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This is a great looking and functioning “minimalist” theme. Good job!

great job.. minimalist and clean

hi, a small query.

on the homepage the the link ‘read more’ box after the introductory text won’t change to anything but the ‘hello-world’ blog item that i’ve deleted.

where can this be altered” i looked in the theme php pages but can’t make sense of it (as i’m clueless).

any help appreciated.

Hi airey,

basically the read more link will linking to your about page if you have setted theme options, but if you want to change directly please open sidebar.php file and find this code (about line 26):

<a href="<?php echo get_page_link($about_id);?>"><img class="readmore-leftbar" src="<?php bloginfo('template_directory');?>/images/read-more.gif" alt="" /></a>
you can change <?php echo get_page_link($about_id);?> with pages/posts url that you want to link.


Keren juragan.. ;)

Success with the sales..

Beautiful: Clean, neat, professional.

Added to collection! :)

@ all

Thanks, I’m very glad if you’re like this theme :-)

This theme is perfect for any website may it be personal, corporate, business or portfolio. A job well done indeed!


thanks WPClubs :)


Great template. is it Vimeo youtube easy to embedded?




yes you can manually embedd video in your posts.


How easy would it be to switch the side bar to the right side instead of the left? Great design, simple, clean, basically…perfect.

vilisya theme has been designed with left sidebar, if you want to change the position you have to modify stylesheet file for this.


Hi there, I just purchased the theme, pretty happy s far, just a few issues I cant solve.

1..The foter email doesn’t laubch an email app on click, it just opens a web page with mailto::.... in the url.

2. The footer Phone number is actually the Fax number in the back end.

This is as far is I got at this stage, Im pretty slow at this

Hi, glad that you like the theme, ok i will answer your quesiton by number :

1. there’s minor issue code for this, for quick fix please open footer.php file and find this code (about line 13)http://mailto:$contactemail now change to mailto:$contactemail

2. ok i think this is just misstype in footer area, i will fix this.


Also the calendar doesn’t display correctly

that because there’s no calender styling for now, i will consider this for updates note.


Hi Indonez,

me again, there is an issue with the portfolio. Thre is no text panel to describe the artwork and when you click the thumbnail it pops up fine, BUT then when you click off it the screen turns grey with error icons.

Me again, please ignore last post. There is no problem. It was my database carrying over from previous theme. Once links are all redone, everything is perfect


Is there a way to change the hover state of links. I have changed the colour on all states and it’s still blue.???

Im changing this in styles.css

I figured it out. The Blue, orange etc styles dont show up in Editor

The documentation for this theme is very minimal, how do all the widgets work? the email newsletter widget just shows an error from feedburner.

I am sorry to keep asking for help but I am a print designer and this is all new to me.

for feedburner widget you need to enter your email address that you use for feedburner services in theme options.

Is there a place you can control the font size of the horizontal navigation menu?

you can change the size by opening superfish.css file that located in css folder and find this code (start about line 22) :

.sf-menu li {
    float:            left;
    position:        relative;
    padding-bottom:    0px;
    font-size:        16px;
now you can change font-size: 16px; to higher number.


In the testimonilas panel the titles of the testimonials are not wrapping onto there own line.

eg test 2 – title is Westpac Rescue Helicopter Service test 2 – title is Emit Fitness

But in the panels title one is Westpac Rescue Helicopter Service Emit.

How do you add images to services pages etc

please send me your wp login, let me help you to fix.


I really like this theme. I didn’t need much so I’m satisfied with the results. I did run into a problem—I require people to register with the site before they can comment. When a person who is logged out views a single blog post, the footer is not at the bottom of the page but immediately follows the “You must be logged in to post a comment” line.

Is there a fix for this?

I don’t think that’s the only solution. I’ve used other themes before and the footer definitely stays at the bottom of the page. I guess I’ll just have to look into how those other themes wrote the code.


sorry i missunderstood about you mean, i thougt it’s discussion setting, ok i will recheck my code for messing footer layout issue.


Thanks for looking into it. I think it’s the single.php file. I’m new to this so I couldn’t get it right when I was playing around with it.