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NM – fixed!

2 quick questions. 1 – how do I add a custom background 2 – is there a way I can change my blog header to something different than the header of the rest of the site. Thanks

Love this theme!

hello, to add background image, try to add the following css code in theme options => styling options => custom css :

  background: url(youruploadedimageurl) top center repeat-x;
change “youruploadedimageurl” with your actual uploaded image url.

unfortunately, the header styling applied for all pages instead of unique header of each pages.


when I do that it breaks something on line 334.


Great theme but the bullet points and arrows aren’t displaying on the page. I am using safari and the webpage is http://midlandswtfdev.clients.apphaus.co.uk/member-benefits

Any help would be appreciated. They were working before and I’ve checked the CSS which looks fine.



Helo, you need to create unordered list content first, you can format from WordPress editor, now just wrap your unordered list content inside the bulletlist shortcode.


The site is looking great. Thanks for the excellent theme. Can’t find how to change colors of cufon fonts in home page widget or headings. Need them to match the other type: http://www.foamingsea.com/dev/

Thanks for your help.

Already replied your email.


Hello there!

1. How do I remove the gray side bar from the homepage that is listing almost all of the pages I set up (as shown here: http://foursquareitp.com/WP1). I experienced the same outcome as the last person who asked about this when I remove the code from sidebar.php file.

2. Can you link the “Get in Touch” that is in the header to a page?

3. The titles of my pages are not centered between the lines. How can I fix that?

4. How do I get “Home” to be in main menu and actually go to the homepage?

Hello, ok I wil try to answer your questions :

1. please open sidebar.php file, find and remove below code :

<?php if ($children) { ?>
                        <div class="left-bar-content">
                     <h1><?php echo $parent_title;?></h1>              
                     <ul class="leftbar-list">
                         <?php echo $children;?>

2. open header.php file and find below code :

<h4><?php echo __('Get in touch','vilisya');?></h4>
now change the code to :
<h4><a href="yourcustomlink"><?php echo __('Get in touch','vilisya');?></a></h4>
replace yourcustomlink with your actual custom link

3. try to add the following css code in theme options => styling options => custom css :

#page-title { padding-top: 30px;}

4. please go to Appearance => menus menu, you can simply include and order your menu items from there.



At the top right of the home page, I can’t see the phone number in IE 9 in chrome works fine.


I have fixed this issue in latest version of vilisya theme, so please update your vilisya theme, you can download the latest version from your themeforest download link :)


How can I add additional content to the home page under the main welcome message and slider?

I would like to add some additional text and photos with headers.

Also, can I showcase text and images in column form within this theme?

Thanks in advance.


I have replied your email.


Hi there Indonez,

Looks like I might be getting another one of your great templates :-)

I have a couple of questions before I purchase:

Can I enlarge the space where you upload the logo image?

Can I increase the distance between the logo and the navigation menu?

The reason for this is that the client has strict guidelines for their logo, it can’t be too near other words, navigation menu, etc.

I look forward to your reply.

Thank you,


Hello, ok I will try to answer your questions :

- yes you can enlarge and upload the logo image in bigger size

- yes you can increase this, you just need to modify the css code for this.

Thanks for your interest :)

Hi there, How to I update the theme so that it works with IE?

Hello, to update the vilisya theme, you just need to replace the old theme files with the updated version, be sure backup your old vilisya theme files first.


Hi Indonez,

That’s great thank you very much for your quick reply. The client has one more question please:

On the home page, where you have ‘Welcome to Vilisya Company’, can we embed a YouTube video in that space?

Many thanks,


yes you can embed the video.


Hi there,

I have downloaded the update to Vilisya. Since I have made changes to the previous theme in the theme editor, how do I update to the new one without losing all these adjustments?

Hi, the latest version has been fully re-coded and there’s no backward compability with the old version, you need to reconfigure each section in latest version of vilisya theme.


Really my only issue is with the drop down menus not working with IE9 . Is there a way that I can fix this without having to install the whole update and lose the changes that I made?

Hello, I have fixed this issue in latest version of vilisya theme, but if you need quick fix, you can download the latest version of cufon at http://cufon.shoqolate.com/js/cufon-yui.js?v=1.09i and replace the old cufon-yui.js file that located in js folder vilisya theme.


Hi there,

Just purchased the theme, and would like to make the top left logo into a full width banner image space, like in this example:


Please could you tell me where/how I can do this.

Many thanks,


try to add the following css code in theme options => styling options => custom css :

#header{ background: url(your_uploaded_image_url) center center no-repeat;}

the recommended size is 960×137px;


Many thanks,


Sorry for the empty comment above!!

I have a few more questions please Indonez :-)

I am basically trying to get my homepage to look nearly exactly like your live demo but with a YouTube video instead of the search box. So the questions are:

1. How to I delete search box and replace with YouTube video (but keep a Heading with text underneath it and ‘Read More’ as you have on live demo)

2. How do I remove ‘Recent posts, comments, meta’ etc from homepage?

3. Live demo has ‘Latest Projects’ – do I create a portfolio to do this?

Many thanks for your help! :-)


Hello, ok I will try to answer your questions :

1. try to place text widget and add your video source embed there, then place text widget again and fill with your welcome text

2. you just need to manage this from widgets manager, please go Appearances => widgets menu

3. you can place vilisya latest projects widget in homepage sidebar widget place after your text widgets, be sure you have added some portfolio items at your site.


Great many thanks Indonez! :-) I was looking through comments for instructions on making a static homepage image, which stylesheet do I need to change? Please could you give me the exact code I need to replace the slider code with.

Thank you, the site is coming along nicely! :-)


if you need to change the slideshow section, please open index.php file and find below code :

<?php get_template_part('slideshow','vilisya main slideshow');?>
replace above code with your static image url.



How can I override the Google maps API , and insert the iFrame instead?

Hi, you need to modify the code for this, please open functions/theme-widgets.php file and find below code (about line 502):

<div style="width: 248px;height: 288px;" id="contactmap" />
place your iframe inside above div section.


Also, in the Page-to-Box widget, I want to be able to format it. I have put the text in “Excerpts” but it seems to be obtaining the text from the main document.

please open functions/theme-widgets.php file and find below code (about line 121) :

<p><?php excerpt($pageexcerpt);?><a href="<?php the_permalink();?>" class="readmore"><?php echo __('Read more','vilisya');?></a></p>
now change the code to :
<p><?php echo get_the_excerpt();?><a href="<?php the_permalink();?>" class="readmore"><?php echo __('Read more','vilisya');?></a></p>

the new code will retrieve your actual post excerpt.


Hi Indonez,

Sorry, me again, hopefully last time I trouble you with my questions! :-)

I’ve tried your instructions for replacing the homepage slider with a static image but it’s not working. Please could you post an example code of what the static image would look like in php?

Just replacing the code with the image url doesn’t work.

Many thanks!


ok please open slideshow.php file and find below code :

<div id="slideshow-container"> ... </div>
, place your static image url inside above div section :
<div id="slideshow-container"><img src="your_uploaded_image_url" alt="" /></div>
replace “your_uploaded_image_url” with your actual uploaded image url.


Hi, sorry to bother you again. I tried to update the cufon file as you suggested but the problem still persists. Please look at www.myplacefordinner.com with Internet Explorer 9 if you can to see the issue.

ok if you need quick fix, please download the latest cufon library at http://cufon.shoqolate.com/js/cufon-yui.js?v=1.09i, replace the old cufon-yui.js file that located inside js folder of vilisya theme.