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Hi there, I installed the theme (correctly) but it seems the RSVP Page Template is missing. And so there is no form on the RSVP page. Please take a look when you have time, I have pm’d you as well. Thanks.

Nice theme by the way :D

Thank you. For support please use the support forum. Support is not offered through comments or private messages.

Also please note that is weekend, and forum answers take more time (support forum hours are mentioned in the “IMPORTANT Please read before using the forum”). It is not necessary to repost your question here or anywhere else.

An answer was provided on the forum.


How customisable are the colours for this theme?

Hi, the documentation is available if you want to know what is customizable and what not. There are shortcodes for differently coloured buttons, but if you are asking about colour pickers in particular, only the one for background colour is available.

hello…i want to ask before i buy…can i hide the RSVP page and Countdown timer widget? so i can just use this website as wedding EO profile? thx thx

Hi. Yes, both can be hidden. The rsvp page is optional (it is created with a shortode at your will). For any post-sale questions just use the support forum.

Savalina, how are you?

I just bought your theme, It’s gorgeous. Thank you. I would like to know how can I change the language? Is it possible to update to Portuguese?

Help me with that please.

Thank you for your purchase. The theme is translation-ready, and .pot and .mo files were included for translation. However, it has not been translated in Portuguese yet.

Hi, I am wondering if this theme could be used as a regular company website instead of a wedding website? In other words, can u customize these things: - use one picture in the header instead of 2 - use one company name instead of ‘bride & groom’ - delete the flowers from the background Greetings, Pj

Hi, we already have clients that use our theme for their businesses (flower shops, event planners). We do not currently offer code customization services, but we can help with the three issues that you mentioned (no extra fee, just write to support ), as they can be modified by adding custom css styles in the theme control panel.


I have recently updated the Countdown plugin and since then the "Vintage" Style is not available anymore. Can you please help me get the vintage style back?

What steps should I follow to get the compatible “Vintage” style back to my widget?

Hi, For support please use the support forum at . Support is offered exclusively there.

I’m sorry for any inconveniences. As stated on our profile, the support is on holidays until Monday January 6th, but on Monday you will have an answer and the issue will be resolved. Thank you for your understanding.

Hi! Is it possible to use Russian fonts instead of Roman alphabet?

I’ve found the font and now I should use the support forum to get your help, shouldn’t I?

Yes, create a thread on the support forum, and help will be provided within support hours tomorrow morning (from 9 AM Central European Time). Thank you for the purchase.

Hi. Everything ok with the font, have you added it? I saw that you have not written to support.

i think the column shortcode function would be much easier to use if it would automatically add a clearfix element after the ‘last’ column.

Sorry for the late reply. Thanks for the feedback, I will consider this for the next theme update.

no problem :) i added it for myself and it works fine.

Hello, i wanted to know how to change phrases on the rsvp plugin

(would like to change language)

Hi, For support please use the support forum at . Support is offered exclusively there.

Great theme – if you’re looking for wedding music please check out my collection of Classical Music for Weddings:

Hello, I love this theme and it will work great with my next project. I do have a couple of questions before I purchase it. In the homepage banner can I replace the rotating images with a video? Can I replace the logo area at the top with just one image? Thank you. :)

Hi. I am going to purchase your theme this morning and would greatly appreciate your guidelines to modifiy the top area to use just one image. The size of the image I will use is 603×185px but I can decrease it if necessary. Thank you so much for your help.

Hello again. Is the countdown a widget that I can control on the homepage? I want to remove it. I am looking forward to using this beautiful theme Thank you again.

Hi, thank you for the appreciative words. For help with the images and the countdown widget, please use the support forum after purchase.

Hi, can I ask, if backround from Live preview is included in template? thx

Hi. Yes, it’s included.

How do i make the header image just a single logo and not the current two images? Also how do I remove the count down? I emailed you from your profile.

Hi. For support, please use the support forum. Like it is stated here on theme page, support is offered exclusively on the forum.

Hello, We want to buy this template, we need information, you can create pages with videos You tube or Vimeo.   Thanks for the reply

Hi. Sure, the page content can be videos or whatever you want.

I want to sort albums in the gallery. How I can do?

Hi. For support, please use the support forum at Like it is stated here on theme page, support is offered exclusively on the forum.

Just got an email about an update to Vintage Wedding, but I cant find the DL in my Envato downloads.

You didn’t purchase Vintage Wedding with this account. You don’t have “Purchased” written in the right side of your name. Login with the Envato account that you used when purchasing and the download will be there.

Awesome theme by the way…

Ok quick question, I can change the background image, correct? The reason I ask is I need that bouquet gone. Also can I make this theme have a a pinkish undertone, than the brown? Thank you for your time


Thanks, Tim! To answer your questions:

1. Yes, the background image can be changed.

2. The left image (bouquet) is not the background, but it can be hidden or changed from Theme Options.

3. .psd source files are included for background textures images used in the theme, so they can be modified according to your needs.

AWESOME! Thank you for the prompt response! SOLD!!! lol. I’ll run it by my client and we will be grabbing this theme asap.

Hello, a client is considering your theme and wants to know if the images with people in the header is completely removable as she doesn’t want this on her site (probably replaced by her own logo). And also if the bouquet of flowers on the side is replaceable. Thank you.

Hello. Yes, the header images can be removed. There are 2 options in Theme Options:

1. Completely remove/hide the header images.

2. Upload a logo instead of the bride and groom images.

And yes, the bouquet image on the left side is also changeable from Theme Options. There are 2 options:

1. Hide the image.

2. Change the image with your desired image.

It’s explained in the documentation provided with the theme (documentation is also available to read online here: )

Hi, I have a problem with this theme and wp-4.3.1, after updating wp it takes about 5 minutes to open site, but when i put default theme it opens normaly.

Hi. For support, please use the support forum at . Thank you.


I love your vintage theme and my client too :-) Before I purchase it I have a couple of pre-sale questions:

1. is it possible to use the theme for a nails & lashes beauty business? 2. Is it possible to make from the 2 pics from the header just one and still use it for a logo? the logo should still stay in the center of the page 3. for the beauty business the customer needs for the “home” a service area with 3-4 boxes (pic+short text) which should link to a page with more description. Which elements could I use for this issue? 4. is it possible to introduce more navigation points in the menu? 5. for a contact page is there a google maps and contact form included? 6. how about colour customaization can I use the colours from the customer logo? 7. is the background changeble with customised picture? 8. what about integration of videos? 9. Is possible to remove/hide the blog, counter, rsvp and shop? 10. is it possible to include some short text to the pictures in the gallery?

Many Thanks! cheers Mel

Hello again. :) The update was submitted, we now wait for the approval. You can see what the update contains (other than the Contact Page) at (scroll down for the Updates section).

The Contact Page was also added in the demo, it can be previewed here:

The theme update was already approved. If you have any questions, I will be able to answer tomorrow, albeit in a more limited time frame. Have a good weekend!


Hey Alina, many thanks for the great news :) I already have installed the theme and now playing with it. have a nice weekend! Mel :)