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have someone there who can answer questions and give us support?

Hey Guys just brought the theme i love it its awesome just one thing im trying to set up at the moment.

Ive made a new page template which is basically a merge of full width and slideshow with right navigation. Everything is in place as far as the PHP file goes but i just wanted to know how i can add the options in the admin section so i can choose the right slideshow to put behind it?

I have been trying to reach the author too with no success. I purchased this template and it is useless at this time. All my images in the galleria give this error:could not scale image. Anyone have a solution? I really like the look of this template. Now, I just need it to be functional or I am going to have to find another one.

can you tell me whre i can get the xml file which is come all wordpress theme default. don’t you have any xml file for this theme

can you give me the xml file for this theme

how i can install the demo site


I purchased this theme the previous month, and I have used it in order to build my website. All features work perfectly, I have only one problem building the blog page.

I would like to insert in one of my posts an image gallery, but it seems that village galleries can be inserted only into pages and not into posts.

Is there a way to add galleries to posts? I have also tried to add a standard wordpress gallery, and it works, but the gallery images are not opened with the lightbox effect. Any solution?

Thank you in advance


Hi, can not view livepreview, says it can not find page!!

Please help

BR Kasper W.

First off I want to thank all of those for their time and support for a newbie. I don’t believe I actually have this theme installed but I don’t have any documentation on how to set it up from here. I may focus is the slideshow presentation and a sample preview that made me buy this theme. First question is do I have everything I need to to set up the slideshow portfolios? I want all my portfolio categories to play as a slideshow. Question two is what size dimensions should photos be and do they all have to be the same orientation to display in the theme?

Are there any video tutorials covering any aspect of this theme?

Friend there is a possibility via using some wordpress plugin to turn this into a ecommerce template, I found wonderful to create a shop it,

Do you know if it is possible?


How can I paginate the galleries??

Hi is this theme still supported ? Or can we forget about it? May be money back ? just bought it a year ago. now it has problems. we are at wp 3.6 almost and no updates. whats going on ? better to request a refund or what to do ?

I am trying to teach myself how to build a website with Village. I can build galleries and sliders but am having no luck making a portfolio. Documentation on how to do only says it is just like a post – not helpful. On pages, I select two column portfolio and then further down it will ask which portfolio. I have not created any portfolio to add. I want to make a portfolio that contains galleries (and maybe slider page) but I simply cannot figure out how to do it! I have played around endlessly with portfolio item and portfolio to no avail. Help!

Ey there! I just bought this incredible theme but i’m unable to create slides or backgrounds :(. It just seem different than the video guides. For example, when i create a slide i can’t select it at the related page! any help?? thx!!

Hi there, i got an issue with the backgorund js, when i enter to my site the image background does not load at the first time, it works when i refresh the site, the it loads de image background.


Where are the replies to all of these questions?!?

So, I guess it’s safe to assume, there’s NO SUPPORT FOR THIS THEME? I see you guys thanking everyone stroking your ego’s, but not a single question answered for the people who need a simple question answered…

Nice to know that you can take the money, but not provide the support for the theme?

Unless I’m missing something of course? I appear to be logged in, but see no way to reply, nor any replies to previous question/requests for support.

I guess we can always dispute the charges for the theme aye?

não comprem este tema!!!!

do not buy this theme!!