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Hi, Love the theme!!! I have a question about the project sliders. When I click on a project a gallery slider pops up. The slider is just a thin line and you can barely see the images. I did the redirect in my hosting panel to www and it still didn’t fix it. I also emptied my cache it still didn’t fix it. I really need these galleries to work to showcase my work. Is there anything else I can do to fix this?

Hi, I’ve tested your website Folio>project>gallery on several browsers and I’m seeing the project galleries without any problems. Your website is just slow. Which is probably a server thing because even the projects with our dummy images in them can take 6-10sec to load, which is pretty slow. Have you cleared your browser cache etc?

Hi, Yeah I cleared the cache yesterday. I noticed that in FireFox it’s fine but in Safari it’s not. Should I try something else? Also is there anything I can do in my hosting panel or Wordpress panel to boost the speed of the website? Thanks

hey guys,

Trying to code the projects to go to external urls but cant seem to find this file

-Then go to your theme’s main folder and open file view-portfolio-preview.php. In that file find this line:—-

...In order to change it, I have tried to register and sort it on the official support forum, but it wont seem to let me post.

If you could point me to that file, I can do all the rest.

Please tell me Im not being too stupid here. :)