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waiting for the update version of this theme

I have another issue… The featured images work great on the main blog page: http://digestivehealth.tarabelladev.com/recent-posts/ But the images appear broken on the category pages: http://digestivehealth.tarabelladev.com/category/sibo/

How can I get them to show exactly like the blog page?

Hi, I checked your site looks like there’s no problem both in blog and category page with the image thumbnail.


Hi, I am really close to finishing my site. I really need the slide show to link. How can I do this? I see previous answers, but it appears nothing applies to the Vilisya -> Slideshow.


So you have lost your Slideshow menu at your admin panel? if so please open functions/post-types.php file and find the following code (about line 93) :

'menu_position' => 1000,
replace 1000 with 999


I would like to remove the tabs on the portfolio page. see here http://wp-demo.indonez.com/?theme=Vilisya. Those tabs”ALL, web Design, Photography,Video) I want everything i have on there to be listed on the same page with the tabs.

Hi, ok please open portfolio-template.php and taxonomy-portfolio_category files, find and remove below code :
<ul id="filter">
                             $portfolio_page = get_option('vilisya_portfolio_page');
                             $portfolio_pid = get_page_by_title($portfolio_page);
                               <li><a class="<?php if (!get_query_var('portfolio_category')) echo 'current'; ?>" href="<?php echo get_page_link($portfolio_pid->ID);?>"><?php echo __('All','ecobiz');?></a></li>
                        $categories = get_categories('taxonomy=portfolio_category&orderby=ID&title_li=&hide_empty=0');
                        foreach ($categories as $category) { 
                        $termlink = get_term_link($category->slug,$category->taxonomy);
                          <li><a class="<?php if (get_query_var($category->taxonomy) == $category->slug) echo 'current'; ?>" href="<?php echo $termlink;?>"><?php echo $category->name;?></a></li>

to shift the menu to the right, try to add the following css code in theme options => styling options => custom css : 

.jqueryslidemenu ul li.menu-item-home {
    padding-left: 30px;


I see no changes after adding the css code to custom css . I am having just 5 menu items leaving too much blank space to the right side of the menu items. I just want to move the menu items to the right a bit.

ok, could you please provide me your site url regarding your issue?


Hey, I have two problems. I have just one blog post, but it’s not showing on the home page (which is set as the page on which the blog appears). Also, my slideshow photos have a line through them. I tried resizing the photos, but that didn’t solve the problem. How can I fix? Thanks. -lizzy www.lizzyscully.com/pilatesoflyons

OK, so I figured out the home page problem. BUT there is still a problem with the photos on the home page. The line below the menu cuts through the photo no matter how I size it.

Never mind. I figured out how to change the css

ok great! :)

Why is the theme goes offline. I purchased it 4months ago and it’s been going offline back and forth.

Hi, not sure what you mean, there’s no problem with the demo site of vilisya theme.


Hi, I really need some help with lightbox (prettyphoto) which is not working on vilisya. Would like to get it working correctly. I had to install fancybox plugin to get some functionality but now that means I have two different types of lightbox.


I checked your lightbox library and there’s no problem there, for example I checked http://www.suttonrunners.org/training-advice/club-kit page.


Thanks but that’s the fancybox plugin you’re looking at. PrettyPhoto stopped working some time ago. I would like to remove it now from the theme if possible? Unless you can tell me how to get it working again as I don’t want too many plugins. Thanks

Hi, if you want to remove prettyphoto function, please open js/functions.js file, find and remove below code :

/* initialize prettyphoto */
          theme: 'dark_square'


sorry if this is a repost but I am having issues getting the slide show to appear on the home page. The only thing that comes up is the title and it doesn’t go to the right page.

Please help.

Hi, be sure you did not set your homepage as static front page in Settings => Reading options, just leave all options as WordPress default.


Hi there, I wonder if you could possibly give me some help. The featured images do not show on the site at all. running the latest version of WP and the theme.




looks like there’s no problem with your featured image now.


Hi, please could you reply to my recent question from yesterday?


Hi, did you tried to chmod to 777 the cache folder of vilisya theme?


Hi Indonez,

My client wants to add the year to is there an easy way to do this?


Thanks for any help

Hi, please open blog-template and archive.php file and find the following below code :
 <div class="right-head">
                            <div class="date"><?php the_time('d');?></div>
                          <div class="month"><?php the_time('M');?></div>

now change to :

<div class="right-head">
                            <div class="date"><?php the_time('d');?></div>
                          <div class="month"><?php the_time('M');?></div>
                          <div class="year"><?php the_time('Y');?></div>                          


Hello! recently took a break from my website and came back… to rediscover how much I love this theme!!!!!

