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Really good template. I have an issue in booking form. I have more than 30 rooms available with different names, however in the form the select room dropdown, only allows to select from 10 rooms. How can I display all of them? Thanks

Hi, thanks for your purchasing! Please wait for latest version for the fixes. Update will available on next few days.

Great news, thanks

Hello theme designer…I have purchased, downloaded and installed your theme to my godady account and wordpress. I would appreciate if it is posisble to have a quick skype or live chat to get me going on how to build my site on your theme…is that possible? Phil

Or you can access my site remotely and give me a 5 min talk on what to do….have 5 pagers up with static pics but not sure where to go now!

Hi, thanks for your purchasing. Actually you can read documentation to setup your website. If you need more help you can send message through my profile.

Hi, this is WPML ready? I need to translate it into Russian and Spanish, thanks, beautiful theme.

Yes this theme is WPML ready. Also on next version has multiple languages and language switcher. Update will available on next few days.

Hi! we are having spam issues through the contact form. Does your theme support the captcha feature?

it’s a bit strange that there aren’t other similar requests about this issue here on this forum… anyway we look forward to the next update. thank you!

what about Captcha feature?

Hi, theme update is still on progress. For captcha features would be part of update.

Update Available: Vierra v1.2

Update list:

NEW: multi language supported
NEW: already translated to 7 languages: English, Italian, German, France, Spanish, Russian, Bahasa (.po and .mo files included)
NEW: language switcher
NEW: child theme included
NEW: option to show footer on homepage
NEW: secondary menu added
NEW: insert text for room template
FIXED: some missing text on .po file
FIXED: theme options now works for child theme

It’s a great template, congrats! I just updated to Vierra v1.2, I couldn’t find the option to show footer on homepage and secondary menu. Another question, my main items not mach so i want the menu behaviour to change to dropdown on width smaller than 1024px width instead of 1200px. How can i change it ? Thank you in advance

Thank you for quick response. Sorry I couldn’t explain, web site is not public yet so i couldn’t give an url. I will try to explain. The main menu becomes dropdown when the browser width <= 1200px , i want it to become dropdown when it’s <= 1024px instead. If width bigger than 1024px to be displayed horizontal


Yes it possible, insert code below in custom css field. Navigate to Appearance > Theme Options > Color Options > Custom CSS > insert code below:

@media (min-width: 979px) and (max-width: 1200px) {

Great template! Great Support! Thnx :)

Hi designesia,

Just bought this theme and would like to say that its quite awesome. My site is Have a small question which I will drop via mail.

Keep up the good work.

Cheers, Jatin

Hi, thanks for your purchasing! Your website looks great. Have you sent your email?

In 2 mins.

Hi there Great theme. There is a Typo in the reservation email sent. Check in date, is written twice. Should be Check Out Date. See screenshot: Rich

Hi, thanks for your notice. It would be fixed soon.

I have a question. I have created a new page-type and I’m having a little problem. The background that I enter (through the wordpress option you created) does not show on the Front-end. What I get on the Front End is the Header, Footer and Content Body, but around the Header and Footer, there is an ugly greyish box. Any idea why the background isn’t showing?

Thank you.

Hi, can you send your url? What do you mean created a new custom post? Did you have any modification within source code? Box on right sidebar is widget area. I need to see your website to see your issue exactly.

http://www.aquaspamassage (dot)com/new-home/

Custom post. You created a “Slider (Home) post-type, and I created an additional one. My problem is the grey coloring behind the header and footer on the url I posted above.

Thank you.

Solved it! Thanks :D


Could the book now form be changed to an iframe search box?

Hi, sorry can you explain ‘iframe search box’ ? Thanks.


I have been trying making two different pages for the rooms.

On each of these page, I want to point out special features of some rooms that the other rooms don´t have.

The problem I´m facing:

When creating the two different room pages, all rooms are selected to each site.

How can I select or determine which rooms should be on a certain room page?


It could be done by using room category. You must set category name for each room that you created. Then add it to menu by navigate ‘Appearance > Menu’. You will see ‘Room Categories’ title, click it to expand. If it not there you can show it by click ‘Screen Options’ on top right corner to enable it. Once you done you can mark category name that you want then click ‘Add to menu’.

Hi, I am trying to set up the main page banner with the wording that changes with it and it just wont do it. I dont know what Im doing wrong. Thank you

Hi, please send your website so i can see your issue exactly. Also make sure you use latest theme version Vierra v1.2.

