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Hy, I would like to see live preview site but does not work. Thank you Glenda

It should be working. Is it up now? Maybe my hosting was down.

Layout is responsive? Thank you!

No yet, although I will look into it.

no se me instala la plantilla ayuda

I need help ASAP the template’s effects are not working and is showing the virtuemart default template.

Can you send me an email with a link to your installation.

why my template can’t install? i go to extension manager>install the package. and it says

Warning: POST Content-Length of 9748684 bytes exceeds the limit of 8388608 bytes in Unknown on line 0

please hel me :(

So should i download virtuemart first? Please can i tell me the step?

Please can u tell me the step?**

Yes, download virtuemart first. Look up the documentation for it as it not that straight forward.

I can’t install the template. I’m using Joomla 2.5.8 with VM 2.0.14, I’m going to Extensions / Extension Manager / Install, i picked up the compressed package file: Then I uploaded it and it doesn’t work, after 5 minutes it shows nothing, the page gets empty. Please let me know what should I do or give me instructions to get my money back.

Well, why you just don’t explain that clearly from your first answer “unzip file and upload virtuesell folder directly to your ftp site inside templates folder”... Seriously?, charging $40 for a template that has not installer file, not responsive, not quickstart, not sample data? Do I have to upload the addons folder aswell?, the one that is inside virtuesell folder?

Uploading the folder directly doesn’t work. I uploaded virtuesell folder directly to the templates folder inside my ftp site, and nothing happens. I had to upload virtuesell to the tmp folder inside the root, then I had to go to Extensions / Extension Manager / Install from directory (I kept the default url ../tmp) and that worked.

Still having problems. Now I’m trying to configure the template and it has no additional options, or a framework. How can I configure it without a framework? Please help.

Can anyone help me? I purchased this template 2 days ago and I still can’t work with it. 1st, the installation process was difficult because the template has not installation file, I had to put the template folder inside the tmp folder, then I had to go to Extensions / Extension Manager / Install from directory (I kept the default url ../tmp) to install it properly. Now I’m trying to access the template inside the admin panel, but I see no Additional Options or framework to configure it. How can I add multiple slides to the slider module? I really need help asap.

Hi Royal, I just sent you my log in details to your email. I started again the installation process. I followed the next steps: 1. I did a clean installation of joomla 2.5.14 2. I installed VirtueMart 2.0.14 3. I installed all addons: mod_clientmodule, mod_JTweet, mod_servicemodule, mod_sfacebooklikebox, mod_virtuesellslider and plg_modadvancedsettings. 4. Then I installed virtuesell template. For this step I compressed virtuesell folder in a zip file, clicked on extension manager and uploaded the package. The result is the same, I can’t see any configuration options for the template or the slider.

One question, does the template options supposed to show only this configuration option?

Yes, that is it.

Is there a way you can send me a .jpa backup file? so I can run a new installation keeping the same configuration you have on your demo. I’m trying to set some content the same way you have in your demo, but I can’t figure how you did it.

I’m having a big problem configuring this template, 1st, the dropdown menu is not working properly, When I put the mouse over one item one time, it drops the menu down, but when I roll out the option and go back to the menu item, the dropdown menu does not work. 2nd, I’m trying to get the rollover effect you show on products categories and products list in your home page (the circle moving around and the zoom effect), but I can’t figure out how to do that. . Please explain me how to configure this options. Would be easier if you send me a .jpa backup file of your configuration, so I can run a new installation from the beginning.

Email sent.

please help me to configer this template i need tha staps to install this template

I bought the theme today but when I tried to install it and can have an installation procedure because by extension manager> load the file compressed package I charge only a small part of the theme


I bought this template a few days ago. I finally managed to upload it but now have this error:

Parse error: syntax error, unexpected end of file in \templates\virtuesell\index.php on line 224

please can you advise as soon as possible as i have been trying to figure out how to make it work for hours

If you are still having problems let me know.

could you send a .zip backup file of this template?

Yes, if you are still interested let me know.

yes, please. Sent it to

You do not have a purchased icon on your username. Please sign in with the account you used to purchase the theme and send me an email through my themeforest profile.

I’ve found myself in trouble with “accordeon effect” in VM – Category Module, as well as “Right Side Image” in VirtueSell Slider.

Could you give me a help or send me a .jpa backup file of the template, please?

Yes I have a file of the demo content if you are still having trouble.

nice work good luck with sales!;

When I install the template tells me I’ve installed it correctly, but when I prederterminada the template virtuesell visualize when I get nothing, I have to do? Thank you.

Okay, can you send me an email with how you installed it.

What’s your email? or wherever you look. Thanks.

Send via the profile here on themeforest.

Like! Congratulation!