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Hi there, great theme. I’d like to buy this theme now but please clear out one thing first. Do have text pages? for example under “Our Ministries” when I hover over one of the ministries and click on “Read More”, I’d like to be taken to a full detail page of that ministries. The text area for page is small. will the function adjust if my text is more? I just need a one page layout with all that is in menu bar, a shorter banner in height and a text format below for full description of anything from the main I’d like to link to it. Hope to hear from you soon to make purchase

Hello, this is one page website. There are no inner pages. Maybe you can add a modal box for the Read more link. You can also duplicate the html page and use it for the ministeries. In the html you can add as much text as you want.

Could you please answer my Question?

I have purchased this template however for some reason there is no PHP file included for the contact form to work.

I noticed on your support forum that you take some considerable time to answer queries. Also when I try to create a thread it doesn’t appear to work.

Are you able to explain to me how to get the contact form to work?

Could you please assist me.


Hello, we did an update. There is a php file now. You just have to change the demo email address and upload all the files into your server. Feel free to download the last version of this item from Themeforest. Regards!

Thank you very much, I appreciate your help. It is working fine now.

how can we change the geo location in google maps..??

Hello, once you download the zip you will find a video tutorial for that. We also have it in the forum.

Hi @kathula, it is very easy to update the google maps. When shopping theme will have a great documentation and have a unique support service to buyers in our forum.

you have a spelling error on the product page. An audio player for each (not eash) sermon.

This is a lovely template. I like the delicate feel.

Hi, thanks for the feedback! :)

When I tried to install after purchase this is the message I received. Please help. Looking forward

The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet.

I read and followed the instructions on the forum – deleted the files and started fresh with only the theme folder via ftp and still no luck. Hosting provider was of no help. I am hoping for some assistance and success. looking forward

We saw your username at the forum. You are welcome to add your questions there. We also sent you an email to offer you all out help. Regards!

Can you please tell where the following file is located; data-rel=”prettyPhoto[pp_gal]”. I have searched and still not able to find. Thank you.

Please add your question at the forum.

I am not able to find the contact-form.php, please help. Thank you.

Sure! First of all try to upload all the files into your server (as it is). Make a test. Then Add your email address and test it. It should work fine

How can I skip the slow intro to the page? the appearance of the menu item by menu item takes much time and makes a slow page feeling.

Thank You

Yes, delete the delay classes in the html file.


This looks great! just one question, if we need to update calendar events..can we do that without much coding? or simply sync with my google calendar?

Hello @rahulbhatli, it is very easy to update the calendar. When shopping theme Vineyard Church will have a great documentation and have a unique support service to buyers in our forum.

I’ve encountered the problem:

The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet.

Theme install failed.

Please guide me through the installation. Thanks.

This is a HTML Template, not a WordPress Theme. Regards!

Good day,

I have been sending support request using the support forum you have. But I have not seen any of them appear on the post and also no reply.

The template seems to have issues with internet explorer 8, and when I purchased the template I was under the impression that it is compatible as per your description. Please check the demo template on ie8 and you will notice that the menu is not working properly, the slider font is scrambled, the carousel items are stretching to 100% instead of multiple columns per row and there is an error with loading gmaps.js

The template works fine on firefox & chrome though.

Please assist as my target audience is most on ie8.


Hello @yonadnl, we have given the answer in the forum. Thank you.

Any update on a WordPress release?

Hi @Ignite360, yes but do not yet have a release date. Greetings.

Can I pay you money to speed things up? :)

Hi, Thank you so much for your comment. But we can´t go faster at this moment. Follow us to get the news :D

Hi, I have uploaded the template to a hosting server with php enabled and get an error message

Warning! Please fill all the fields. ”; } else { mail($to,$subject,$msg,”From:”.$email); echo “

can you advise?

Hi brianmadden, plase send your question in the forum;

Regards, MustacheThemes Team


dvd21 Purchased

Where do I find the documentation for the template including how to update map? I do not see a file for such in the documentation folder.

Hello @dvd21,You must download “all filles and documentation”

Regards, MustacheThemes Team


dvd21 Purchased

Any ideas as to why the google map background works great in the preview but once uploaded online, it does not work? I have uploaded the js and css files.

Good template ! But ancor menu seems not working now with Chrome browser ?? Do you have the same issue ? Thx !

Thanks :) I’m going to check what you’re saying.

Regards, MustacheThemes Team

Hello does the licence allow for resale of this template? thanks

More or less. A standard license = for you or for a client An extended license = more than one customer. Under no circumstances can you put a theme as your own and sell it en masse.

Regards, MustacheThemes Team