Hi, I sent you an message via your profile with the links where I have the problems with. Thank you so much for looking at this.

Hi I sent you an email via your profile with details of what I am talking about. Thank you

Hi there currently the booking form is set to US date format: 04/18/2014

Is it possible to advise how i can change to a UK date format? UK Date: Day/Month/Year Dont mind creating child theme, i thought the theme may take the setting from WP General settings, that would be great. As know one needs todo anything in future. Thanks Rich

You can modify a js file to change date format for booking form. Open file in folder Vierra/js/bootstrap-datepicker.js. Look at line 25 then find ‘mm/dd/yyyy’, you can change it with new format for example ‘dd/mm/yyyy’.

How can I add latin accents to reservation and contact email? One more thing, I have translated reservation_page.php to spanish but email still shows in english. How can I change that as well?

Thanks in advance!

Hi, you can change directly on source code by open file ‘page_reservation.php’ and ‘contact mail.php’. For reservation page look at line 101 – 130. For contact page look at line 59. For ease you can press CTRL + F to find the text.

I had already changed page_reservation.php, translated lines 101-130 and still get the email in english. How is that possible? What about latin accents?

Hi, can you send your screenshot to help me inspect your issue. Please send your screenshot to designesia [at] gmail [dot] com. Also if you can send your modified files.

I’m using WPML and I’m wondering how I could translate gallery categories

Hi, have you tried steps on here to translate categories using WPML.

This refers to post categories, does not work for portfolio Gallery Categories

Make sure you have activated ‘Custom taxonomies’ translate by navigate to ‘WPML > Translation Management > Multilangual Content Setup > Look at bottom of page, there is list of custom taxonomy name. Change setting from ‘do nothing’ to ‘translate’.

Hi I have a couple of questions. I am using a child theme based on Vierra (actually using your file) it doesn’t appear to picking up any styles I have overidden, when my styles are placed in the childs CSS style.css file? Also my site is based on ‘Apartments’ (more than one room in each, where as the theme uses ‘Rooms’ as a custom post type. Can this be overidden to work with rooms in the admin/ and on page text etc? Many thanks in advance.

I have fixed the child theme by simply loading the child’s CSS file in the custom header file. However still interested in how I can change ‘room’ or rooms for apartment across the vierra theme please.

Hi, it required modify source code. Sorry i currently not able for custom work, but i can guide which files to edit. Open file ‘vierra/designesia/de-theme-post-type.php’ then change ‘room’ with ‘apartment’ and rename ‘single-room.php’ to ‘single-apartment.php’.

Thank you that sorted it thanks.

Hi! A few minutes ago I purchased your theme. Now there are problems installing it. When I upload the zip file via Wordpress, I get the message that the package can not be installed because the theme has no »style.css stylesheet«. Then I`ve tried to install it via ftp and I could activate it, but the theme options are not working. Something seems to be wrong and it would be nice, if you can help solving it quickly – thanks! Nicole


Hi, thanks for your purchasing! Seems you upload wrong file. Please extract package file you have download from ThemeForest. Then upload file “” not the package file.

Oh sorry – I was too fast and overlooked that! Thank you!

hello, I´ve purchased this and I trying setting right now. But when I use the tab function, the text is untidy and duplicated such this image:

How do I to fix that?

Thank you.

Hi, can you send me the text, i will try it. You can send message through my profile.

That problem was solved thank you. But now I have an other issue: I need to create a lot of diferent pages using the “Rooms 2 Columns Small Pictures” template. Is it possible? If so, how do I do this?

Hi, did you mean to use ‘room categories’ within “Rooms 2 Columns Small Pictures” template?

Problem with logo resizing out of proportion in Safari browser on different devices.

I am experiencing an issue with the website header logo distorting in the Safari web browser on different devices when the site is responding to different browser width . This can also be seen in your live demo in that the circular part of logo becomes an ‘ellipse’ and not round on different devices.

This only appears to happen in Safari (on the mac i am using, ipad etc)

Could this be fixed asap please.

Hi, to prevent your logo distorting you can use bigger logo size, it will automatically fit on header. May you can try to use double size from your logo before. For ellipse logo that you mean can you send screenshot, so i can see it.

Hi, Very nice theme. I am considering purchasing but I want to know if you have a page builder with this and if you have the ability to do a sticky header with this theme. Please advise so I can purchase. Thank you.

Hi, thanks for your interest. Sorry, for both feature you ask currently not available, i will consider to make it on future update.