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Hi there

No matter what we try, even do a fresh install with earlier versions of opencart and your theme. The product options will not show on the front-end.

If we activate the default theme the options will show for the products

On one of your demos you have the options showing. How is it working there but not on any of our installation

Please help asap

Regards J

Found the problem and it looks like it may a a bug in your theme. The only way to get the product option to show is to activate the Allow Reviews option in the admin settings

Hi gimboo,

If you want to fix that just send to me your ftp info and i will fix it.

Thank you

No need to fix ours. Please just post the fix on here and update your theme on the next version

HI, im getting an error while trying to view an order in the admin home page… the error shows:

Notice: Error: Table ‘villashop.oc_offline_cc_data’ doesn’t exist Error No: 1146 SELECT * FROM `oc_offline_cc_data` WHERE order_id = ‘8’ in /hermes/waloraweb096/b5/moo.liberman/orgaluna2/system/database/mysql.php on line 50

how can i fix this, help…

Hi biberman,

please read this topic, it will help you http://forum.opencart.com/viewtopic.php?f=19&t=46066

thank you

thanks, fixed the issue

Hi, i just noticed that the minicart wont update automatically(scrolling to cart), it updates until i click in it to make a checkout, my site is www.orgaluna.com, how can i fix this issue…

thanks for the support…

but it works with the wishlist (little heart) how do i mention this error to the support guy? thanks in advance… Loving the template

Hi bliberman,

Just ask the host support company for the error that i typed before.

does it show open cart options . in demo there are three layouts because of villa sports bought this theme . but files are based on fashion demo. Spent two days playing with design and now just found out product options wont show up in listing … sort this out as your support is down for maintenance

please give me the details to fix it . I bought it so i need to know how to … i dont want to be pain in the bum

Hi SwiftSEO,

Please send to me your email to send the file to replace with the original one.

Thank you

file worked all sorted thanks .

does the theme supports ?

Hi razztech,

Not yet, we will update it to the latest versions next week.

Thank you

Is there a support system for this theme? It seems every link I find for Villa Shop support is down.

I been having so many problems with this theme. I am getting really fed up. I just want a contact so I can get answers or just pay someone to fix the issues. As time is limited and frustrations are high.


Please contact us through venzastudio@gmail.com we takes the support emails through it till we relaunch our support forum system again.

Thank you

Hi I would like to ask, how can I translate this content? http://www.kephost.com/view3.php?filename=a1_2014_2_11_tzvqb1o5sy.jpg

I can’t find the folder Thanks

Hi Tonic, . You can add the variables to translate on this folder :
catalog/language/[your language folder]/common/footer.php just add these lines:
$_['text_twitter']      = 'Twitter';
$_['text_facebook']     = 'Facebook';

Thank you

HI, just purchased this theme how do i install this i cant see instructions? looking forward to hearing from you.

Thanks Chris

Hi Thanks i couldnt see the instructions i have now installed this but under newest products it has a blue box with Text_new on it? i dropped all the correct files in?

p.s the villa Theme Options isnt letting me change the colour?

Hi hosk123,

Please send your ftp info to venzastudio@gmail.com to check.

Thank you

no demo no buy


We are sorry for that, just faced some problems through our domain and we back again.

Thank you


I have purchased your theme and i have a problem with overlay pattern. I have changed it for try it and now i can’t change it again.



Please send to me your admin panel login info to check.

Thank you


Can you send me fitness demo for oc ? mail: patronul111@yahoo.com thank you!

Hi, it’s not ready for the demo ready for but i can help you editing it to be as same as fitness


hello, i send you mail pls reply ASAP. i don’t get email for password to login support venza studio….

Hi xlam,

We replied please check your inbox.

Thank you

thanks my problem solved

Ok Thank you :)

send please fitness demo, germanx32@gmail.com


Will send it within few hours :)

Thanks for choosing us

hi, how to change layout ?


What did you mean by layout ? did you mean 1,2,3 columns layout ?


when you will fix my problem? problem was posted on your customer support site 20 days ago

i sent email to you with my issues but i still haven’t receive answer

when my problems will be fixed?????


We didn’t received any mail from you yet, please send them again in a new ticket to our email.

Thank you and sorry for late to you.

I sent new email to your email box venzastudio@gmail.com from my email with subject : Issues – villa from user paxerus

confirm that you receive him?


Yes we received, we will check it and reply to you within 24 hrs.


hello when you will support opencart 2.0


We still checking it as it may takes a lot of time as opencart developers changed almost everything on their framework.

Thanks and will notify you with latest updates.

  • 1. I want to ask about the regular license. If I buy one theme here. Am I allowed to use for both my website?
  • 2. I planning to buy this theme only used for my own. is there a time limit or can be used for good?


1- No, the regular license for just single project.

2- There is no time limit just after purchase you can work any time and without extra fee.

Thank you

Hello, thank you again for this awsome theme! I have purchased it like ~2 years ago and it’s almost perfect. I only have an small issue with the AUTOFILL SEARCH BAR – when i type something in the search bar end press ENTER from keyboard nothning happens, i have to manualy click the search button. My website where the theme is instaled it is http://www.toysex.ro Is there a way to make it work when i press enter?

Thank you in advance, Best regards!!


It works fine with enter key with me, can you tell me the browser that you tested on it ?


You can not change the original files, must be in vqmod. Do not change the original files, it is wrong to modify documents. Agoa And how do I know which lines should be changed? I can not change the files from my store already tenjo schedules held within (catalog / controller)