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Theme Province does have a support page. It would seem they do not answer questions here anymore. I would think it would be great for them to do so for presale support, however.

Is there a way to get our money back?

Hi! My client doesn’t see any of the french accent of the contact form within the theme. I mean it looks like this : Message: Il se peut que le problème du formulaire sur la page contact viennent d’un MAC à un PC… mais si vous lisez ce message ici avec des é, des à , des â et de l’, et que ça parait ok, ça devrait être ok. Sinon je vais changer complètement le module de formulaire de contact. Merci de me récrire au pour me confirmer si c’est ok!

But here on my end it’s ok. Can you help me?

how do you get rid of the text under the thumbnails in the gallery? thanks

my Lightbox doesn’t work any clues?

HI, One question, how to change size of the fonts?


MENU Centralised Centering Menu!

Please can you advise how to centralise the menu please in the left hand column/Main Menu. Also, many thanks and Congratulations on such a wonderful Theme, one of the best we have worked with on wordpress. Kind Regards and Thank-you in advance. JS

Hello. I just purchased this theme and it is missing the stylesheet when i go to upload it. I have a customer waiting for this site to be built. I need help asap to resolve this issue. Please advise. Thank you. I am using the wordpress platform.

This thing is ridiculously difficult. Wish I’d have gone with something different. Slideshows capabilities that were promised in this, are not even present. This IS NOT USER FRIENDLY! Cannot get the help needed to build this. :(

Hello! I have a question, I have increase the size of the center in 840px, but now when i click on the cross, I can’t re-open the slide. The ”+ ” disappear. Thna you !

Hi! Great template! I have a problem with the contact form: it doesn’t send any email, when i press the Submit button it remains on “Processing” without completing the task and sending no mail. How can it be solved? Thank you. alain

I would like to disable comments on simple text pages but I can’t figure out how to do it.

Ok I am stupid. Done it!

I also am having a problem with the contacts page where the submit button doesnt send the email. Where exactly do I fill out the email I want it to submit to? Is it the email in the General Settings?

Hi, I am having problems loading up a new logo. I decided to update my logo but now have a small blue box with a question mark in the middle. I have tried changing the format from a jpeg to png but that doesn’t work. Even loading the old logo that was on before results with the same problem. As this is my portfolio to show to employers, I would be grateful if you could let me know how to fix this problem. Thanks

Hi, two things: 1.What’s the best way to update my theme without having to reinstall everything? 2.My slides are roughly 1800X1200 but they apear zoomed in on my homepage (quite significantly), how can I change that? Thanks,

Hello?? How do I contact support?

Hello, I wish to add a new background to my theme but when I click o Background and Add new on the wordpress sidebar, nothing happens. Any clue why?

Hello, I bought the Village theme and I’m having trouble setting up latitude and longitude on the map. I inserted the coordinates captured by Google maps but the map theme shows a completely different place. Can you help me?

Hello, can anyone help with a solution to the error of longitude and latutude?