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Wow. Amazing work. Finally approved. :) Good luck, mate.

Thanks, but i have some trouble with a screenshoots =\

Yes I see. Submit an update for screenshots only or contact your reviewer to fix this.


Posted thumbnails corrected, I hope this will be enough = \

Nice! Its theme was excellent, the theme is very focused on the segment. Congratulations!

I couldn’t resist! :D

Nice theme. Good luck with sales. :-)

Wow… this is really beautiful design! Good luck with sales :)

Really nice! Any planes to code WP version?

Yes, in the nearest future =)

nice one :)

Not released any WP-version yet? I would buy it for sure.

Not yet =\

Let me know when a WP-version is out!

Ok, but at the moment i do not have the experience to make the site one WP =\

Let me know when a WP-version is out!

Love the theme.

However: the centerpiece for the title wasn’t included as a separate PSD. Is it possible to get it included? The resolution of the centerpiece in the page PSDs is low quality and not suitable for export.


PRE-SALE QUESTION: This is the most beautiful wine theme on the internet. I would like to buy it immediately for a rum refinery in my country. However, even though I am a developer and built many WordPress sites, I am puzzle as to how I can change the theme of a WordPress eCommerce theme to your theme. If you can help me to do this, I would definitely but it. Normally, I just use the files that comes with the theme. Help me. I love this theme. How can I change any WP eCommerce theme to your theme?

I am trying to separate some of the images of the main page but I am getting the following error even though I put all the fonts in the same folder. How can I fix this problem.

“Some text layers contain missing fonts. These layers will need to have the missing fonts replaced before they can be used for vector based output.”

You should install some fonts into system
  1. Share
  2. PT Sans
  3. Droid Sans

In footer all textbox, text all thing is as one image … how can we separate each of these and i am not able to extract footer background image as well..

can you please help me to solve this issue asap.???

Separate the layers are in the folder “resource”. In your case, “resource/footer.psd”

Hello, I would like to see the LIVE demo Can you please do let me know the URL of the demo.

Thank You.

Good day I was there the first time and I would like to purchase this theme . Please aky is the difference between the amount tou 10 and $ 500 – under the $ 10 it is some demo only ? but it is a function normally tema? that is it used in WordPress ?