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I have bought this theme Vierra – Responsive Hotel Wordpress Theme and wondered if you have an html version of the site as well that I could buy or if you could recommend a way convert it as I need one version in wordpress and one as html

Hi, thanks for your purchasing! Sorry currently i don’t have html version of this theme.

do you know how to convert your original wordpress theme with all image to a static html that way I can work of the original rather than the one I bought

Hi, sorry i not sure if there’s instant way to convert WP to html. Usually i manually convert it one by one for each page.


I just bought your Vierra theme … very nice! Temporary development site @ ... quick question …

How do I add the slider captions to show on smartphone devices? Currently only shows on PC (home page), not on iPhone. What is the correct code and where to put it?


Hi, thanks for your purchasing! Slider caption disabled for mobile device due the readability issue. You can show it by insert code below in custom css by navigate to ‘Navigate to Appearance > Theme Options > Color Options > Custom CSS’. Insert code below:

@media only screen and (max-width: 767px) {
    .slide_text {
        display: block;

    #slidecaption h2 ,.slide-desc {

Thanks for the reply … I already found this and reworked the code to have it work on iPhone. You can check @ Going live with the site today. Thanks again.

Your website looks great! :)


I would also like to hide the booking Now form and room facilities. I saw that you wrote already: To hide ’Booking Now’ button insert code below in custom css field. My question is: where can I find the custom css field?

Thanks, Bataar

Hi, thanks for your respons. I have tried to open the website on my Ipod, but I can only see the main page and that is responsive indeed. But when I click on another page from the menu, the server cannot find the website anymore. What happend? I see the same problem on an Ipad. I send you a message through your profile about the language plugin. Thanks again.

Hi, sorry for late reply. I’ve never got issue about this before, maybe it was issue with plugin. Did you have mobile plugin installed? If yes please try to deactivate it. If the problem still exist please let me know.

No, I don’t have. Can you look into this? And what about the question I sended directly to, your profile about the qtranslate plugin. You would look into my admin page. I am waiting for a reply on that one too.

Hi I am having great trouble showing any side bar on the blog ‘categories page’ (the first list page of all blog posts with excerpts/ snippets)

I can get it to show on the ‘single post’ blog pages but not on the page before it.

How can I do this… none of the blog templates in the theme works to show this?

Hi, did you use child theme ‘’? I have tried several times before, theme options is works for child theme.

Yes I did, I can’t get it to work even with the default Vierra theme (by selecting this in themes) I am doing something wrong?

This weird, if you use Vierra v1.2.0 you wouldn’t have this issue. If you can allow me to see your admin page for further investigation. Please send message through my profile.

Hello again! One last question from me, hopefully.

Do you happen to know if we can add the full screen video to the slider homepage? It would be an awesome feature to have as a slider feature (even if you have to click to start the video instead of autoplay).

Thanks for the help!

Hi, sorry currently it not available. I will consider to make slider support video on future update, thanks for your suggestion.

Hello, awesome template! Here’s my question: In Italy is mandatory to insert legal information about the company in the web site home page, and the more natural option seems to be the footer, so i have to actvate it in homepage.

But with this template, when viewed in a 4:3 monitor, the footer just sits in the middle of the screen… Did you have any clue about how to resolve this? Or maybe some suggested dimension for the slider images?

Thank you!

Hi, thanks for your comment. For issue with footer position i will try find solution for this. I will notice you once it done. There is no relationship between image size and footer position.

One more small issue.

I set up a page, named it “News”, assigned the “blog” template, and set it up as the blog page for the site.

I’m not able to display the side bar for this page, the news excerpt go full width, non matter if i change the sidebar or other.

Removing this page from the “Reading>Blog” settings, show the sidebar, but obviously don0th show the posts…

Any help ? thank you!

Hi, i have never got any report about this issue before. Make sure your ‘Reading > Blog’ not assign to any page. Did you have any plugin installed? If yes please try to deactivate them all. If the problem still exist please let me know.

Another issue for me…

The child theme seems to work, but i’m not able to apply the changes i made trough the style.css file in the child theme.

Hi, you can insert your custom css by to ‘Appearance > Theme Options > Color Options > Custom CSS’.

Hi I am having problems with the gallery… it is showing a page 2, but the page 2 leads to a page not found, also it is missing images when selecting the categories. It is only showing recently added ones – for example under “The Guesthouse” it is showing just 3 items when there should be more. My site which is under development can be seen here: Please help urgently! On another note, when trying to right align an image in a page, it didn’t work – please help on this too!

Hi, i know what you mean. Filter work for current page only. On current page Guesthouse shows 3, but on page 2 it shows another 2. To make it show all you can disable the pagination to show all item in on page.

Thank you that did the trick, and then lastly (I hope!) can you advise how to get the gallery items to sit neatly, I have a big gap on the last line of two of the categories (look at the Guest House and The Rooms, they are in rows of 4 to a row, and on the last row, there are 2 spaces and then an image, and then a space… Many thanks in advance, Elle

Images in gallery page is arranged automatically. You can prevent this issue by use same image size and ration for each gallery item.


how can I order the picture in the slider?

so decide which picture appears first?

also same with the rooms section, how to order them?


