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Awesome theme. Good luck :)

Great work dude! You’re already one of my favorite TF authors :)

Hey mate,

Thanks a lot.

- Phoenix


cudazi Envato Team

I love “the wall” page. :)

Cheers Cudazi :)

I don’t generally make random comments but the wall is stunning!

Thanks for your comments :)

Nice :P I know where you got your “wall” inspiration :P It’s a flash website, right?

Pink Floyd :D

Fantastic template man! Keep up the great work and good luck with sales!

Thanks Man :)

Great file! Congrats dude.

Hey Pez,

Thanks :)

Nice work :) I think this will be a big seller.

Awesome theme. Good luck :)

Thanks man ;)

amazing and innovative theme, I think you made all the photographers out there happy with this theme and gonna make them change from Flash to WP/Html!

love the new name / avatar / logo!

Thanks Daniel :)

Wish you many sales… partner! :p

This is very very nice George, I’m sure it will sell a lot!

Nice one! Good luck with the sales! :)

Oh yeah, and thank you for leaving a comment on my theme. :)

I have his icons in my theme. It is tempting. Thanks :)

Purchased this and trying to get started on it and soon as i try to upload logo, insert into post the screen goes white and nothing happens? Any suggestions?

Please send us our ftp details and wpadmin through our profile.

This is most likely a plugin problem so deactivate all plugins. And try again.

Hi, I am considering to buy your theme but I have some questions.

First – most important is it your theme in Flash? I am making web site for music band and they would like have their web site visible in iPhone…

Second they would like to have their video on home page. Is that possible?



1) This is jQuery, not flash.

2) Sorry images only.

You could have a normal page and insert a video shortcode in a page then make that page the homepage. So 2) Yes, but not in the slider.

Hey guys!

The portfolio in the preview now includes an audio example as requested.

Have an awesome day 8)

Hi Great looking theme and am considering buying. Can you tell me:

1. Can I change the home page to have some text included (for seo purposes).

2. When I click the demo the features page is blank!

3. Any chance of some shots of the other skins?

4.Does it include any sliders?


1. Yes.

2. Thanks for telling me that :)

3. Place ?skin=dark_crosshair in front of the url.

4. It currently has 3 full page sliders.

Like its stylish design!!\\

You can have multiple video demostration, example page and the xml file to import to already have a site like the demo??

Yes, send me an email one you’ve purchased and ill send you it.