Vigor - Gym/Fitness WordPress Theme

Vigor - Gym/Fitness WordPress Theme

Vigor is a gym/fitness WordPress theme. It is powered by the highly flexible Live Composer page builder plugin which gives you the ability to alter the styling almost without any limitations. Everything from header to the footer can be changed without writing a single line of code.

= How to Update =

1) Delete "Live Composer - Vigor Modules" plugin
2) Switch to "Twenty Fifteen" theme and then delete "Vigor" theme
3) Install new "Vigor" theme and on activation the "Live Composer - Vigor Modules" plugin as well

= Note for updating from 1.0.2 or lower =

After installing the new verison of the theme, disable and delete Live Composer plugin. You will be prompted to install it again, do it, it will install the new version. This only needs to be done once, after that the automatic dashboard updates will take over.
= Version 1.0.4 =
Fix for Instagram Widget ( you will see "Access Token" in the widget options )

= Version 1.0.3 =

- Switched to the new Live Composer ( check note above )
- Fixed issue with instagram widget not showing images sometimes
- The image in the info box module is no longer required, you can use it without an image
- Fixed issue with slider module order and ordeby options not working
- Fixed pagination issue with WordPress 4.4

= Version 1.0.2 =

- Fixed the date in events popup ( was always showing current date )

= Version 1.0.1 =

- Options to change "Classes Schedule" and "Classes" ( the part with the amount of classes )
- The "Month, Year" in the top right corner of classes schedule now automatically translates to the language WP is set to
- The weekdays ( Monday - Sunday ) in the classes schedule now automatically translate to language WP is set to