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Can I use this theme with Wordpress 3.6 with responsive enabled ?

Hi, thanks for your interest. Yes for sure, it works.

Is it possible to write text on the full video page?

Sorry it’s currently not possible.

Hello, I need to redirect the reservation button for another page. How can I do that please? Many thanks!

You can adjust logo size from custom css field. Navigate to Appearance > Theme Options > Color Options > Custom CSS > insert code below:

#mainlogo img{

Change 150px and 100px with any value.

Many many thanks!!! One more thing, please: Our shortcode button is not showing on our website.

Hi, i still research for this issue, i will release an update once it done.

Hello !! i’ve just installed your theme and started the customization. Everythings is just fine except that the SHORTCODE BUTTON in the wysiwyg doesn’t appear. Any idea ?

Thank you

Hi, thanks for your notice i still research for this issue. I will release an update once it done.

Hi! i don’t if that will help but my installation is configured in french… maybe a translation string issue ? :( Anyway, if you have a list of the different shortcode used, it will be great to publish it !! Many thanks

Hi, this issue happen on WP 3.9, i will fix it on next update.

Hello! I have the same problem! i’ve just installed your theme and started the customization. Everythings is just fine except that the SHORTCODE BUTTON in the wysiwyg doesn’t appear. Any idea ? I use WordPress 3.9 with child-Theme

Thank you

i need the shortcode of TABS!!! Very quickly :-)

Here is:

[tab_item label="My Tab 1" active="yes"] content here...[/tab_item] [tab_item label="My Tab 2"] content here...[/tab_item] [tab_item label="My Tab 3"] content here...[/tab_item] 


How do I change the width of the menu as you have it in your sampel page?


And another question. How do I change the font at the slider? Thanks

You can change slider font by insert code below in custom css by navigate to ‘Navigate to Appearance > Theme Options > Color Options > Custom CSS’. Insert code below:

/* for first line text */
#slidecaption h2 {
font-family: "Antic Slab";

/* for second line text */
.slide_text {
font-family: "Antic Slab";

Then change font-family value.

Please provide directions on how I can create a pull-down menu from a main menu. For ex. in the preview under Rooms in the menu you have pull-down selections. (Anyone else is free to assist)

You can navigate to ‘Appearance > Menu’ then look at ‘Menu Structure’. You can drag and drop menu item inside another menu to make as submenu.

Thank u that worked!

Hello, I need help with the slider on the main page. I can’t it run, I’ve tried the recommendations of other reviews, but I can’t make it work. I need help. Thank you.

Hi, can you send your url? Try to remove all blank paragraph and url from slider description. On WordPress editor try to edit text for slider on ‘text’ mode.

the temporary url is, i have send you a private message whit the access date. i hope you help me. thanks

Hi, please check your email.

Under Room Details…what are the dimensions for the thumb-nail and full-size photo?

Hi, image size used in room details on preview is 1280×800px. For thumbnail no need to create separately. It will automatically resized.

Thx. Designesia…Is there any way to reduce the image size? My original photos aren’t as large. I’m going to update the starter ones I have on the website…but the new photos are 670×500px. The set preview size ends up being distorted. FYI…I’m working in the child version.


You can use code below to prevent image resize in single room page. You can navigate to Theme Options > Color Options > Custom CSS’. Insert code below:

.flexslider li img{
width:auto !important;

Regarding to the issue of the footer follow to the top of a post, I have sent you the admin account and password via email a while ago, please let me know if the email never arrive so I can send it again.

My email address is, thank you.

Hi, i didn’t receive your email. You can send it through my profile. Also can you send your url regarding this issue?

Hi, I purchased the theme and have several questions now: - How can I embed a vimeo video? So far I can only make YouTube videos work. - Can I create a page where guests can leave a comment. Normally it’s possible with wordpress. - Is it possible to show the text I write on the room page at the bottom instead of on the top of the page? - On the room page is it possible to be send to a different url (for example if I klick on „Booking now“ instead of showing the booking form? Having a own custom text appear instead of the booking form would be even better. - Also I would prefer to be send to the room details even if I click on the picture of the room

This really would be a great help. Thank you

Hi, thanks for your purchasing.

Here is sample shortcode for Vimeo video:

[vimeo url= width=600 height=400]

For page with comment it need some modification within source code. I will add this on next update.

