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Hi! I have issues translating the menu into English. I am using qTranslate in Wordpress 3.9. I could make the other entries work, but not the menu. How can I translate it? Thanks!

Hi, thanks for the reply, a pity that band and multi language is outdated.

Question: With WPML (WordPress Multi Language) operates the theme?

Thank you!

Does wordpress multilanguage work with this theme?

Hi, you can use latest qTranslate version for WP 3.9. This theme also support WPML.

Hello there,

Running a fresh install of wordpress 3.9.1, I have only uploaded your theme. There seem to some problems with the tabs at the dashboard.

1 – Clicking the Theme Options tab, I cannot see the contents of the tabbed categories of the options. I can only the menu with their labels. 2 – I cannot open the custom link tab when trying to set up the menu.

Why would that happen? I have not uploaded any plugin.

SOLVED: It was a javascript/wordpress bug, not a theme one. I had to add the line define( 'CONCATENATE_SCRIPTS', false ); in the wp-config.php file and everything shows up perfectly now in the admin area ;)

I love this theme, but unfortunately it’s not very child theme friendly. I don’t much like adding custom css to the header for a number of reasons. I don’t like editing core files and it’s not possible to customise the functions that load scripts and css because the parent functions.php file always gets loaded after any child functions.php file.

So, in a future release, would you consider changing functions.php to check with get_stylesheet_directory_uri() first?

Something like this should do the trick and make the theme support child themes fully.

    if (file_exists(get_stylesheet_directory() . '/css/bootstrap.css')){
        wp_enqueue_style('bootstrap', get_stylesheet_directory_uri() . '/css/bootstrap.css', false, '1.0', 'screen');
    } else {
        wp_enqueue_style('bootstrap', get_template_directory_uri() . '/css/bootstrap.css', false, '1.0', 'screen');

Hi, thanks for your suggestion! I would improve child theme on future update.


I am a web designer, and your theme looks like something I can use for my client. As there will be some modifications I will do, before I purchase your theme, there are some things I want to make sure I can do with your theme and that you will provide support for me. The website will be tailored for a nail salon business.

Please read my questions carefully and let me know your answers,

1. Can your theme work with gravity form premium plugin? (http://www.gravityforms.com/) I want it to work like your booking page – http://vierra.themenesia.com/booking/ 2. I may also use your default booking form, can it do appointment booking with fields like this (http://www.serenitypedispa.com/appointment/ 3. I will need a regular 1-column wp full page for my ‘About us’ text/pictures – can your theme do that? dont see an example in your demo. 4. I want to embed an iframe/external html page of a virtual tour into some of the pages – can you provide assistance of how to modify the theme? (see virtual tour: http://www.serenitypedispa.com/us/) I am open to put the virtual tour in a column-bound rectangle or in full screen similar to the full screen video in your demo. 5. Can I put slideshow from flickr or nextgen gallery in your nice carousel http://themeforest.net/item/vierra-responsive-hotel-wordpress-theme/full_screen_preview/5992155 ? 6. I will have custom post type, can it be displayed in the style of ‘News’ in your demo? http://themeforest.net/item/vierra-responsive-hotel-wordpress-theme/full_screen_preview/5992155? I want to make ‘special promotion’ custom post type like this: http://www.cincoranchnails.com/specials.html 7. Can i customize the design (replace the brown rectangle backgrounds of the menu area, footer and content with png graphics ? 8. Can i customize the look of the text displays of the front page slideshow? I want to add png background of transparent line arts like this:http://www.venetiansalon.com (the graphic of ‘Experience Nails care in a whole new way’ – overlaid on the front page slideshow. 9. Can I add a button graphic on the right side of the menu bar? (see http://www.venetiansalon.com/ – the ‘sign up here to receive discount & promotions”graphic – this will lead to a sign up newsletter page 10. Any search capability? (i dont see the search box) 11. Can I put more content (address, opening hours, information) on the footer instead of just copyright line and social icons?

