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ThemeProvince does not currently provide support for this item.

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sorry to bother you here, but I’d like to get in touch with you for an offer I want to make to you. Let me know.

Bye :)


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Are you have some themes or plugins that have no RTL support yet?!

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We have a service for adding full RTL support to your themes or plugins. Just look at our website at rtl-maker . net

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does the author of this theme still alive ?

Hi no any updates for this theme… ??!! what happened to the author ?? anybody here can hear us.. ??!!

Hello. I have version 2.2 of this theme. How do i updated to the 5.0 without starting my-site all over?

Sorry, you have a dumydata to set it up more easy?

You guys still support this theme?

And have you a dummy data to set it up more easy?

Hi there! I’ve loved your theme but for some reason all of my gallery pages have lost the images. My site is www.stanleybenders.com. If you go to the different pages such as http://www.stanleybenders.com/artistic/ it has stopped showing the images. It was working fine 2 days ago and now nothing. Please help!!

When are you going to kick these worthless fucks off Themeforest? They don’t support this piece-of-shit theme. Money back? Class action anyone?

I am so angry …There is no support!!! I have posted this http://support.themeprovince.com/ticket/some-trouble-with-widget-areas/#post-726 3rd August 2015!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! There is no answer!!!!!

Don’t bother with these people. No support AT ALL.


My website is not mobile responsive, I cannot see my navigation menu.

Can you help please?

Would love to know how long support takes. Nothing for a week so far!

Is there ANY chance of support fro you? Really piss poor.

Hi … I am just about to update this theme … is it compatible with Wordpress 4.3 ?

Just updated to 4.3 … all works fine

Hi, does version 6 come with a child theme, or do you have any plans to integrate a child theme?

Is it possible to lazy load image on wall?

Hi I submited ticked on http://support.themeprovince.com at 3rd August 2015 at 8:01 am #700 Could you please send me some answer?

oh Come on! I am waiting over a month and I don’t got even answer

Hi, i want to know how to show just a part of the text in the blog section, and when someone clicks on the post then show all the content., the problem i am havig is tha the <-more-> tag is not working. please help

You should use the excerpt of the post for showing content on the blog main.


HI, I would like to put video as background and I’m curious if it is possible that the menu does not hide after entering the homepage

Is there any solution for not hidding menu?

I did this but it doesn’t work in this case. I mean when homepage is page with video background and it is not fading out, it is moving to left edge

Hi Could you write me how to create a child theme? I was looking in the comments and found information that template does not support child themes, though entry is from before four years so maybe something has changed in this matter? Thanks

Hi there,

Here is a great guide on how to create a child theme: http://www.elegantthemes.com/blog/resources/wordpress-child-theme-tutorial

regards, ThemeProvince