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Just purhchased the theme and it’s awesome!

Just one small question, I’m having issues getting the “Single Room Background” override the “Featured Image” as bg image when viewing the room. Shouldn’t that be possible to do?

Hi, thanks for your purchasing! Yes featured image is used for single room background. Do you want to remove it?

No, I want the “Single Room Background” found in “Theme Options -> Room Settings” to override the Featured Image for specific rooms as background. If I remove the featured image, then I loose the thumbnail when listing categories.

Aaaaaaand it’s gone.. Found it in single-room.php Changed to: <!- ** custom bg * -> <script> jQuery.backstretch(‘HardCode-That-BG-Image.png’); </script>



I’m just wondering how I can change the background colours for the buttons from brown to another colour?

I’ve tried modifying the CSS in the ‘Custom CSS’ field on ‘Theme Options’ but I’m not having any luck.



You can change background colours for the buttons from custom css. Navigate to Appearance > Theme Options > Color Options > Custom CSS > insert code below:

background:#333333 !important;

Change #333333 with any hex color code.

Hi, I have a trouble with the home slider (it doesn’t appear) but only with the english version, if you switch to italian version it look well. I already also checked if there were spaces in the description fields but it doesn’t. My site url is:

Hi, i have just saw your website, i not see any issue there. Have you managed to fix it? I think there’s some blank paragraph within your slider description which caused this issue.

Hi again, Having some issues on the rooms page. Any idea how to align the bottom when listing categories? I need the “Läs mer” to be aligned here:

Hi, you can use ‘min-height’ for this. Navigate to Appearance > Theme Options > Color Options > Custom CSS > insert code below:

.room-list .info{

Done and works like a charm, thanks a ton!


I would like to assign a different link to the “Book Now” button on the room details page instead of the drop down booking form. I would like it to link our Reservation page.

Looking forward to your immediate reply.

Best Regards.

Yes it possible by small modification within source code. Navigate to Appearance > Editor > Single Room.

Look code below (you can use CTRL + F to find)
<a href="#canvas" id="btn-book-now" class="btn-custom"><i class="icon-calendar" /><span class="on"><?php  echo __('Booking Now','Vierra'); ?></span><span class="off"><?php  echo __('Hide Booking Form','Vierra'); ?></span></a>
Replace with:
<a href="" class="btn-custom"><i class="icon-calendar" /><span class="on"><?php  echo __('Booking Now','Vierra'); ?></span></a>

Change “” with your url. Done.

it works! thanks for the reply :)


Nice theme. Thank You.

Two questions:

1. How can I stop autoslider? I turned autoslide button off, but nothing happened?

2. Can I use the xml file images on my website?

Hi, thanks for your purchasing. Please read below:

1) Sorry it’s a bug. I have quick fix for this. Navigate to Apperance > Editor > fullscreen-slider.php.

Look at code below (you can use CTRL + F to find it)
autoplay            :    <?php if($de_data['DE_slider_autoslide']){echo $de_data['DE_slider_autoslide'];}else echo 1; ?>
Replace with:
autoplay            :    <?php if($de_data['DE_slider_autoslide']!=''){echo $de_data['DE_slider_autoslide'];}else echo 1; ?>

2) Did you mean XML demo data?

3) Background for text is png file. You can find it in folder ‘vierra/images/dotwhite80.png’. You can adjust image opacity using Photoshop or any image editor software.

Thank You!

2) Yes, I mean that.

When you import a xml file, give a checklist to ‘Download and import file attachments’.

Nice theme! Congrats

Thank you! :)

HI! Nice theme. Thank You. Why slider doesn’t work only for italian and chinese language? Here there my site:

Hi, try to remove all blank paragaph and url from slider description. On WordPress editor try to edit text for slider on ‘text’ mode.

How can I hide Booking Button only for some Room’s categories?

Thank you

You can hide booking button by insert code below in custom css by navigate to Theme Options > Color Options > Custom CSS’. Insert code below:


In this way I never see the booking button, right?

Yes, you right!

Hello, I just bought this theme, is it compatible with last version of wp? I can customize it, no custom colors or logo will show, just default settings.


Hi, thanks for your purchasing! Yes it’s compatible with WP 3.9. The preview theme is use WP 3.9. There’s no issue about it. Did you have any plugin installed? If yes please try to deactivate them all. If the problem still exist please let me know.

Hi, i have a problem with the “Reservation” form, becouse i don’t receive any emails sent. I change the email to the Theme Options > Contact Page > Send email to “myemail” and the problem continues to exist. Can you help me?

Hi, I thought you use a Gmail. A solution used by some people is to simply create a new email address

thanks, i try again!

Hi, Thank you for putting together a great theme, I was wondering in the gallery section is it possible to have more than x4 images going across? the images are blurred and would benefit from being smaller? ie more across or can I do something else to make them better?? Check out my gallery I look forward to your reply

You can have more than 4 columns gallery by small modification within source code. You can follow steps below:

- Open file ‘page-gallery.php’ by navigate to ‘Appearance > Editor > Gallery Page Template.

- Find code below (you can use CTRL + F to find it easily)

class="span3 box gallery-item
- Replace with code below (6 columns gallery)

class="span2 box gallery-item

Perfect thank you!

Can I use the xml file images on my website? ( XML demo data).

Yes you can. When you import xml make sure to check ‘Download and import file attachments’.


Few more questions (sorry my poor english):

1. Slider – How to make a text link? Now the link is only on the image.

2. Booking – Check in and check out calendar translation? Where do i do this?

3. Can I change front page slider to Layer Slider?


Please read below regarding your questions:

1) Sorry currently slider description not support for url, you can use url field instead.

2) You can change languages for datepicker by modify file ‘js/bootstrap-datepicker.js’ . Look at line 372 – 376. You can directly change it.

            days: ["Sunday", "Monday", "Tuesday", "Wednesday", "Thursday", "Friday", "Saturday", "Sunday"],
            daysShort: ["Sun", "Mon", "Tue", "Wed", "Thu", "Fri", "Sat", "Sun"],
            daysMin: ["Su", "Mo", "Tu", "We", "Th", "Fr", "Sa", "Su"],
            months: ["January", "February", "March", "April", "May", "June", "July", "August", "September", "October", "November", "December"],
            monthsShort: ["Jan", "Feb", "Mar", "Apr", "May", "Jun", "Jul", "Aug", "Sep", "Oct", "Nov", "Dec"]

3) It would require lot changes on source code.

I have 6 gallery categories, and i have 2 questions about galleries.

1.- How could i link each gallery category

2.- I have created a page called imagenes, by default it loads all images (111), I can use the filter to select only one gallery category, but when I click over one of this images filtered, the pop image shows a autoslider with all images (111), and not only the images of the filtered gallery category

Please help me, thank you

i’m waiting for your answer, thank you in advance

still waiting, please

I have sent you email. Please check.

Hi again,

One more question, in the single-room page, i only can put 5 images, it’s possible to change this value for instance to 20 images.


Hi, it required modification to have more than 5 images on for single room page.

How get the modification you say.

This required changes on some files. Since i currently not available for theme customization. You can find someone to help you modification theme.


In WordPress 3.9 (German) of the shortcodes button is not displayed. Is there a workaround for this.

I have just purhchased the theme and it’s awesome, thanks!

Hi, thanks for your notice i will look for this issue and release an update once it done.

Hi there, interested in this theme for use in a holiday cottage. I like the idea of the ROOMS page but in my case cannot be rented seperately. Is there a way to not have a price on each of the rooms?

Thanks in advance!

Hi, thanks for your interest! Yes it’s possible to not have a price on each of the rooms. Just leave blank the price field.


How can i put a map on contact page? I’m copying the code from google maps and i put it on theme options, but the map isn’t showing.

Thanks you. Regards.


What you need to insert is just value inside src variable not whole code you got from Google Map. You can paste your code here so i can see it.

Good morning, great theme! It’s awesome! Just one quick question. Another user already pointed it out: the shortcode button is missing. I know you are working on it. In the meantime, could you release a list of shortcodes available with all the codes? Thank you in advance!

Can you at least tell me the code for single divider and for aweson icons?


Thanks for your nice comments! Here is shortcode for divider:

[divider style="none, div-single, div-double, div-triple, div-triple-dashed, div-triple-dotted, div-quad, div-dotted, div-dashed" full="no"]
For FontAwesome icon:

[de_icon icon="icon-heart" color="#FFFFFF" size="small,medium,large" style="none,circle,rounded" bgcolor="#555555" border=""]