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Can you confirm how to make the youtube video larger – it is too small.

Can I get a response please.

Hi! Open the jquery.prettyPhoto.js file, in vireo/js/ folder, and change the values ??for default_width and default_height ( 21 and 22 string ), needed is for you.

Thanks for your help!

Interested in the “coming soon”. Is it possible to remove phone with the dates completely?

Hi Webuza, I have a problem with the video-promo. I can’t see the background pictures. What’s the problem here? Thank you for your reply. http://www.kaderschmiede.net/index-landingpage.html


Hi, Anne_Harting! Thank you for purchasing. Image file can not be found in the specified path (img/promo/promo_back2.jpg). Please check the specified path and file name, file exists in the specified path and the check permissions for file.

Ahaha, Thank you. So stupid! :-)

Hello … i have this in my adressbar (behind domain name): /#.UyGH9_l5N8E


really mysterious

What happend?

Hi there,

I’m really looking for HTML mobile template site that showcasing the company multiple mobile apps. with direct link to app stores etc. @themeforest there’s none available for sale? You should make one?

Hi, can we play a video automatically (in the background instead of in a popup) in the Video version ?

Hi, imssarl! Everything is possible,))) but this would require additional changes and extensions. This feature is not implemented. Try Advisa video-layout – http://themeforest.net/item/advisa-marketing-landing-page/7321265

Hey, I have trouble installing this on my Wordpress. I can’t find style.css file. Can you give me a hint on what to do?

Ok, I found the reason;) Cheers!

Why there is no Video Promo version in the package?