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Hi, I cannot seem to translate sidebar (widget) titles. It also doesn’t work with the booking form, room categories, room features and gallery categories.

Is there a fix for these?

Thank you!

Hi, is there another way but wpml? I was under the impression that the theme will be fully translatable. WPML is fairly expensive.

Hi, i just found the solution. Text widget content or any widget title you can place tags in front of each translation so qTranslate can filter out the correct one like so:

[:en]English text[:fr]Texte Française[:nl]Nederlandse tekst

Perfect, thank you so much!

thank you! ;)


1st: Thanks for your support so far! 2nd: Any solution on how to stop the sliding so far? 3rd: (maybe for the next update): Shouldn’t be all buttons (like “room details”, “send” etc) be in the same colour as the header? So by changing that in Theme Options maybe you want to consider something like “apply changes for all buttons” 4th: (maybe for the next update also): If I chose “Room 2 columns” – maybe there is the desire to have the “room categories” in the same design (so far I did not find a way to change that for the categories) – and maybe, as feature, room categories could be menu items, too? 5th: (again maybe for the next update): While I am adapting the Theme for our website I am thinking about an option to have different menus in header for different sites – e.g., our hotel features hotel and restaurant, so someone looking at “rooms” may be interested more in direct access to “booking” and “directions” – whereas someone watching the menu may be less interested in those things – and more interested in different menus and/or table booking ;)

I wrote you an email with further information about the menu issue ;)

Hi, for question 5 i will consider to make it on next update. For question 4 i will try to make option to select room categories layout. Another nice suggestion, i will try to implement it on next update.

Complete export, using plugin “wordpress reset”, complete import (including re-activating ALL plugins) solved the problem

Next problem: I tagged three rooms with room type “doppel” – but on category page only two of them are shown – for the “einzel”-category everything works fine….

see here

I’ve never got report about this issue before, maybe it was issue with plugin. Did you have any plugin installed? If yes please try to deactivate them all. If the problem still exist please let me know.

I did deactivate all plugins, problem stayed, but I wrote you an email, where the problem was further explained

Complete export, using plugin “wordpress reset”, complete import (including re-activating ALL plugins) solved the problem


I need to know how to change “View Room Detail” to “More Detail” on room category pages.

Thank you.

You can open files below:


Find text ‘Select Room’ on each file.


I need to change tab background header color to tab background image and change text style “H O M E” to “HOME”.

Thank you.

Hi, you can adjust color for menu by navigate to Appearance > Theme Options > Color Options > Menu Color. To reduce letter spacing insert code below in custom css (Theme Options > Custom CSS).


Which files were updated in the new release? I made quite a few modifications however, I really want to use the 25 photos per room addition in the new release.

To have 25 photos per room you can replace files below

- single-room.php
- designesia/de-theme-post-meta.php

I uploaded those files and the additional image fields show up on the rooms admin section however, I am unable to upload new images. The ‘browse’ button takes me nowhere.

Hi, seems this issue happen with update WP 3.9.1. I still research for this issue. I will release theme update one it done. For now you can copy image url for each additional image field, this works.

Hi there, thank you for your great theme and the updates. I updated from 1.something to 1.3 and was delighted to see german language support.

I just have one question: is it possible to use the room template for another page? My client wants his restaurant page to look just like that, but without the booking possibility. I’d also like to prevent the restaurant from showing up in the booking form room dropdown.

Can i convert the existing template to a page template or is this part of a complicated custom post type?

Hi, sorry i not clear with your issue. Can you send your website url so i can see your issue exactly. Actually I cannot guarantee for issue which caused by theme modification but i will try to help you.

Hi Designesia, I was basically asking you to do the modification for me and use it in the next release of the Vierra Theme. :) Not because I am lazy or cannot do it, but because I think it is a good addition to your theme. I’ll send you the login for the dev-site per email. Thanks!

Hi, if your theme modification also would be useful for another customer i can apply your modification within next theme update. Also i would say thanks to share!

Hi, I would like to change the text Camera Comfort in Single-room.php when i choose italian language. How can I do this?

Hi, you can directly change language file for Italian language in folder Vierra/languages/it_IT.po. You can use Poedit software to edit this file. You can download here to translate your po file. On you done you can replace your po file with latest one.

I edit file it_IT.po but the translation does not change. Please help me! This is my website

I want to change “camera comfort” in “Comfort della camera”

Hi, i can send you modified .po file with that new text. You can send message through my profile.

@oronzobax: Try the plugin qTranslate slug – that may help


Thanks for the great theme!

I just have problem with gallery module. I set template of a page as Gallery Mansory. There are also a lot of pictures in Gallery menu in Wordpress admin.

Instead of displayed gallery items on the corresponding page, I see blog posts …

Do you know where is the problem? Language plugin WPML is installed.

I don’t want to give URL here, so if you need it, please send me your contact info.

Thank you very much for your help.

Hi, I need to see your website. Please send message through my profile.


Is there any way to get the background overlay to extend 100% width & height? At the moment, if there isn’t enough content on the page the background stops short of the bottom.

This doesn’t look good.


Hi, thanks for your notice. I will find solution for this issue. I will send you message once i found solution for this.

Any update on this issue please? I need to get the site completed for my client and this is still evident.


I have fix for this issue, you can send message through from my profile.

Hi, Is there a way to have a main category (for example countries) at the room booking page, and under the main category insert subcategories (single room, luxury double room, etc.)

And another thing: I need the booking calendar to accept only weekly bookings (not for days), and without year. I also need the calendar to show the available, and the booked dates.


Hi, thanks for your interest! This required changes on some files. Since i currently not available for theme customization. You can find someone to help you modification theme.

Hi! There is a bug with the menu bar on safari browsers (the menu buttons are below the menu bar. are you going to fix that? thx!

You can reduce menu count to prevent it. Also you can reduce padding for menu item.

I would be very interested in your solution for PSmegs problem, too. Thanks!

Hi, i still find solutions for this issue.

Is there any way to let the room page in the great design it is but to open something customized when clicking on “Booking now”?

Hi, if you mean to assign a different link to the “Book Now” button follow steps below:

Navigate to Appearance > Editor > Single Room.

Look code below (you can use CTRL + F to find)
<a href="#canvas" id="btn-book-now" class="btn-custom"><i class="icon-calendar" /><span class="on"><?php  echo __('Booking Now','Vierra'); ?></span><span class="off"><?php  echo __('Hide Booking Form','Vierra'); ?></span></a>
Replace with:
<a href="" class="btn-custom"><i class="icon-calendar" /><span class="on"><?php  echo __('Booking Now','Vierra'); ?></span></a>

Change “” with your url. Done.

I tried that – it is not what I want… first of all, the “booking now” button changes to simple text – and then the new URL opens in a new tab or window – I would want this URL coming like the reservation form provided ;)

This would required modifictaion within some files.

How do i import the sample data

with all the settings exactly as in demo

On your WordPress admin page navigate to Tools > Import then browse to folder ‘xml sample data’ to find sample data.

@suyash16 … you need to import the xml file. use to get it all in there.

next questions: Is there any way to have a “fixed” room page? I would love to have the “Detail-buttons” at the same height in both columns no matter how much text there is…

And how do I get a sidebar on room page?

It possible by some modification. Text area need to be separated with button. If there’s no issue, this would be part of next theme update also sidebar for room page.

Hello. Could you please tell me how to make a “home extended” as a home page. I found only “home”

Hi, make sure you have download latest theme version. You can select template ‘Slider Extended’ from Page Attributes.

Hi there, i’m having issues trying to post google maps code.

I’m using this:,-93.125975&spn=0.004931,0.006866&z=17&output=embed

Also, i tried only with the geotag information 16.75504,-93.125975

But i only get text above the contact form, even with the sample code that the theme has. None, only html text.

What i’m doing wrong, or what i’m missing?


Hi, on latest theme version version you need to copy whole map embed code (included iframe) to make it show on contact page. You can use code below:

<iframe src=",-93.125975&spn=0.004931,0.006866&z=17&output=embed"></iframe>