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When I add text to the slider images, the slider gets hung up. I tried enabling the text editor and that worked for about 5 minutes.

Hi, sorry i not clear with your issue. I not see any issue on your website. Have you managed to fix it?

Sorry for the inconvenience, but the date format in the mail is m / d / y to serve me in Italian format d / m / y.Come can I fix it? Thanks

Hi, to change date format you can edit file in folder ‘vierra/js/bootstrap-datepicker.js’ then look at line 26 below:

this.format = DPGlobal.parseFormat(options.format||'date-format')||'mm/dd/yyyy');

You can change ‘mm/dd/yyyy’ to ‘mm/dd/yyyy’.

Once you done you can upload the file using ftp software or make zip from ‘Vierra’ folder then re-upload the theme.

Hi, we have a strange problem with this theme. Sometimes, pages change their template or menu sort page randomly, without a human action. How can it is possible? thanks

Hi, sorry not clear with your issue. Can you explain more regarding your issue, maybe with screenshots?

I am not receiving emails from reserves. It’s URGENT. Thanks!

Diana :-)

Hi, i thought you use a Gmail. A solution used by some people is to simply create a new email address If issue persist i would suggest to ask your hosting provider for permission to send php mail. Also try to check your spam folder.

Where have you seen that use a gmail account? I have the email

How I can change it?

Hi, your hosting seems not support php mail, you can try to ask your hosting provider.

I can not get the Blog masonry style to work at all. I have the latest version of the theme

I created a page “News” selected the “blog masonry” template and “selected picture” for background. The background picture works fine but not the template. I have set settings>reading>posts page to “select” or undefined.

If I select the “news” page under settings>reading>posts all settings for the page should be controlled by the theme options but the theme options settings actually does nothing. I can’t get the background image to display or the sidebars.

So there still seems to be some bugs with the blog page.

Hi, thanks for your notice. I will release quick update for fixes this issue soon.

Hi I love the look of the theme. Before I buy though I would like to know two things. Instead of rooms I would like to change the url to read wines. Can I add Woo Commerce with no problems? Thanks

Hi, it required modify source code. I currently not available for custom work, but i can guide which files to edit. Open file ‘vierra/designesia/de-theme-post-type.php’ then change all text ‘room’ with your new text then rename ‘single-room.php’ to ‘single-custom.php’. For WooCommerce I haven’t tried with this theme.


on the room page in english is some content that isn’t ok.

Room Facilites—> Room Facilities Booking now—> Book now

Maybe you can fix it in the next update.


Hi, thanks for your notice! I will fix it on next update.

So I purchased the theme as promised… What I don´t get are three things:

1.) If I turn Autoslider off in theme options, it does autoslide anyway on my start page

2.) As qtranslate is not properly working with WordPress 3.9.1. I tried mqtranslate – works fine so far, but I don´t manage to get it to display only the flags instead of Flags and Langage name as a list

3.) How can I force the footer to be seen without scrolling and how do I get footer and header to be full width?

Thank you so much for your support. Sadly the qtranslate constantly deactivates itself “because it is not tested with my wordpress version (3.9.1) yet”

Used this code – everything is fine – except now there are now arrows shown any more…

(i unforced the footer now – not only because of the disappearance of the arrows but also because in case I do so, the design gets unusable on an iphone 4 (you only see header and footer and even can´t access the menu)

Hi, we don’t get the boxes in “Gallery” are show as in the original template, I mean, not horizontally aligned. On our website, the rows of boxes is aligned horizontally. The difference between the original template and ours, is that we only have one category of images. Can you help us?

Hi, sorry i not clear with your issue. Can you send your website url so i can see your issue exactly.

Hello again, The original template, shows the images in “Gallery” like this: But we only can put the boxes like this: We want put images similarly original template. Our website, only has one category of images. What can we do? Thank you!


Seems your theme not the latest version. Please download latest version for fixes gallery page as you can see on preview. If you have did some modification within theme source code, you can copy file name ‘page_gallery.php’ from latest theme.

next problem: I can’t get the rooms I add to accept any “featured image”. The additional images are working fine, no chance for the “featured image”.... what did I do wrong?

Hi, did you mean featured image not work? Can’t you upload image on there? What WP version did you use.

I do use WP 3.9.1 – and for new rooms as well as new pages (posts I did not test yet) I can do “choose image” for featured image again and again – I am even led to my medias. But whatever image I choose – it does not appear afterwards. For “Slider (Home)” it works, however…

works fine now… whyever…. my colleague and me got crazy yesterday ;)

Hi there, I don’t have a ‘shortcode button’ on the page creator in wordpress. I have tried solving this issue by using tables in the pages but when you look at it on a mobile device it comes out of alignment. Please can you tell me wordpress codes or help me resolve this case of a missing button?

Also what is the optimum width and height of a background image, mine seem to be coming up short.

Thank you very much.

Hi, for missing shortcode button issue has been fixed on latest theme version. You can login to your Envato account then go to download tab to re-download the theme. Then replace your current theme with the latest one.

For image size i suggest to use 1280×800 size of images as you see in preview.

Hi there,

Since upgrading to the new theme version my google map has been knocked out of sync… do you know what might be going wrong? Also the reason I asked about the background size is because it finishes short of the page on an iphone. On this page for instance, I have changed it to the 1280×800 you suggested but the problem still exists.

Thank you so much for all your support… Love the theme! :)

Hi, on new update you must insert your full code of Google not just src value. For background issue on iPhone i will research for this issue.

The default rooms page is OK on Firefox as I changed, but it is with default colours on IE.

What should I do?

Hi, thanks for your notice. Just wait until i release fixes for it.

The trick for changing “Booking Now” link doesn’t work properly:

<a href="" class="btn-custom"><i class="icon-calendar" /><span class="on"><?php echo __('Booking Now','Vierra'); ?></span></a>

It changes the form (font type, size, calendar icon) of Booking Now, as well as the footer (font type).

Do you have a better or different suggestion?

Also disabling seems not working either:

#btn-book-now{ display:none; }

Thank you.


I thought it works, other customer has managed with same code. For hide booking now button just replace your code with below:

display:none !important;

Hello, when I try to upload an Additional Image to my rooms page, nothing happens. It just stays blank. Can you please help me as soon as possible? I have to deliver the website.

Thank you in advance,


Hi, please do not be angry I did not mean it. If you can allow me to see your admin page for further investigation. You can send message through my profile.

Ok, thank you. i am sorry, but I am already late for delivery. I am sending you the codes right now.

Hi, please check your email.

How can I extend the menu as shown on the image?

Thank you.

Hi, did you mean to make menu area larger? Yes it’s possible. You can have larger menu area by change it’s container name.

Navigate to Appearance > Editor > Header

You can find code below:

Then change span3 with span2 and span9 with span10.

I changed “col-md-3 logo-container” as 2 and “col-md-9 menu-container” as 10 on header.php, thank you so much.

Hi designesia,

I have recently purchased this theme and it is amazing. Only I have an issue Id like to mention:

After I read most of the similar comments and your replies to them I am still not able to make the slider work. I am able to set the featured image and it displays that along with the description I have put. But when I add more pictures through (Add Media), nothing works anymore. I need to have both pictures and description in the middle of the slider. I have tried to remove any space or additional paragraph… Even when I delete the whole description, as soon as I add a picture (other than the featured image), slider doesnt display anything.

Please let me know how I can address this issue. Thanks.

thanks a lot for the great support. I got that working now :) I only have one more question about language. I only need to install french language on the site without any language switching option. So the site will only be in French. Could you please let me know how I can do it? Thanks a lot in advance :)

thanks a lot! really great support :)

Hi there, I am wondering how I change the brown colour on the homepage slider and on the rooms page where it has the link for the room detail. Also is there anyway to change it so when you click on the photo of the room it will link through to that room and not pop up with a photo.

Thank you very much!

To change slider text background color you can navigate to Appearance > Theme Options > Color Options > Slider Color. For the rooms page you can change it by change accent color on theme options. Please make sure you use latest theme version.

For image link to room details, it can be done by some modification.

Hi. I want to activate four languages… what do I do? Thanks.

What language plugin did you use, WPML or qTranslate?

Hi. I have used Polylang but I don’t know how to configure it. Also, when I have done some changes, the logo and the colours changed for original…

Hi, sorry i have never try it before. I would suggest to use WPML or qTranslate for language plugin. Can you send your url? Did you mean theme options not save your settings?

Next question: Is there any way to change the order of the rooms on the room page?

Is it really correct that in French the “room” is translated as “salle”? AFAIK it is more “chambre” – so how can I change that?

and to get a possibility to have room categories in a menu would be great either…

You can use plugin for re-order, by this plugin you can drag n drop to order slider/post/room/gallery. Click here for the plugin

You can find file language for French in folder Vierra/languages/fr_FR.po. You can edit this file using

Thank you for great support!

How do we translate footer area on Theme Options? I change the language and change the text but it changes in all languages.

Thank you.

Hi, i will try create function for translate text on footer. I will release new update once it done.