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I found (in live preview) that when I click menubar, it always go to top. Can it float? I’m thinking about to buy this. :)

Hi! Yes you can, but not all but sure you can add all of the F5 features if you want. As for you other concern, let’s see if I can code up a special top bar for you :-)

I send you a facebook message for some more information. It’s in other inbox. Thanks. Finally, I bought your theme. Cheers! Thank you for a very good customer support.

Seen it! Thanks for the info. I will look at it as soon as I get home. :-)

Hi, i’m struggling to figure out how to do posts with text that appears on image when you hover – as shown on the vincere theme preview. Can anyone help?

Hi! You need to have an h4 title on your photo set caption. Check out the documentation for detailed instructions on how to do this. Email me if you have further questions (use the contact form on my TF profile). Thanks!

Is there a way to remove “all caps” from the header?


Unfortunately that didn’t do the trick. Forgive me, but I should have said the change was for the “tagline”.

I added the text-transform rule for the branding tagline but this has not changed the font settings.

Thanks in advance for the help! Awesome theme and awesome support!

I take that back… I got it to work. Thanks for the help!


I have a couple more questions…

1. How can I increase the font size on the branding section title and tagline, footer text and the font for the entire page if need be?

2. How can I center the logo image in the branding section?

3. Is there a way to remove “all caps” in the Menu title section?

I greatly appreciate your help in advance.


Hi again!

You can embed a logo image on the Tagline 1 instead of just text. Upload your logo somewhere (dropbox, flickr, etc) then embed it by adding this to the Tagline 1 field:

  <img src="link/to/your/image" />

Maybe in the future, I will add an option to upload a logo image on the branding section. :-)

Hello again! :)

I have a couple more issues I need help with. Here is what I am looking to do…

1. Have the branding link jump to the posts section. It currently moves the page to the about section.

2. Is there anyway to make the social media icons at the bottom of the page bigger? Currently they are coming up fairly small.

I think that’s it for now, and hopefully that will be all. :) I know I said that last time but we are almost finished with the page. As always, thank you for your help!

Hi! No problem. You can change the size of the social media icons with this code (via Custom CSS box too):

.social li a {
 font-size: 24px;

Change 24px to your desired size.

As for the branding jump link, can you please message me at oliver.dionela01@gmail.com. It’s a bit lengthy to explain. Thanks! I’ll be waiting for your message. :-)


I’m looking for a layout with a great header and I really like this one. I just want to know if I’ll be able to customise it the way I want.

Question 1; I want wide ( not as wide as the header though) single column posts instead of the grid layout. Can this be changed?

Question 2; How likely is it that you will add the option to upload our own logo over the header?

Many thanks,


Hi! Sorry for the late reply (from vacation). Almost everything on this theme can be customized and yes, you can upload your logo on the header.

Single column posts on the index page would take quite a work though. :-)

Love this theme, but I have two questions…

1: Can I change the way the thumbnails are created on the homepage. I’m using it for my photo portfolio and it’s cropping some of the image awkwardly.

2: For posts with multiple images, is there a better way to indicate that there are more than one image? The little dots below the photo are very small and I think people will miss them.


Hi! Thanks for purchasing!

1. We can adjust the image sizes via Custom CSS.
2. I deliberately removed the arrow and the counter on the slider. We can put it back if you want.

Please send me an email using the contact form on my profile so I can help you with both. I will do the codes via email :)

Thanks! I will be waiting for your message.

Great theme. I love the header, I only wished it could slide… Can you help me out with that?

Thanks you ????

Great theme. I love the header, I only wished it could slide… Can you help me out with that?

Thanks you ????

Great theme. I love the header, I only wished it could slide… Can you help me out with that?

Thanks you ????

Hi! That would require us to add a slider plugin to the theme. Message me using the contact form on my profile! :)

You are fantastic! Thank you!

Hi, How should the facebook URL be pasted?

facebook.com/myprofile ? or /profile ?

however I have it does not take me to my facebook profile form the bottom icons.

Hi! – Does this theme support Google fonts?

Warm Regards

Yes it does :)


I really love your work. Plan to buy this theme but i have some few questions.

1. Love the header, wonder can it slide? something like your other work “impetus” ?

2. Can i change the way how the “photoset” post displayed after i clicked it, not stacked and slide?

Many thanks, look fwd to your replie.

Hi! I am very sorry for the late reply. I accidentally marked the email notif as “Read” that’s why I thought I already replied :)

With some code edits, yes we can do that effect to the links on the header. As for the photosets, it depends on what do you like it to look like, but I’m pretty sure I can customize it for you.

Thanks for your interest! Have a nice day.