Reviews for Vigor - Vintage WordPress Theme

Reviews for Vigor - Vintage WordPress Theme

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for Bugs

your theme works well.
But since some days my website
leads again to your insecure website:

This was already fixed. How can i stop - for ever - that my website goes to your logo? I will never need your logo!!!!!!!

Best regards

Author response

Hi there,

We have located the mail you sent and has responded to your request. Also we are glad you like our theme and do hope that you enjoy using it.

As we mentioned earlier please check your Pages for the logo settings if it is possibly been uploaded on the page settings for logo as well as go through the Widget areas in Appearance > Widgets.

We do hope this helped.

Bugs bugs bugs.

1. Unable to install via Theme installer, have to manually upload the .zip content (Network Multisite)
2. Unable to install the recommend plugins
3. Unable to activate edge-cpt plugin (Fatal error: Class 'VigorEdgeCallToAction' not found)

Our network multisite in our test environment works pretty well with many other themes but not Vigor! We just bought the theme because of a conflict with our plugin. Turns out, the theme is so bad programmed, it can not be installed easily.

Update: 05.11.2019 - we've created a ticket and gave you detailed information how to reproduce all the bugs.

We have no issue with any other plugin or theme, but we've found multiple ways your theme/plugin can crash the whole website.

Author response

Hi there,

Our theme is programmed to work on a multisite installation, and we have many satisfied customers who use it.

We have located your ticket and one of our agents already gave you an answer.

The problem was related to your Multisite configuration, as it's explained in this article

We're hoping that after your problem gets sorted out, you will reconsider your rating.


for Customer Support

Great theme. High customizability and super helpful support. I'm using it for several of my sites and am recommending it to clients.

for Bugs

Theme is broken. Fix it and release a working version.

Took me days to figure out what the issue was (on my own). Very frustrating when you finish website and it's not functional. Support was slow (4+ days to get a reply in their support system - and only after I mentioned that delay in the comments on ThemeForest) and not very helpful - shifting blame elsewhere: plugins, device, etc.

I had a light-bulb moment today. Had to turn off all animation to make the site functional. But I work with websites on a regular basis...
What about people who aren't tech enough?

Author response

Hello Max,

Thank you for your honest review.

First of all, we'd like to apologize for keeping you in line, we were having some increased activity on our support desk, due to some latest theme updates. We're back on track now and we cover all requests on time.

Regarding your specific issue, we're aware of the problem. It comes out of the conflict with WooCommerce's AJAX call and our theme's page transitions. If you want to use WC shortcodes on your page, you need to turn transitions off. Otherwise, you'll experience some issues.

Unfortunately this is something that can't be changed and we're advising all our users to turn transitions off if they use shop.

For any other request, we'd like to invite you to submit a ticket to our forum and our agent's will certainly be at your service. If you're satisfied with our theme, please reconsider this poor rating, we'd appreciate it greatly.

Thank you in advance!


for Customer Support

I made the Korean homepage of Pirelli tire using this theme. The design is very good, everything is perfect. In particular, the service team is very friendly and immediate.


for Customer Support

I needed help twice. After 4 days I still didn't get a response to my support query. The site is buggy. In the brand demo it is impossible to get the logo centred.

for Feature Availability

Easy to build with. Love the function and plugins

for Other

Hi, I´m really disappointed with Vigor. I have issues like extra space at the bottom of the page, I sent a ticket and the answer was very vague and not helpful. Also the arrows at the the bottom of each portfolio don´t work properly and I´m still waiting for an answer. My technical support expired, but why should I pay again to extend the support if Vigor doesn´t perform properly on very basic things?

Author response


We are sorry to hear about this bad experience you've had. Unfortunately, we need to say we found this rating totally unfair. We are always willing to help our customers and to investigate any issue that is theme related, even if support period is over.
We checked emails, and as we could see our agent answered on your emails.
Please, check full response over email, and see instructions from our colleague.
We really hope once all this is sorted out, you'll change this bad impression you've got and you'll finally be satisfied using Vigor. Kindly reconsider this bad rating. Thank you in advance!


for Flexibility

actually a nice theme but the artist template is absolutely not made for mobile devices / responsiveness. for me a nogo @2018

Author response

Hello there,

Thank you for your review.
We are glad to hear you like our theme. When it comes to responsiveness, it is fully responsive. which is why we need to ask you to submit a ticket on our support forum at and to include your site URL with wp-admin access. There, our trained support agent will investigate and check the issues on mobile devices you are facing with. Having pleased users is our priority.
We hope this could be solved easily, so you'll change this bad impression you've got and kindly reconsider rating into five stars. Thank you in advance.
Looking forward to hearing from you.


for Customer Support

Excellent customer support, always responding within 24 hours and working to find any fixes. I love this theme.


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