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I didnt see the contact form in this preview, but it can easily add right? Is it a plugin?

And this “spaces”we see in the main page, when you are scrolling, like the clients one. The “spaces’’ that arent linked to any menu item. Can I add more of this? Anywhere I want? Like one only using one image background, another one with testimonials, etc… How it works?

Thanks, and again I really appreciate an quick replay if possible. I also dis another question in Momentum theme comments.

I would like to buy my theme today.

Hi, If you click on the email icon in the footer, the contact form will appear. It can also be set to appear automatically on page load or linked to a min menu item.

Yes you can duplicate any section (except the splash) and use multiple times in a page.

Is there a way to add the vegas overlay to other pages you assign the home template?

That semi-transparent pattern overlay is only available on the splash area.

Hi, i bought the visia template for wordpress, and i have a bug in projects, when in movile device i try to open any project, the project cant load, this is the final url, please try to open the web in movil device and desktop device, we have two versions, and i think that english version works fine and spanish version dont work.

Hi, Please paste the urls of both your site versions. thanks.

is there a way to take the overlay off of the homepage slider area?

Hi, Please see the first and second posts in this thread from our support forum.

Hey guys,

I just tested Visia Preview and my website (using Visia) on GTmetrix:

Visia Preview:


What is the secret to have a such fast site? Which cache plugin do you use? And about the images, how do you optimize it? your preview is so light…

Hi, We have a dedicated server (so no shared hosting and throttled bandwidth/resources) to host our theme demos, which is setup and optimized for that job. We use compressed assets (scripts) and we use a CDN for all of our content. We also use total cache WP plugin.

Thanks! Do you have any specific setting suggested for W3TC when using Visia?

Due to summer vacations our lead dev is unavailable at the moment. He was the one who configured the plugin, so unfortunately I can’t offer any advice at the moment.

That’s fine, I contact you guys again in a few weeks


There is an error coming up on this contact page here:

I can’t see how to fix this in the back end. Please advise


Your comment is not showing a “purchased” badge. Support of this nature is reserved for confirmed customers only. If you have purchased this theme using a different account please login using that account before posting a request for support. Alternatively you can use your purchase code to register at our support forums where you can open a new thread about your issue.

I am in the process of buying and I have a question. I need a multilingual website and i understood that it has WPML support but do I have to buy the WPML plugin for this theme?

Hi, WPML support has been remove for this theme due to the plugin being unreliable and hence generating a large quantity of support requests. So I wouldn’t recommend purchasing the Visia theme or any of our themes if WPML support is an important feature for you. Yes WPML is a premium 3rd party plugin. We have nothing to do with the plugin itself.