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Hi.. I do not have the shortcode icons in my editor.. how can i solve it? also, any full list to input the entire shortcodes manually?


Hi, for missing shortcode button on editor i still research for this issue. I will release an update once it done. You can ask me what shortcode you want to use.

I can’t find where to change the favicon, can you show me how? thanks

Open header.php by navigate to ‘Appearance > Editor > Header’. Then insert code below before </head> tag.

<link rel='icon' type='image/png' href=''/>

Change href value with your icon url.

I’m thinking of buying this but have a couple of questions.

Is there a ‘call to action’ button for the home page amongst the theme options?

Also, is there an availability calendar for the rooms?


Hi, thanks for your interest! You can add url for each slider item instead of button. The calendar is as you see on preview.

Thanks for your reply. I can see the calendars on the booking form, but I can’t see an availability calendar anywhere that shows if a room is available or not on a certain day.

Sorry, currently it doesn’t have an availability calender. I will consider to make this on future update.

Hi I bought your theme today and install it. But I have problem with homepage slider. It doesn´t appear. Can you help me with it?

Hi, thanks for your purchasing! Can you send your website url? For slider not appear try to remove all blank paragaph and url from slider description. On WordPress editor try to edit text for slider on ‘text’ mode.

Hi designesia, thanks for response. Web is I sent you url and access to wp-admin 2 days ago via email using form in your profile Did you get it?

Yes i got it.

Hello, apart from that I do not have the shortcodes, I need to insert under the tag <body/> footer code ShinyStat for visits, when I insert goes on in the head, how do??

You can view contact page source code by navigate to Appearance > Editor > ‘page_contact.php’.

Hello you as I mentioned I had to change the booking form, I am sending you the link what I’ve done, please can you tell me how to replace this with the booking thanks

Hi, if you mean to embed on your booking page, please send message through my url.


Can you provide more details about WPML integration? I configured the plugin, but now I trying to understand how to add the flags right to the menu. The flags in your theme are linked to qTranslator, not WPML.


PM sent.

Hi, when i see your website i can see slider is works. Have you managed to fix it?

No, I just disabled the english menu. It still doesn’t work. I’ll give you more details in PM.

I am just about to make my client’s site live when we noticed that when using the column shortcodes, the white background for the text on pages goes wrong on chrome. can you please let me know how to fix this

Hi, can you send your url?


I have a problem.

In room category (two columns) all looks good (in english), but when you change language, the boxes bottom lines is different levels. How to fix this?

Look at this pictures:

You can use code below to set same height for each room item. Navigate to Theme Options > Color Options > Custom CSS’. Insert code below:

.room-list.type-1 .room-item .info{

Hi I’m not sure if the pages on my site are right. On your demo version the text background is only as wide as the menu bar and is white transparent. On my pages there is a solid white background that stretches the whole width.

I have downloaded and updated the latest version but it’s still the same.

Can you advise please?

Hi, if you can allow me, i need your permission to access your admin page for further investigation.

Thank you. I have just emailed them through your profile page. Thanks for your help.

Hi, i have sent you an email. Please check.

I followed you hint to change the favicon

<link rel='icon' type='image/png' href=''/>

I got the change on the homepage, but the new favicon doesn’t appear on the other pages of the website.

Hi, can you send your url. Where you insert code above?

Actually, I solved the problem earlier. :)

No shortcodes button on wordpress 3.9.1. Please post the shortcodes somewhere to enter them manualy.


Hi, we still research for missing shortcode button on WP 3.9. You can see shortcode list here

Thanks, this is very helpful.

Hi, I’ve bought this very nice theme, compliments for your work! Just a few questions: 1) In a single page, is it possible to select which rooms show? For ex. I have 18 rooms but in a single page I would like to shown only 6 selected rooms in a 2 columns page; 2) Or maybe, if I divide rooms in different kinds by category and I link it in a main menu, is it possible to choose the category style in three or two or two small columns? Thank you very much for your collaboration. Best regards!

Ok, thanks! If you’ll insert also the possbility to customize the style of the room-categories in the next update (or maybe it would be more easy the possibilities to select different rooms in a single page), it would be perfect! However great theme, compliments… Now, I try with this. Thank you very much!

Please, just a few questions more. How can I change logo size?? and it would be possible to reduce shortly the opacity in the menu background color? Thank you very much!!!

Hi, thanks for your suggestion. I will consider to make your it on next update.

You can adjust logo size from custom css field. Navigate to Appearance > Theme Options > Color Options > Custom CSS > insert code below:

#mainlogo img{

Change 150px and 100px with any value.

To change menu background opacity. Insert code below in custom css field.

filter:alpha(opacity=95); /* For IE8 and earlier */

Then change opacity value.


Thanks for your help. We now need to change the position of the logo on the menu. Do you have any code for that, please?

Many thanks!


You can adjust logo size from custom css field. Navigate to Appearance > Theme Options > Color Options > Custom CSS > insert code below:

#mainlogo img{

Change 150px and 100px with any value.

Where logo position that you want to be?

Buy your product which has been good, I have only one doubt, as I can deploy images to make them look as in the example of this test page to your website


Hi, thanks for your purchasing! To use images as seen on preview when you import a xml file, give checklist to ‘Download and import file attachments’,

Hi! First of all, congratulations on your theme, it’s a great job. But I have the following problem: - I created the home with a Slider but the images don’t load, any idea what could the problem be? Is there something I forgot to do?


Already solved, thanks. ;)

Great! Thanks for your comments. :)


Rooms page (two columns) – Now, the text cut off automatically (excerpt..). Can I turn off that? I like to see all text, not excerpt.

Thank You again!

Navigate to Appearance > Editor > open file ‘page_rooms_two_columns.php’

Find and remove code below (line 72 – 74)

$content = get_the_content();
$trim_content = wp_trim_words( $content, 40 );
echo $trim_content;

Then replace with code below


Thank You. Great Support!!

Having purchased this theme I seem to have a problem with some of the page loads. Particularly the room pages.

Initially the page loads with no images, like this.

Then the images load. Unfortunately the containers for the room details do not resize. So I end up with a page that looks like this.

Is this a known bug? Is anyone else is experiencing this or is it just me?

Hi, this issue happen because you renaming the theme. Theme name is used for some variable within this theme, i would suggest to use original theme name to prevent this issue. Can you send your url?

Unfortunately the site isn’t live yet and is just sitting on my development server so you won’t be able to see it. I created a child them in order to customise some of the pages and I think my customisations might be the culprit. If I restore the original page_rooms.php the problem goes away. So I must have screwed up that variable in the customised page. Many thanks for pointing me in the right direction. It’s given me just the pointer I need to find cause of my problem. Great theme by the way. :-)

hey greetings i need help with the translations. it doesn’t work when i click eg french nothing is translated this is the link to the site

Hi, seems this issue happen with WP 3.9. You can download newer qTranslate here: to make it works. Otherwise you can use WP 3.8 until new version of qTranslate available.

If anyone has a problem making text wrap around images in pages or posts just add the following code to custom css section in theme oprions.

img.centered { display: block; margin-left: auto; margin-right: auto; } img.alignright { padding: 4px; margin: 0 0 2px 7px; display: inline; } img.alignleft { padding: 4px; margin: 0 7px 2px 0; display: inline; } .alignright { float: right; } .alignleft { float: left; }

Thanks for share!

I saw a discussion about captcha feature for the contact page in this support page. But the last message has sent 1 month ago. When do you expect to include this feature? Thanks.

Hi, we still work on theme update. This is on our list for next update. If there’s no issue, update will available on this month.