sidebar areas as you want and just paste the Facebook iframe code into the widget content.

3. The error message means there are no posts to show, if you built the page using WPbakery, just edit the page and remove that widget.

Let me know here if you have further questions, just for support purpose, please don’t open multiple threads.

I hope that helps.

How do I change the aspect ratio of the thumbnail images? In the latest update they became very narrow, close to 21:9. I’d like to change them back to normal or widescreen 16:9. Can you help or do I need to renew support for this 1 question?

You are welcome, if you have any further assistance, please renew support :)


One more issue: after the latest update aspect ratio is not changing on the single video page. 16:9 is showing when video is saved in 21:9 (large layout). Does 21:9 large layout work on your demo single video page? I didn’t find any such page here: http://videotube.marstheme.com/ – if there is no issue then it’s only my theme and I can renew support if I need to get it fixed.


Thanks for letting me know the issue, I will make an update soon.

Dear Support Team,

I found this great theme, and wanted to purchase for my new site. I have some below queries, Could you please provide direct answers or link for my reference.

1. Can admin manage user’s videos: a) if user post improper videos, can admin hide/delete/remove it ? Can admin review the video before it is published ? b) Can admin arrange user’s videos: add/remove the videos from features, or put the video in easy view space…. 2. Can user create their own channels: profile, playlist, feature,..... 3. Can this theme be integrated with facebook: comment, like, share….

Best regards, Aff Team.


My apologies for the delayed reply.

1. The short answer is YES.

2. Each user has an own page as you might know (demo), the page just shows their latest videos.

3. These options are unavailable but keep in mind that you can always use the 3rd party plugins to extend your WP website.

Don’t hesitate to let me know here if you need any assistance.

Thank you for the purchase.

Great !! I just purchased the theme today. I will get back to you if any problem. Thanks again :)

Who do you recommend for the best and fastest hosting?

Do you do installations?

Is there a way to have the top channels and top video stars displayed in a widget\sidebar? This would be a fantastic addition and get users more active.

Any chance of livestream in the future?


1. I wish but so hard to tell you which hosting service is the best, you could search on google, a lot of results.

2. I offer free installation, if you purchased the theme, just share your website URL and the WP admin credentials via this form, I will set it up for free.

3. We have a widget for showing top videos but unfortunately, we have no widget for showing top channels, you might use the 3rd party plugins for that.

4. Videotube is a WordPress theme, is written in PHP, I don’t think we can build a Livestream platform in PHP :), you need another platform.

5. Unfortunately, the pre roll ads is unavailable.

Thanks for your interest.

Do you have the ads that display on videos before you can watch them?

Thank you.

Is there a way for a user to see a list of the videos that they have liked? Or perhaps to see a summary of all videos they have commented on (or the comments they have made)? Many thanks again

Excellent! Which release can I expect to see this in?

To be honest, the likes, or some kind of ‘favorite’ feature is probably more crucial than comments.


I wish but it’s not ready yet, the update just fixed a minor issue of the video aspect ratio.

Hi again. I just received notification about new release. Where do I find the changelog to see what’s new and decide whether I need it? Thanks

Hi, how do I edit my video page? I actually want to increase the size of the video. thank you