Vidy - Responsive Video Tumblr Theme

Vidy - Responsive Video Tumblr Theme

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Introduction to VIDY.

A tumblr theme made for musicians, video bloggers, artists, etc. It’s perfect to showcase your work via videos & audios.


Header Image

  • Upload your image or use default tumblr header.
  • Show/Hide the image if you want only colored background.
  • Enable stretch header.


  • Title – Change Font, Color, Weight, or use and Image as a Logo.
  • Links – Change Color, Show/Hide Any of Them.
  • Search – Change Color (Same as the Title).

Profile Information

  • Name – Type your Name if You Want it to Appear, Change Color.
  • Avatar – Upload it from the Edit Page if You Want it to Appear.

How it works?

Go to the Theme Edit Page.
  1. Enable the Section on the options.
  2. Set the Tag name you want.
  3. Type a Name for the Section.
  4. Go to the post you want to be Featured and add the Tag (mostliked).

Additional option for the sections

If you want to make the Section more beautiful visually, just type on the post that will be Featured the tag “featuredx2” and it will be double size.



Use the name you want for your Blog section.


There are 3 type of posts.
  1. Normal posts.
  2. Double posts.
  3. Full size posts.

How to make double/full sized posts?

Just type the “_double_size” tag to make it double, or “_full_size” to make it full size.


Use normal pagination with pages or use button to Load More.


You can trigger your last Tweets & Instagram Shots.

How can you?


  1. Type your Twitter URL & Username on the Options.
  2. Enable the Feed.
  3. Go to your blog settings (
  4. Attach your Twitter Account.


  1. Type your Instagram URL, ID & Access Token.
  2. Enable the Feed.

How can you get your Instagram ID and Access Token?

This article will show you how.

Additional options for the Social Feeds

  • Select how many Tweets & Pics you want to be displayed on the Feeds.
  • Type the Title you want for each feed.

Blog Description

Description Heading + Description + Copyright


Same as on the top navigation


How it works?

Type a name on the options and there will automatically be a link generated on the footer.

Example: If you type “example”, the URL of the category link will be /tagged/example


Type the URL on the social link you want, and it will appear.

Additional options for the Footer

  • Show/Hide the whole Footer
  • Show/Hide description, copyright, links, categories or social links
  • Select Footer Style: Dark/Bright


Photos & Photosets Style

Full Size Head Image (depending on what you post).

Big title (must make a title in the photo/photoset caption).

Videos & Audios Style

The media will be full size. No title/navigation like on the photos/photosets.

Texts, Quotes, Links & Chats Style

Full Size Head Image (the one you set for the profile).

Big title.

Quote posts will have the quote centered on the image, with a different style.

Link posts behind the title will have the ThumbNail from the URL page.

Caption & Description

Behind the header, 780px wide.
  • Tags – Choose custom color
  • Group Blog – Shows who made the post (avatar + name)
  • Share section – Twitter, Facebook, Google, Reblog, Like and Notecount.
  • Custom Previous & Next Post section (shows the name of the previous and next posts).
  • Disqus Comments – Type your Username to make it work

Additional FEATURES

Custom No Results Page

You can see it live here.

Google Analytics

Type your ID if you want to know about your page traffic.

Fully Responsive

The News theme works on all type of screens and devices like laptops, tablets, phones.


Choose the font you want from Google Fonts<>/a and type the name on the headings or body font option to change it.