You can assign different link to the “Book Now” button. Navigate to Appearance > Editor > Single Room. Look code below (you can use CTRL + F to find)

<a href="#canvas" id="btn-book-now" class="btn-custom"><i class="icon-calendar" /><span class="on"><?php  echo __('Booking Now','Vierra'); ?></span><span class="off"><?php  echo __('Hide Booking Form','Vierra'); ?></span></a>

Replace with:

<a href="" class="btn-custom"><i class="icon-calendar" /><span class="on"><?php  echo __('Booking Now','Vierra'); ?></span></a>

Change “” with your url. Done.

Also I would prefer to be send to the room details even if I click on the picture of the room – This can be done with some modification.

Thank you for your help. I was talking about the fullscreen video page. There I want to have a vimeo video.

Sorry currently fullscreen Vimeo video is not supported. i will consider to make this feature on next update.


How can I add slider to single room page ?


How to set background image for contact us page

You can upload your image in ‘Additional Images’ below the editor. It automatically turn to slider when has image more than 1.

To set background to contact page is same as you set background to other page. Look at ‘Custom page background’ below the editor. Then upload your image.

Hi, Where or how can i change the white/grey color behind some text? I want to use another color. And where can I change the brown color thats appearing with a date box? Thanx for reading.

To change content background color. Navigate to Theme Options > Color Options > Custom CSS’. Insert code below:

.page-inner, .sb.inner {

Change #555555 with any hex color value.

Can you tell me exactly where brown color did you mean?


Having some issues with the encoding (I guess). In the booking request e-mail, all swedish letters (å/ä/ö etc) are messed up.

For example: “Paketförfrågan (booking request)” get’s to be “PaketförfrÃ¥gan”.

Any idea?

You can change charset for email on file below: “page_reservation.php, page_contact.php and single-room.php”. You can find code below, then change charset value.

$headers .= 'Content-type: text/html; charset=iso-8859-1' . "\r\n";

You can find more info about charset here

Hi How do I change the button text ”View room details”


On your admin page navigate to ‘Appearance > Editor’.

Open files below:
- page_rooms.php
- page_rooms_two_columns.php
- page_rooms_two_columns_style_2.php
- taxonomy-room_category.php

Find text ‘View Room Details’ on each file. You can press CTRL + F to find the text. Then change it with new text.

I have sent an email, can you please check. thanks

Hi, please check your email.

Hi! nice theme. is it possible to show more than 5 photos on room detail? Thanxx

Hi, it need some modification in source code to have more than 5 photos for single room. I will consider to add more photos on next update,

Maybe i can do it by myself. Can you tell me the name of the filename i can change?

You can open file in folder ‘designesia/de-theme-post-meta.php’ then find function name ‘room_meta’.

Hi, great theme! How can I translate the text i wrote and the navigation menu by clicking on the flags? Only Reservation and Contact pages are working.. Thanks in advance!

Hi to translate text you wrote you can use qTranslate plugin. You can find documentation in file ‘help/setting multi languages.html’. To translate menu is still find solution for this.

actually the text i wrote ist not translated with qtranslate. just as is said, the reservation and contact page is beeing translated. My wordpress is 3.9.1 and qtranslate 2.5.39. “The qTranslate Editor has disabled itself because it hasn’t been tested with your Wordpress version yet. This is done to prevent Wordpress from malfunctioning. You can reenable it by clicking here (may cause data loss! Use at own risk!). To remove this message permanently, please update qTranslate to the corresponding version.”

Hi, seems this issue happen with WP 3.9. For now i would suggest to use WP 3.8 until new version of qTranslate available or you can use WPML.

For room photos, I have some vertical images, and when they are vertical, it pushes the other thumbnails way down. Here is a link so you can see: Click Here for Example Is there a way that the room galleries can show both horizontal and Vertical images?

We can’t use the same orientation as the photographs have already been taken and I’m sure they’re not going to hire another photographer to reshoot because some images are vertical. Is there a way that the gallery can auto-resize to match the photos. I don’t think it’s logical to expect a gallery to Only have horizontal images. Is there a fix for this?

I have solution for this. Navigate to Theme Options > Color Options > Custom CSS’. Insert code below:

#slider li img{
width:auto !important;
margin:0 auto;

#carousel li img{
width:auto !important;
margin:0 auto;

By use code above your portrait image will have same height with other images.

Works like a charm!!! Thanks so much for the quick help!


I am wondering can I add a specific font under the custom css section for the entire theme (posts, pages, menus) etc? My main language is Chinese and I would like to make sure people from my country will use that font first before all the other default fonts in English.


Sorry not clear with this, so did you want to use Chinese language for all your website content?