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Hi. I want to purchase this theme, but I need to know if it’s still supported, and the last update was a year ago. Thanks!

Hi there, great theme!

Is there a way to make gallery items (which are linked to an outside url) to open in a new window so users don’t have to leave the site? I can get them to link to a new url by using the “External Link (for gallery use only)” section but nothing I’ve tried has worked to get it to open a blank window. I’ve tried using the below code (dropped in the same external link section) but all it manages to do it open a “404 error’ page…albeit in a different window. Am I putting the code in the wrong place? Using the wrong code?


Hi, is this theme likely to be updated to be responsive?


Support for all ThemeProvince themes is provided, but only in the support forum :



I cant get the Gallery Uploader to work. i had this some years ago and i cant remember what the fix was. what other info do you need?

Hi, need an information before to buy this item. Is is possible (and how) to add a text box on the fullscreen picture (static image slide) on the home page? Thank you very much for your help.

Hi, I LOVE this theme, it looks fantastic! I just have one problem my logo blocks the page titles, how can i rectify this? Thanks

I am struggling with the blog feature of this theme. I have created a blog page, I have added it to the menu, in Settings > Reading I have changed it so that Home is a static page, and Posts is static to the blog posts. My issue is that instead of showing the most recent blog post, the Blog tab shows the very first one ever created. Please let me know the best way to update this.

I’d like for it to update to show the most recent post, every time I post a new blog entry. Thanks.


I like the look of this theme but the apparent lack of support is causing me to reconsider. Does anyone have a positive story about the theme support?

Hi there, great theme! Having issues changing fonts and theme option/fonts change not working. Trying to use Neue+Helvetica+45+Light from Google Fonts library and it changes everything to a serif font…weird. I’ve also tried @Font Face selector and dropped the font in the theme folder…also not working.

Please Help

Sorry burr1708, re your below comment….so far I’ve posted two questions and sent one direct email with no responses to any of them yet. Disappointing. I’ve managed to figure out my own answers (it’s been over a month for my original Q’s) so I had no choice but to troubleshoot for endless hours.

RE: “I like the look of this theme but the apparent lack of support is causing me to reconsider. Does anyone have a positive story about the theme support?”

Can this theme, Portfolio menu to create 10 photo galleries in full screen? – Full-width slideshow? Can I add music?

I just purchased this theme yesterday. I received the download and I am unable to access anything. Is there and online access point to start creating my personal site?

Hi there,

I bought this theme a short while ago and have just completed a site using it.

When viewed in a mobile device (iPhone in this instance) the logo overlaps the search bar, the social icons appear above the menu items, and the menu items overlap the copyright text.

I understood the theme to be mobile compatible. Is this something you are planning on fixing?

Many thanks,


Worst slide show that I met in my life is the theme Village. And I was struggling a few days to see how you edited the theme for the slide show. How to do this for each photo “Slider”, but then you check them in “Slide Show”? What have you fallen from the moon? See ProPhoto / Netrivet as they did in two click-ri a formidable slide show in addition has music. I will give you some advice, see how other developers edit themes, then you and does not make the world go in error. In addition, technical support does not work. If you do not support, then you must remove the theme from


I was wondering if there’s a way to add forward/play/back buttons on top of no-cropping slideshow. I would appreciate your help!


Hello, This theme is really cool but to my understanding it lacks some support for background. Can I use a panotour pro virtual tour as a background? thx.

Hi there, I would like to remove the “Your Website” on the contact form. How do I do that please? Thanks,

can someone give me some css code to get the bullets to work on lists in this theme? THANK YOU…


I love the look of this theme, are you going to update this soon and have you  built a google analytics part? Plugins can conflict with the theme so I dont want to use them.

Cheers William