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1/ is your theme child theme ready?? i really like to make customization in an own directory in case themes get updated.

2/ what are the main differences (besides parallax) between this and your other portfolio

regards, almost buying ;)


1 – This is only a HTML template, the Wordpress version might support it, but you have to check with the author.

2 – There aren’t many differences besides one being Wordpress and the other not.

Hi, I plan to use this theme as product homepage. I got some presales question: 1. Can I change the text in the first header ‘Welcome…’ to an image logo and separate background?

2. Will you support isotope in the ‘work’? I plan to use this to filter out products.

3. Can I embed youtube? I want to link it to youtube as popup/lightbox

4. Is it possible to modify the contact page into something like this? *the google maps occupy larger space.


1 – Yes you can change it.

2 – Isotope is not supported.

3 – Yes

4 – Yes


I would like to apply this template to several html files in a website.

I was wondering if was possible to have a main menu for changing html files, and then a secondary menu to navigate in the same page.

Is possible to add to this template a secondary menu?

Thank you!!!


My answer in the other template also aplies here. With a bit of editing it’s possible.

I have a question for you sir. I don’t have a lot of experience with HTML. I’m still learning but trying to learn fast. How hard is it to change the background theme and it is possible to layer it like you do in your Impress theme?


It envolves some javascript and css editing. I can help you if you need.

Sweet. I’ll probably do that then since I want to learn it anyway. I appreciate it.

Hi there! I really like all your work, but thinking of buying this theme. Though i love the effect of 3 images (bg1, bg2, bg3) in the stellar theme.. my question is.. would be easy to change to that effect? I don’t have to much knowledge on it, would you give me a quick tip? Regards


You’ll need some knowledge of HTML/CSS to replicate the code for the differente backgrounds.

Hi, the layout is working great on my computer and iPhone, however, when i load it on my iPad, the header content appears above the content div while scrolling. Once you stop scrolling, it will disappear, but as soon as you start scrolling it becomes visible again. any ideas? thanks!!


Sorry for my late response.

I tested it on an iPad and everything is working correctly. The media queries disables the div fixed position, so the content shouldn’t appear above other content.

Did you changed anything on the media queries?

I reinstalled and everything is working perfectly now. Thanks for the reply!

Hi, Is a small question ok? Isn’t a background image when it sees by iPhone..

It will shake. ?check my site. It is change the layout css?

my site, XD (now test)

Hi, sorry for my late response.

I tested your web site on the iPhone and everything was working correctly.


I am having trouble applying a fancybox to the Service section icons.

Using: \\

Thanks for your help!


Can you send to my email ( your files and explain in detail what you want?


I sent you a support request via

Just seeing an issue with the .nav2 and jQuery.sticky.js. If you scroll down slowly, to the top of the #work section, you will see it flicker etc. This is due to the .is-sticky class being removed and added multiple times. i.e. The position: fixed and top: 34px styles are being added and removed multiple times, Its hard to explain exactly the issue, but if you scroll down to #work, im sure you will see what I mean :)

Can you advise some js that may fix this issue?

Regards, Ashley


I will try to fix it in a next update.


Firstly, what a fantastic theme!

The only issue I have have is when clicking on the first Portfolio Logo whilst using an iPad, which brings up a lightbox gallery, the left and right nav buttons don’t work work hence I get stuck on the 1st image of the gallery. This also happens on your Theme Forest site example.

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.


Hi, sorry for my late response.

This is probably a problem with the fancybox plugin. I will try come with a fix.

Hi there!

Loved your theme. I purchased it for my brother in law’s book page.

Two questions, though:

1. Can you change the “Send” button? (site’s in Spanish) I couldn’t find how.

2. Where do you set up the contact e-mail for the contact form?

3. Can you check this out: There’s tiny little jumps when you click on the navigation bars. Is there a way to smooth those out?

As you can see, my use for it was very simple and basic. I don’t think I removed any crucial characters or commands.

Thanks a lot for your help :)


1 – Yes, you can change it in this line:
<input type="submit" class="cfg-submit " name="cfg-element-4-36" id="cfg-element-4-36" value="Send"   />

3 – I’m planing in replacing a few scripts to fix it.

(Ok, I got the contact form mail set up, so just number 1 and 3. Thanks!)

Would this template take a video on the home screen?


Sorry for my late response, I’m on vacation.

Yes, if you use some plugin like

Hi Rodbor,

I would like to purchase this for a website that I’m about to do, but the jumpy / glitchy navigation is holding me back. Can you tell me when your updated version (with new scripts) will be released?



Sorry for my late response, I’m on vacation.

Will try do it asap after I return home at the end of the month.

Hi, I bought you theme with parallax effect, but I’m sitting here now since hours and I didn’t find ot where I can put this effect to the bg-intro. Please help me. Also with the colors. I change the yellow color to a blue, but it doesn’t work…. And can I make the skills only by using html code?



Did you buy the WordPress or HTML version?

Hi, I bought the WordPress Theme.

It doesn’t work. I have a error message to Wordpress, “L’archive n’a pas pu être installée. Le thème n’a pas de fichier style.css.” And I don’t know why ?

Hello, That’s because this is a HTML Template. The WordPress version can be found here:

Hello, Great. I don’t understand I can’t use this template because the version of Wordpress is too recently ? This template can’t to install, that is ? How to refund me or have a credit note ? Thanks

You can’t use an HTML template with WordPress. If you want to use this theme with WordPress you have to purchase this one instead:

For a refund go here:

Is there a version of this theme available compatible with current version of Wordpress?

Hello, you have to contact the author of the WordPress version here: