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Hi, I am having difficulty sizing photographs within in the theme, it seems to have a bug and will not edit photos that are uploaded. Also, photos have difficulty uploading. I have contacted my hosting service (go-daddy) and they say it is an issue within the theme as well.

Any advice?

Thank you.

Does the theme supports WP 3.6 update?

Question is in Czech language:

Dobrý den, potrebuji poradit. V menu mám delší nabídku a tak cást menu nelze videt, jak to lze napravit? Príklad zde: V menu po najetí na kategorii Filmy v ní Ceské a Slovenské a ta cást se již nezobrazuje celá.

In English, translated by Google:

Hello, I need help. In the menu I longer offer a menu so frequently can not see how it can be remedied? Example here: menu, move the mouse to the category Movies in the Czech and Slovak, and that portion is no longer displayed in full.

The website doesn’t’ seem to work well on the iPhone. This happens when I try to enlarge. The image floats around and the whole page goes haywire. One has to be really really careful and enlarge slowly for it to not ‘freak out’. I don’t know if there’s a solution to this.

Can you give me any help on how to correct this.

Hi I bought this theme last year and love it! Thanks. I need to add a Tumblr icon to it though and it isn’t in the presets. What can I do to get it on there?

Thanks DAvid

Hi. I need to know if using this homepage option Slideshow With No Cropping – This slider will not crop any part of your photo. Awesome for portrait orientated images!

Can I use a swf animation looped instead an image?

Hello, I really like this theme but I want to know: 1-for complatible with WPML 2 – if you can add music not only in the home if not all the buttons 3 – if the server has to have some special features (Remote Server Connectiony) thank you very much 4 few buttons can be added in the main menu

Hello ThemeProvince!

I have a problem in my gallery. Got to ride it normally, the problem is when I try to display photos. Galleria Gallery.

The following error appears: “Could not extract width/height from image: http://"here is the image path”.jpg. Traced measures: width:0px, height: 0px.”

Can you help me in this problem?

Thank you! I await your contact.

Does anyone know how to prevent individuals blog posts from being clickable? When I click a post it just takes me to another page with the same exact post and it just seems redundant. I would like to disable it completely. Thank you!

Hello. Theme is great. I have a question. Can I make gallery from pictures which are already in the library? Till now i only made galleries from pictures on my computer. Not I need to modify some gallery and make new but want to use pictures which are already in library but i can not find a way to do it. Please help me.

How can we make the navigation bar to be shown at all times?

Also is there a way to add content which appears on the slideshow images? I have seen another website which does this and I want to replicate this:

www. bathroomdesignlondon .com

Thanks in advance

Hello, I would like to buy this theme, but need some clarifications. Does the regular license include all functionalities listed? Will I have all that I can see in a demo version? The price is paid once or annually? Thank you

Thank you, I bought the theme. I have some doubts. When I try to put some image as a background, they don’t stay in the same resize or original size. Maybe because of width or few height.. However is strange, because on Ipad looks good.

Waiting for an answer, Best regards.”

Please let me know if you need further explanations regarding my query. Thank you

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Hey ThemeProvince. First off, this is a great theme and had already gotten good remarks from new customers that have come in the door.

I upgraded Wordpress recently to Version 3.7.1

and my background slide show is completely non-functional under any page-template.

I can’t rollback this website AT this moment due to the fact I have other websites under the same wordpress install.

Would you be able to direct me towards the fix without having to push a huge update? I’d imagine this is with other customers of this theme as well. Or let me know when an update might be? It worked fine, under the non-supported 3.6

your theme is very beautiful!

pre buy questions:

1. can you send me the psd of home for me to customize the layout so that my client will approve?

2. I can change the background color of the menu or only the black background is allowed?

thank you!


Has support for this theme been discontinued? Will there ever be a version compatible with WP 3.7+ and onward? Thank you!

Hello. Is this theme Responsive design? Thank you.

Hi! I love this theme, but I am not sure if it is compatible with my web service. I am using Just Host, Word Press 3.71, but it says on your page it only works with 4.0, 3.1 3.2 and 3.3? If anyone could please help me that would be great!

Why can’t I use bullet points? Its not included in the shortcodes either???

Hi, just purchased the Village Theme, could you please send me the XML file from the Demo. Thanks a lot.(I could not find in the package) my mail

I really like this theme; however, the way that the galleries are uploaded is really laborious. You’re required to create a slide, then attach said slide to a slider, then create a page and attach the slider to the page. That’s way too many steps and for a client wanting to quickly create a slideshow with 50+ images it’s just unacceptable. Fortunately, it took me five minutes to fix it. Hopefully this will help someone else. In the slideshow.php I deleted the blueprint slideshow query and replaced the entire code in the loop with this.

if ( get_post_gallery() ) :
        $gallery = get_post_gallery( get_the_ID(), false );
        $gallery_ids = explode(",", $gallery['ids']);             
        foreach( $gallery_ids AS $id ){
          $image_url  = wp_get_attachment_image_src($id, 'full');    
    $image_url_thumb = wp_get_attachment_image_src($id, 'slideshow_floating_portrait_thumb');    
<a href="<?php echo $image_url[0]; ?>" title=""><img src="<?= $image_url_thumb[0]; ?>" alt="" />

The result is that the user can create a gallery from within the page and drag and drop the images into the desired order. After they save the template pulls the images from here instead of a custom post type and you’re done. You can now easily create galleries in a second instead of hours.

Hopefully someone else can reuse that and save some time :)