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Hi! I love this theme very much!! I’m using it in my website, but unfortunately, now the theme corrupted in my website: , my wordpress version (WordPress 4.1.18), asking for support, thank you very much!

Hi, I’m able to see your website without any problems. What “corruption” are your referring to exactly?

Hello, just wondering when the next update will be and can you add an option to add an option for services to link to a url?

I found a solution on your forum, but it seems like this would be an easy addition for you guys to make. especially considering a lot of people keep asking for it. aside from that and the ability to add custom icons to services, the theme is perfect!

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I have updated the site to WordPress 4.8.1 and after that projects links and blog link are not to fix this ? Thank you

HI I have done all thing in above thread still scrolling not working in any browser. Further i can see the your DEMO site menu also not working . please help me to fix this bug

Hi, Your website is still loading the compressed version of the js scripts, which means you probably forgot to disable js compression in the theme options. It was in those instructions.

ps. Im aware the theme’s demo menu scroll is not working, this is because I haven’t managed to implement that fix into the live demo just yet.

Hi Oh..yes I have forgotten that.Now working fine. Thanks lot for your help. Are you not planning to release new version of this theme soon ?


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I bought this theme which is top! I also bought the support in addition to being able to be helped but I have no answer and no return of the developer while I am blocked!


Hi, You were not blocked, so I’m not sure what you were referring to. Your thread has been dealt with some time ago.

After updating my WordPress Version up to 4.8.1 there are no portfolio Images anymore. They are no longer in HTML code on homepage. There is also no console error and plugins also all deactivated. Can anybody help me? Thanks a lot!

Hi, When was the last time you updated your theme? You should download it again from your downlaods page and do a manual update. Instructions for this can be seen here: (it refers to a previous version of WP but the process is still the same) I’ll need to see your website, can you share the link?

This was the way I made it. The latest update from themfores is installed on my testing area. I found out that in $content loop of the portfolio there is no image inside, idont know why. With featured image output in the loop the image is loaded in code but in the wrong dimension. I dont want to modify the code because it should work, right.

The portfolio posts has all featured images. I updated manually from WordPress 3.8 up to 4.0 and via auto update to 4.8.1. After that I installed the latest theme version and created a child theme for my own little changes…

There are also problems with images in “Kunden” section and “Über uns” section, the images are also not loaded into HTML!

At the website there are no console errors, it seems that the img is not in content loop generated. Do you have any idea to fix it? Best Regards

Hi, Your page is showing fine here. I do notice lots of image warnings in the browser console because of the https protocol. You’ll need to change all of the image paths to https to fix these. Might be a good place to start.

I’ve updated wordpress but now the scrolling does not work properly. Could you help me? My website:, for example clicking on “Portfolio” item menu. Thank you very much.

Hi, I love your theme! What is the preferred size for featured images in Projects?

Thank you!

Another question: I run WP 4.8.2 and the last Visia update from November 2016. Which PHP version is advised?

Hi, PHP7 is not supported.

Hello, i had the problem with the scrolling on my web site . I have read your solution here and now the scroll works well. But I have another important problem, if i upload the new file “jquery.localScroll.js” and delete the old file “jquery.localscroll.js” my page “news” and “portfolio” don’t work. Can you help me, please? Now I replace the old file”jquery.localscroll.js” and the pages are working. Many Thanks!

Hi, do you have a solution? Can you help me?

Hi try also doing the other part of the solution mentioned by this user here:

Thank you! Now the site works well!

The navigation for this theme is working inconsistently on my site all of a sudden. Only the Link to the contact form seems to work – I am not sure why the other anchor links have stopped as I haven’t changed anything … can you suggest what might be causing the issue?

Hi, The scrolling script doesn’t work with the latest version of Chrome and need to be updated. See the fix here:

Hi,work Visia with wordpress 4.8.2?

Hi, Yes we have had many customers upgrade already without issue.

hello, are all the color designs / colors in the theme completly customizable? Thanks in advance. BR

Hi, Only the primary color is editable via out theme admin options. The others are only editable using css snippets (pasted into the admin panel). Our support forum is home to many css snippets, requested by past customers.

Hi my menu items have also stopped working on chrome.

I have followed all the advice in these threads –

And I am still having this issue, I need it fixed ASAP can you please suggest a final solution??

my website is

Hi, I’m unable to check what version of the file youare using because your caching plugin is minifying all js scripts. If you disable this minification I can check back. The caching plugin or its minification may be causing the problem. If you followed the changes in this thread, then all should be working without problems:

(there’s two fixes in that thread).

Anymore on the solution to my problem???

Hi, What problem is being referred to here?

Can you not see it it in the comments above??

” Hi my menu items have also stopped working on chrome.

I have followed all the advice in these threads –

And I am still having this issue, I need it fixed ASAP can you please suggest a final solution??

my website is"

I was asked to send my login details over a week ago and I have not heard anything back since?!! I have followed all the correct procedures and provided screenshots to prove this and my problem still persists!

As I mentioned in the support forums several times, your page is still loading the old version of the script which needs to be updated. If you have followed the sequence of instructions we posted in the forum and its still loading the old script, then either something was done wrong or your have a problem on your server side, some kind of caching or something else which is preventing the new script from being served. You’ll need to debug this on your end. Its unrelated to the theme.

Hi, the slider is gone on my project on the home page, i have no pe_theme_meta on home, is this normal?

Any update on this?

Hi, I’ve replied in the ticket, the login credentials don’t work.

Hi, i’m sorry i did a clean install again. The ‘home’ slider is back now for some reason.

Hi, having some problem since the latest WP update, the single page scrolling navigation doesn’t work anymore on Chrome.

I’ve been using this theme for years, and just updated my wordpress – and now I”m having issues. My “CONTACT FORM” will not send emails anymore – it says “Yay! Sent” but I am not receiving them anymore. Secondly, the menu links won’t work – if you click on “services” it won’t take you to that part of the page anymore.

Thanks, I fixed the menu problem.I’ve been talking with my host, and this worked fine until I updated my wordpress. Not sure how to use this STMP plugin, but am attempting to do it now.

Can I possibly just REMOVE the contact form, but still keep the email address there? Nothing seems to be fixing this situation and my host is no help either.

Hi, Sorry for the delay: Open the footer.php file in the theme root. On line 21 you will see this:

<a id="contact-open" href="#"></a>

Change it to this:

<a href="#"></a>

Basically just remove the ID. That will then allow your mailto link which you have there at the moment to work as expected.