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This theme appears to be incompatible with the new CSS styles in WooCommerce 2.1.X. There are significant differences between the demo content and my live website at the product level. Compare buttons, accordions, and tabs here:


And here:


Any help in resolving these discrepancies would be greatly appreciated.

Hi. That’s why it is stated that the theme is compatible with woocommerce 2.0.x. Right now, we’re working with the update and trying to solve this compatibility issue. Will let you know once the update is done. Regards.

Thank you, for your reply. I am looking forward to seeing your updates!

Sure. Thank you.

Also having the problem with CSS styles using WooCommerce 2.1.2. Buttons and tabs are not working properly.

I installed a test site using demo info to try and debug it to no avail. http://www.splendidiris.com/vin/product/contrast-sole-suede-derby-shoes/

Yup. Did not report any errors. I went ahead and created another installation on the same website (different directory) to reinstall the theme and WooCommerce 2.0.2 and everything works fine. Something with the theme not working correctly with WooCommerce 2.1.2

OK, so it’s obviously the compatibility issue with Woocommerce 2.1.x. I’ll let you know once the update is done. Thanks.

5months. Any updates yet?!

If you’re running this theme you definitely don’t won’t to upgrade your WooCommerce past 2.0.x as the documentation displays under the Compatible With. As a general rule I’d say wait on new versions of templates before plugins.

Will provide update soon. Thanks.

can we make the homepage have a sidebar???

Of course you can make a sidebar visible on your homepage.


Great theme! Just a quick question…

In the Recent News shortcode…


Is it possible to exclude a specific category from being displayed in this section? I’d like to exclude specific posts from being listed in the Recent News section.



Following on from this, are you also able to advise how I sign up to the Support forum? It doesn’t look like there’s a Sign Up functionality on the Hanathemes site… Thank you.

Hi, This is the second time I have had a go at purchasing this theme, I got a refund last time because it took too long to get support- please don’t let my trust be dashed again.

On the site I’m building http://www.oshi.co.nz the flex carousel products are not displaying correctly. The photos are showing in two rows instead of changing on hover.

I am using the updated vintage2 download. Can you please help ASAP, as I need this website operational yesterday, so to speak.



Any word on when the theme will be compatible with the current version of WooCommerce?


When will the theme be updated to be compatible with WooCommerce 2.0.20? Thank you.

Hello, I have purchased the theme and have had a problem with the shop for some time,when will the theme be compatible with the current version of WooCommerce? I cannot figure out how to solve the problem myself. Please reply as soon as possible as it this is a urgent problem of me now. Thanks

I am having trouble with coupons in WooCommerce. I am trying to set-up a 15% off sale on all products but can’t get it to work. I am running:
WordPress v. 3.5.1
WooCommerce v. 1.6.6
WordPress Theme VintageStyle v. 1.0.2

I have clicked the box to enable coupons and set-up a 15% off coupon but it’s not taking a discount off the products or the cart. I see where I can add the coupon code field but there is no place to configure a coupon code. Please help as soon as possible!!!
Thank you!

Hi, Are any upgrades to recent wp and woocommerce planed?


I’ve a problem on my website homepage http://www.neckplusultra.fr : the product grid is not centered properly. Do you know how to fix this ?

Thanks a lot

we gonna update the theme. you can get it after and we can fully help you. many thanks.

Hi, The pop-up cart preview that is suppose to show up when i add an item to the cart isn’t showing. Can you please help?

Thank you. The website is TheConcreteRunway.com.

yes, we can help you. but we gonna update the theme. maybe you can get a new theme and we can help you after it. Thanks.

Hi, I have pre purchase question. Does this theme support multilingual feature? thanks…

yes, it’s the feature of wordpress. Thanks.

I have been using this theme for a while, and have found that the issue with the media uploader/link editor is not resolved. If I set 2012 as the theme, it resolves, going back to VintageStyle, it breaks again.

I’ve just uploaded the latest theme version, and am wondering if this issue was ever addressed?

Hi Can I check on your site?give me access details on pm. Thanks.

7 Months later?! Do we have an update yet to work with the current version of WooCommerece?!



IF you are considering this TEMPLATE, DO NOT BUY IT! Author has not updated the woocommerce problem. My webhost just forced a “WooCommerce” upgrade because the working version of WooCommerce has a security flaw and has been hacked repeatedly. OVER 1 year from 1st report and still no update. Now I have to purchase a new template and redo the entire site!!

I have a pre-sales question: The latest Comments here are very old. 1) If you are working on an update? 2) Is the theme compatible with the current WordPress version 4.2.2.? 3) Is this compatible with the current Theme WooCommerce version 2.3.13?

Thanks in advance, Axxl

hello, my name is eugene. how do i get the slider to show up on the homepage?

Hi We just got back to business. if there is any issues, we are happy to help you. Thanks.

is this theme fully compatible with WPML?

yes, we are planning to upgrade the theme . There will be major updates. Thanks.

Hi, I have problems with WooCommerce 2.4.10… When the update is ready?

Hi thanks for purchasing our theme. We are planning to upgrade the theme shortly. Thanks.