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Noticed a post here previously where you were suggesting to put a google map extension on banner module in full width (LOVE THE IDEA!!). Im interested how to do this because it seems that at least Google Maps by Reumer will not accept 100% even the documentation claims so. There is also some 70px padding around the map. Seems like template width (1200px) in my case is impossible to exceed and background image of module is visible all around the map. Any suggestion how to get this work? Thanks in advance. Again =)

Hello Verkossa!

The “banner” module position is prepared to keep images, to display Google Map in a full width please publish your module in the slider module position, which by default takes 100% of the width.

If you will have any problems with a third party “Google Maps” modules please just contact us directly via contact form from our profile page and we can provide you an access to our own Google Maps module, built for our latest template – Loyale – our module can be used here in a full width without any problems.

Best Regards, 7Studio


rdugaue Purchased

7Studio does not currently provide support for this item. (Visario)? What’s going on here? I’ve purchased 3 licenses, the most recent Oct 2015. Why am I told no support now for an Item that under 6 months and last I looked still can be purchased? I need help with Seven Portfolio, the component seems to be published both published AND archived articles, archived articles should be excluded or have someway to do so, but I can’t find it in the options. Please advise, thank you.

Hello, just to clarify, support was never a part of the purchase.

New support policy, introduced by Envato in september 2015 is forcing authors to charge for support and provide support on Envato terms. We don’t agree with this policy, but the only option to opt out here is to set items as “not supported”.

Regarding to your question, Seven Portfolio is not a component, but another layout for the Joomla! content component, and it works in exactly the same way as core layouts like for example blog layout. In our test site we can’t reproduce your issue, the archived article is not displayed in portfolio layout. Or there is something wrong in your setup, or issue is caused by third party extension.

We can try to help, but to do this we need to have a temporary access details to Joomla administration panel of mentioned site. Please forward those details via contact form from our profile page at TF:


Kind Regards, 7Studio