Hi, you can use plugin for re-order, by this plugin you can drag n drop to order slider/room/post/gallery. Click here for the plugin


There is some sort of gray overlay on the background picture. Is it possible to get it away?


You can use code below to hide background overlay. Navigate to Appearance > Theme Options > Color Options > Custom CSS > insert code below:


thank’s. One more question. How do i increase the size of the flags?

Flags show in preview is from qTranslate plugin. You can replace it with bigger flags image in folder ‘wp-content/plugins/qtranslate/flags’. Also if you want the size can be increased using custom css but image would be pixelate.

Hi, how I can modify a button label in the original language (English) in order to respect the correspondence in the .mo file with the other language (italian)?

thanks! nuala

Hi, since it modification on source code, you need to create new .po file which contain this text.

a new EN.po file to replace the existing one?

I bought your theme but I am having two issues
  1. on the room-2-columns page the <class=”box span6 isotope-item”> don’t load right. when it the page first open the only thing that shows is the image and the info is not on there.
  2. on the same page I want to remove the “Edit this entry.” link thats below every span how to I do that.
    1. here is a link to what it looks like: Thank you

i have that link at I unziped the theme in a different folder. So how should i go about it?

i fixed the issue but now i am having issues with the contact page map not working and also the socialnetwork icons not showing as well how do i fix this? i think pretty much the theme option part is not working. it save everything but has no effect on the overall website


You can insert Google map and social icons from theme options panel. For social icon you need to make sidebar (Appearance > Widgets) which contains ‘DE Social Widget’. I cannot guarantee for issue which caused by theme modification.

Hi, I bought this template a few days ago and I installed it. It’s really ok, but I have a problem with the slider. Everything works ok only slider isn’t work properly. It’s staying on weel for ages. Here is a link to my site . Please help.

Hi, thanks for your purchasing! Try to remove all blank paragaph and url from slider description. On WordPress editor try to edit text for slider on ‘text’ mode.

Thanks! It’s working. Now, another problem. I don’t receive booking or contact message on my yahoo mail(preferred). I tried with gmail and works fine, but yahoo…

Hi, sorry for late reply. I will do research for email issue on yahoo. But i will also suggest you to ask your hosting provider regarding this issue.


How to change “room ” in the url to something abc or xyz Thanks

Hi, it required modify source code. I currently not available for custom work, but i can guide which files to edit. Open file ‘vierra/designesia/de-theme-post-type.php’ then change all text ‘room’ with your new text then rename ‘single-room.php’ to ‘single-abc.php’.

Thats working fine, but when i do this, i cant upload price details and images gallery,it is vanishing from add new page when i do this

You need change word ‘room’ on whole theme source code. If you use dreamweaver you can search inside ‘folder’ for ease to find these text.

I am considering purchasing your Vierra template.I think it is a perfect match for my 15 year old website renewal. The one question I have is will it be difficult to integrate to a a third party booking site (such as Webervations, in my case) for booking and an availability calendar. Thus I would be using some sort of hyperlink for “booking” or “Check availability” on the template to access this other site on the Category bar. I would not use the booking request page that you have set up on the template but have a code for access to my Webervation booking page. . My understanding is that it would not be a problem to do it this way. Correct?

Hi, thanks for your interest! You can still use this theme without booking form. Sorry since there’s so many plugins, i cannot guarantee all of these compatible or not with this theme. You can try it, if there any issue just let me know.

is the database use latin1? any chance to make it UTF8?

the reason I ask this is I modify some text in .php file to Chinese, it display nice on web page but become unreadable code in EMAIL when I test the booking function, i enter Chinese name in the field, send the form out, the email I received shows the fields I modify to Chinese become unreadable code and the name I input in the form the same too. It looks like the data was store in database in latin1 format so become a problem when email send it out with UTF8 format. please help me on this.

Hi, i just tried send email with Chinese characters it show same like i enter in the field. Not sure about the issue, but you can change charset for email on file below: “page_reservation.php, page_contact.php and single-room.php”. You can find code below, then change charset value.

$headers .= 'Content-type: text/html; charset=iso-8859-1' . "\r\n";

Found bug in gallery, in that when the gallery becomes paginated (more than one page of gallery images) the category filter does not work across all of the paginated pages to show images from that particular category.

If your images for that particular category appear only on page 3 say for the ‘all’ filter, when you are on page one and filter for the category it shows no images for the category, (even though you know there are images for that category on later pages) however if you go to page three and click the category now they then show?

Can you look into this ASAP please as I’m close to launch. Thanks.

(Please note I’m am running this development locally and cannot give you login/ admin details)

Hi, filter work for current page only. To make it show all you can disable the pagination to show all item in on page.

Hi I would like to purchase your beautiful template but before I do I need to know if I can have a different home page—On the demo the home page is a single full width and height slider without any text or pictures below. I would like a homepage with a slider at the top and then be able to add paragraphs of text and pictures below—-is this possible with your template without code customization? Also is there a way to add videos to individual room views? Thank you

Hi, thanks for your interest! For both features you request require code customization.I will consider to make these features on next update.

Hi! How can I insert flag like in the preview? Ciao, come faccio a visualizzare nel menu le bandierine per la traduzione in altre lingue?

Hi, you need install qTranslate plugin. Read documentation for setup multi languages in folder ‘help/setting multi languages.html’.