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Very nice landing page , GLWS

Awesome landing page, very clean. Good wok, and good luck with sales :)

Congratulations for your first item. Good luck with sales :)

Thanks, it’s nice to hear)

how easy would it be to change the iphone image to a video or better yet have a video playing inside the iphone

Now it is possible if you put the functionality of “Take Video tour” directly on the device image. Or make the image as a link. But then it will need to make some changes in the image (for example: the button “Play” in the design of the screenshot)

In the future, we plan to release a 4th layout with full-screen video for this template.

Love your work! Parallax Effect is nice. You’ve got a good mix. I’ve an eye on your next projects :)

Thanks! )

Hi Webuza;

Great work. I have little html knowledge, I use wordpress themes to make websites but I would like to buy this landing page for my business.

Can I buy this and make it work? I have Adobe cs6.

Warm regards;


Hi, Bugra! Thanks for your interest!

You can exactly buy it :) But this template is not related to WordPress.

CS6 be able to open all layers of PSD-files. You will need to change them to fit your needs. And then replace saved images in the appropriate folders of template.

Good luck

P.S. This is link to Vireo documentation – http://webuza.com/demo/landing/Vireo/Documentation/ – maybe can help you

Can I use html editor software like dreamweaver?

Your work is so good that I dare to learn new software :)

Yes, the Dreamweaver is correct. You can use it.

How can I get the tilted iPhone on the Landing web-page? I just purchased it and was disappointed to see that the PSD is missing for the titled (with shadow) iPhone. Could you pls provide it? Thanks.

We did not draw iPhone’s mockups. Quickly ready-to-use :)

iPhone2.png … is based upon 04_iPhone5_mockup.psd, but how to tilt the phone as in the landing page?

Select all laeyrs before “floor shadow” and “CRTL+T” to rotate. Then move “floor shadow” on optimal position

Also.. .the 05PSD file included (double iPhone); how to put my own screenshots inside? Normally I would expect that I can double click on the layer to replace it with my own screen shot…

use commando “Layers Transform” or “CTRL + T” and make an arbitrary transformation.

Also, you can make the layers “YOUR SCREEN HERE” vector objects (Layers / Smart Object / Convert to Smart Object). Then doubble click on layer will open them in a new document.

Can you explain how the submit works? Is the php working?

Hi, ESPLLC! No, php-files not included in package. You can to use any php-script

In your Full Version and Video Promo sample shots you have three sections below the top frame (text on the left, graphic on the right). Is there any way to increase the number of sections , either through the theme’s dashboard or with a little bit of coding? I’m considering purchasing for a video course that has seven modules. Would use to describe each module. Thanks.

Hi, joedacus! Yes of course. You need a little bit of coding. Just “copy-paste” code from image (see https://www.dropbox.com/s/dukhvxud9rfvxsl/joedacus.png ) and change info.

Very Nice job! I’m wondering. How can i make the menu on index1 to be sticky from the start. like this page: http://x-run.no/

Now I have to scroll down to see the menu, but I like to make the menu visible right from the start

1) Comment out – js/fixed_header.js in header ( http://i.imagebanana.com/img/7rjyyjf9/Selection_004.png )

2) Rearrange header container ( http://i.imagebanana.com/img/wfbg2huq/Selection_005.png )

3) Add class “fixed” to “Header container” ( http://i.imagebanana.com/img/24i7dzrj/Selection_007.png )

Good Luck)

could you please mail me at dole587@hotmail.com. Will gladly pay you for making the menu sticky.

Oh!, Thanks Will try! :)

On video version, why isn’t video responsive on mobile phones> (videos come up very small and when you blow up, is bigger than page).

Hi! This customize each for themselves. We enter this question in our wish list, and then to fixed a release update. Thanks)

I just tried publishing the web files to a server to see how the pages look and I received an error page that reads: [an error occurred while processing this directive]

See: http://www.profitwebmanagement.com/test/

Any idea as to why?

Found the answer to my problem. The HTML contains a lot of comments that look like: <!-### Page Title ###->

All the ”###” need to be removed. Now the page works fine.

This link put me on the right track: http://www.doodgical.com/fix-website-shows-an-error-occurred-while-processing-this-directive/

Oh, sorry! I have not had to answer. But for me it’s a bug – revelation:) I did not know about it. Thank you!

Thanks a lot for the excellent template ! I used this for my site www.HeardApp.com and my readers appreciated it a lot. :-)

Now I need to start a Blog for that site … and I was wondering if you have a version of it that can be used as a wordpress theme.

Hi, hammadmazhar! Thank you for your purchase!

Template with the blog so far only is baked).

Vireo has a static News Stream template. It’s certainly not a full functional for the blog, but it will help to resolve the issue with static articles.

good luck and Great swimming)

xml file is included there?

What does “SEO Optimized text” mean?

...code, sorry

Hi, Very cool template.

Can you tell me the name of the app (or theme) we can see in pictures (in iphone) ?

Hi, great landing page.

I am using index4 (video promo) and would like to beg for some help.

I’d like to add a second button to the bottom of the first page – the button is currently “available on app store” – I’d like to add a second horizontally beside this?

Any help appreciated. Thanks, Myles

Hi! We make screenshots and Readme-file for your question. See Zip-file – https://www.dropbox.com/s/216a1sksbae3kmq/add_app_button.zip

I have to say … THANK YOU! That is so kind of you to help me, it is much appreciated. It’s been a few months but I still want to do this .. thanks again!

One last question if I may be so bold … how would I change the 2 x images for appstore.png so that I could have appstore1.png and appstore2.png – effectively allowing me to have different images for each button? I see the CSS … but I am scared to mess with it! :)