But, I am in desperate need of finding out how to change the order of the portfolio items. I know there are options for doing so under the Vilisya options, but they only give options for dates from oldest to newest. I REALLY need to display my newest items up top. Is there a code I could use?

Hello, you need to modify the code for this, please open portfolio-template.php file, find the following code :
query_posts(array( 'post_type' => 'portfolio', 'showposts' => $portfolio_items_num,'paged'=>$page,"orderby" => $portfolio_order,'order'=> 'ASC'));

change ASC in order value to DESC


Worked perfectly thank you!

Great! :D

I am working on updating a website that is currently using version 1.0 of the Minimalist Business Theme. The site was built by a developer and there is no access to a license. How can I get access to the latest theme updates?

Well unfortunately, it has not been that easy. There were many changes to the theme structure. You can look at the orginal theme at http://elsmithconsulting.com and the test site http://example.currentmarketingservices.com/ I am having trouble with the slider and the navigation bar. Any suggestions on how to fix the problem with the navigation bar. It is overlapping. Also, I do not see where to add the slider image in the new theme. I created a new slider item, and it still doesn’t show. Please advise. Your prompt reply is appreciated.

To resolve the issue with the home page I created a new home page. How can use the home page sidebar with the home page? It is not available as an option, I still have an issue with the page titles overlapping the navigation bar.

Why does it over a week for a reply? I really could use some help now. Thank you!

I purchased this theme so I could get support and the updated for my theme. The theme was already installed on the site but it was causing conflicts with plugins and needed updating. The updated version was very different that the original and the titles did not line up correctly. The developer did not respond when I asked for help and was not helpful getting this figured out.

I ended up purchasing another theme from a different developer, installed it without issue. Unfortunately I wasted my money here first.

Hi, sorry for delaying your questions, I checked your site looks like you have replaced the menu functions there, the main problem with the navigation is padding for each menu items and text alignment, I tried investigate with the firebug the styling overwritten by genesis menu styling.


Are you working an update version of this theme which will be responsive and WordPress 4 compatible?

yes we are still working on it

Hello again! I have been trying to add a gallery of images (not just one image) to my portfolio page under a certain category. Could you please tell me what method I need to use to do this? When I post videos, all I need to do is put the Vimeo or YouTube link in the “Preview link” field. But I can’t figure out how to post images? Should I be using picassa? Google Drive? Something else and posting the gallary link? or is it done a completely different way? Thanks!

Thanks for the reply! So, I create a “new portfolio” post, the click “add media” above the post text field? I have tried that, and the gallery will insert into the post, but then nothing opens when I click on the gallery on my site. Am I missing something? or is there a certain size the pics have to be? I appreciate the help!

it will show the feature image i set, but will not access the gallery within the “portfolio” page design of this theme. When I click on the “next” button, It will show me other separate portfolio posts, but wont advance to show the actual photos in the gallery post

the gallery will only show on single post, unlike the featured image that show on archive (category,default home, search etc)

The slideshow menu item is missing from my word press menu on this theme

please deactivate any plugin first. some plugin can cause the menu to disappear


We have problem with the timthumb.php Newest Version say’s Timthumb removed but we have in the error pages alsways the timthumb.php How could we fix this?m We use the actual Theme….

The Version is from download 10.07.2015 I find the timthumb function in search.php, single.php, archive.php, shortcodes.php

ok thanks for your information, we will update the theme regarding this issue.


I would like to remove the title of the page and the gray bar below it on the home page so that there is no space between the navigation and the content of the home page for more versatility – can you show me how to do that? Thanks!

which page title you are referring to? is it this one? http://prntscr.com/83g6t2

Worst theme ever !!! I can’t even set a custom page as my home page in Reading settings, when i do , the site doesn’t loads at all…...can you please help me fix this ??? Or i want my refund…

I want to set a page i made as my homepage…i don’t wanna use your pre-defined homepage and that slider…..how can i set a custom page as my homepage ? I created a page and then i went to reading settings to make that page as my homepage and the site doesn’t loads at all

also Visual composer isn’t working with this theme…..

What theme have you guys made ??? I haven’t seen a worst theme like this before…..even Twenty Thirteen theme supports Visual composer…..... have you guys not thought of that before creating this piece of garbage ?


Sorry for any inconvenience if you have a problem configure the theme, we try to answer your question and problem

1. there’s no problem with the static front page settings, you can set your pages as a front page from Settings => Reading options

2. we have test with the Visual Composer plugin and there’s no problem as you mentioned, please see the screenshot at http://prnt.sc/cahwow everything works fine with the plugin.

Thank you :)

Okay i guess i don’t need it now…i solved it by myself