Thank you in advance,


Hi, thansk for your interest. Please read below regarding your questions:

1. I’ve never tried with that plugin before. But i thought it will works
2. I have customer which use plugin for his booking form
3. You can use ‘default template’ for this
4. You can embed iframe as you see map on contact page use it
5. It’s currently not possible, you can embed flickr on page instead on fullscreen slider
6. To make another custom post you need modify theme source code
7. Yes you can using custom css
8. Yes you can customize text on slideshow
9. You can insert it by directly on source code
10. You can use search widget on sidebar
11. Footer designed for simple content, but i can help you to modify it


Great theme!

What is the best way when you want to use the multi language. First work out the total site for one language and then work out the other languages?

I’m looking for best practice.

Thanks Maarten


Thanks for your pruchasing! I will complete content for one language first before other languages.

Can I set different background to room_category?

Hi, sorry for now room_category cannot have different background. I will consider to make this feature on next update.

There seems to be a bug in the footer of all pages where the footer is shown. If on the homepage slider you don’t show the footer then the bug is not apparent. The bug is as follows. If you look at the source of the page it is incomplete and ends like this:

<script type='text/javascript' src='http://fp-maldives.com/test/wp-content/themes/FPM/js/jquery.flexslider-min.js?ver=3.9.1'></script>
<script type='text/javascript' src='http://fp-maldives.com/test/wp-content/themes/FPM/js/designesia.js?ver=3.9.1'></script>

The close body and html tags are missing. On the homepage slider with the footer disabled it looks correct, like this:

<script type='text/javascript' src='http://fp-maldives.com/test/wp-content/themes/FPM/js/jquery.flexslider-min.js?ver=3.9.1'></script>
<script type='text/javascript' src='http://fp-maldives.com/test/wp-content/themes/FPM/js/designesia.js?ver=3.9.1'></script>

It can’t be anything I’ve done as your demo site is displaying the same bug.

It can’t be any of my plugins because you have the same issue. Go to this link(http://vierra.themenesia.com/gallery/) and view the source of the page. It’s not just me. :-) There’s definitely a bug in the code somewhere that’s preventing the close body and close html tag from being sent to the browser. I’ve tried different browsers and so far the bug shows on all of them. It’s there on all pages apart from the home page where you can turn the footer off. Hope this helps you to identify the cause.

Okay thanks for your notice. I will look for this issue. But don’t worry this wouldn’t affect any function on this theme. I will fix it soon.

Many thanks.


I want to change the format of the reservation form to Day, Month Year, instead of Month, Day, Year. We need this to display on the front end of the website and any booking reservations made. Please help….Great theme by the way, really well done :-)


Hi, you can edit file in folder ‘vierra/js/bootstrap-datepicker.js’ then look at line 26 below:

this.format = DPGlobal.parseFormat(options.format||this.element.data('date-format')||'mm/dd/yyyy');

You can change ‘mm/dd/yyyy’ to ‘mm/dd/yyyy’.

Once you done you can upload the file using ftp software or make zip from ‘Vierra’ folder then re-upload the theme.

That did not work…this is quite urgent…..

Sorry…my damn cache…all sorted thanks for your help :D

Hello. Very nice theme, but I still can’t get the map to show up on the contact page, even while trying sample code from other commenters above. Is this correct?


To insert Google map you can navigate to Appearance > Theme Options > Contact Page > insert Google map code in ‘Google map’ field.

Note: When you on Google map website click ‘Embed map’ to show embed code. You can see code like <iframe src=”copy-just-embed-code”>. Trim the code so it show src value only, not all the code.

Can you send me Google map url for your map?

Okay. It’s working now. I had to hit “Preview Page” to get it to show up. I have one more question which I will post below.

Hi, thank you for the nice there. Is it possible to enable background overlay like in the room details for all pages?

Hi, background overlay is already for all page except homepage. For homepage with background overlay would be added for next update.

Is there a way to comment out the Booking Form on a room? I’m using the site for a yoga studio and they want to use their own software for booking. I would like to just make it a link to their schedule page:


Hi, if you mean to assign a different link to the “Book Now” button it possible by small modification within source code. Navigate to Appearance > Editor > Single Room.

Look code below (you can use CTRL + F to find)
<a href="#canvas" id="btn-book-now" class="btn-custom"><i class="icon-calendar" /><span class="on"><?php  echo __('Booking Now','Vierra'); ?></span><span class="off"><?php  echo __('Hide Booking Form','Vierra'); ?></span></a>
Replace with:
<a href="http://my-url.com" class="btn-custom"><i class="icon-calendar" /><span class="on"><?php  echo __('Booking Now','Vierra'); ?></span></a>

Change “http://my-url.com” with your url. Done.

Wonderful! That worked. Thanks for the quick response.


uploaded the xml file and it looks like this.. wordpress 3.8.1 running because of compatibility with qtranslate! thanks in advance for your help!

Seems you upload wrong file. Please extract package file you have download from ThemeForest. Then extract file “Vierra.zip” once you done upload ‘Vierra’ folder not ‘Vierra Package’ zipped file.

Hi – I have a presale question: Is it possible to book down on hours? I like the theme, but would like to use it for a terapist instead and she has client down to half hours…

Hi, Thanks for your interest! It possible by small modification within source code. Since i currently not available for theme customization. You can find someone to help you modify this theme.

Hello I am interested in buying your theme to use for a client but I wonder if it is possible to include in the footer images credit card, and other image display and also the footer at home, awaiting a reply!

Hi, Thanks for your interest! Yes you can insert image instead of text on footer. Also currently this theme has option to show footer on homepage.

I’ve managed to optimize my css delivery (w3 total cache ) but no luck with remove render-blocking JavaScript. Any ideia?

Hi can you send screenshot about this issue. Since there’s so many plugins, i cannot guarantee all of these compatible or not with this theme but i will do research for your issue.

Hi, i will do research for this.

I must say this template is nothing short of a huge disappointment, this is not how a Wordpress template should be working/coded.

For a start, unless you start rewriting the PHP templates provided, its virtually impossible to integrate another reservation system.The current reservation form is hard coded! In order to integrate a proper booking system with payment option, you need to code it directly in PHP….

There are virtually no option to add widget outside the sidebar which makes customizing this template virtually impossible for an non experienced user.

I’m sorry but for the price tag – its simply not good enough.

Hi, sorry if this theme doesn’t have your requirement. I thought you have read all file description before you bought. Now with no question and no reason, you gave negative comment and rating. I have never got any complaint about this issue before, you can customization by yourself to make this theme meet your need.

Hi there hope you guys are doing good. Theme is nice I tried mozilla and internet xplorer they dont open full screen video I would like to buy the theme but mostly need home full screen video can you help on this. Thanks.

Hi, thanks for your interest! I never got any report about full screen not open before. I have tried this theme on several browsers before release. What browser version did you use? Maybe you can try from different computer.

Hi, thanks for your WP theme, is great. I’ve a problem with the resa. I changed the contact email in the contact page. I receive messages from the contact formular but not with the reservation page. I didn’t figured out why. Could you help me, please? thanks for your time.

Hi, i just try your booking form. When i click submit i got copy message. Do you get it?

nope, didn’t get it..

Sorry, just send you message. I have tried to use my email for your contact form and reservation form. I have no issue, i got both message on my inbox. For now i will suggest to ask your hosting provider about this issue.

Hi, i have a problem with the contact form as it does not work, how can i make it work?

Hi, i thought you use a Gmail. A solution used by some people is to simply create a new email address email@your-domain.com. If issue persist i would suggest to ask your hosting provider for permission to send php mail.

Hi, thanks for your reply, i did change the email receiver, and it works fine now. I have another Issue, when the reservation comes in my inbox, the title is [SPAM] New Reservation?, what shall i do to change that to appear as new reservation Thanks

Hi, where is [SPAM] text show, on your email or your customer email? Reservation form on preview sent to my inbox.

Hi there,

i´ve got a question regarding permalinks and sitemap.

recently my category links look something like this


can I change the permalinks into:



Thank you.


If you want to show room content by category you must use permalink below.