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Hi, i have a problem in whit this template in screens whit a lower resolution, the menu bar is above the main content. How can i fix it? o it’s a bug?

“i’m new in html5 and css, where can i find it?”–what do you mean please, where do you find what?

“ufff i can’t find how to resize the white box”–everything (fonts, colours, dimensions etc) you edit via styles.css

i can’t find the code to resize the boxes Reading the manual that you attach, this is what i could do. http://img41.imageshack.us/img41/7275/viaferrata.png i’m keep trying

Find ids and/or classes of certain tags that require to be edited 1) firstly in html file, 2) secondly, find corresponding ids and/or classes in styles.css and 3) finally, edit them straightly in styles.css. It is the most comfortable way to work with the template. If I remember correctly, I mentioned about this in the Help file.

Hi, I was able to make it work, but when i do f5 or a doble clic in the same button in the menu bar, happen something rare: the menu bar disappears. How can i fix it? http://img137.imageshack.us/img137/7275/viaferrata.png

Hello, yes, I know, there is no perfect workaround. The idea was to give an additional option to navigate (for people who will not guess that arrows navigation is possible), therefore absolutely positioned classic navigation was added in hope that clicking a link while staying on same page may happen seldom and occasionally. You can remove classic navigation but you must be sure that your audience will use arrows navigation and be not confused about absence of of classic one.

how this will work with wp, opencart or any other

It does not unless converted.


I purchased your template a few months back, but it got wiped from my system. For some reason it’s no longer available for me to download via my account on here. Is there any way to resolve this, or do you know if i just need to contact envato? Thanks in advance

I do not see that you purchased it.

Hi Virtuti,

I was ready to buy your template for a particular project – which I enjoyed – when I discovered what I believe to be a small bug. At least in the template preview it happens.

To view, click on “Facts”. You will see the animated text. Now click again on “Facts”. The navigation bar disappears! I know the navigation bar not disappeared, just can not access it.

You could fix it so I can buy the template? Thanks!


Hello, thank you for your interest. Yes, it is a kind of clash between impress.js and absolutely positioned additional navigation. Absolutely positioned navigation I added on my own, just as extra navigational tools (primary tool of impress.js is a keyboard navigation). I was asked in comments section same question several times, if you will kindly look through the comments you will see what I was writing about. Thank you!

hi dear! Your workS are AMAZING! I would to buy this template but i can’t understand this: When i click on EMAIL and after on red ARROW, it appear form contacts. IF i click on “X” to close frame… navigation bar disappears, or is out of display :( . The same happen when i click on ORDER > COLLECTION, the navigation bar is over and I can access… could you help me?

Hello, thank you! Do you see that on demo? In which OS and browser?

I made a screencast especially for you, I do not see anything like that. I use Mac, screencast is made in Chrome. Before exposing it for sale I tested it in other browsers and OSs 9with fine results). However, you can keep using keyboard navigation since it is a primary navigation method for this script (impress.js). Best wishes!

Hello! You live preview doesnt work.

Thank you! Yes, it was a problem with GoDaddy, all my sites were down, but now everything is ok. Thanks for letting know!