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Hi there! Could you possibly add an ASK box to the sidebar? I love this theme!

Hey Hpstsk,

You can enable the ask box to in your tumblr settings, once enabled the ask link will start to show on the sidebar.

thank you for such a fast reply! I have now purchased your theme – looking forward to using it!

Thanks for purchasing hpetsk!

Hey! I installed the theme but have come across a couple of issues. I have connected my Twitter account to Tumblr, yet tweets are not showing on the sidebar. And the regard to the search function, if there are no search results, the page doesn’t display the “sorry but nothing found” message – it’s just a blank page. Any help would be kindly appreciated. Thank you.

1. I double checked and Twitter is connected correctly – I will try disconnecting and reconnecting.

2. I realise that, hence why I’m puzzled mine isn’t working! Change what colour, the font? No because if there are search results, they are displayed. It’s only when there’s nothing found – the message doesn’t show up.

Thanks for your quick response.

Hey man, can you send me your URL through email? If you need additional support I’m free for skype! | thejenyuan

Sure. Thank you.

Hello, I love this theme but my instagram feed is not working, do u know what I should do?

Hello, please follow the steps provided below:

1) got to here ( ) type in your Instagram username

2) click submit and your id will show up, it should be something like this 384758

3) paste it in the “Instagram ID” section in the customise panel

4) go to here ( ), click lets get started and click authorise

5) once you pasted your ID and authorised it with your Instagram, your feed will start showing up


I just needed to authorize it, thank u so much!!!!

Hi there,

I’d like to know if there’s a relatively easy way to add another social icon to the social block… Unfortunately, it’s not a fontawesome icon.

I’d just like to add the ( icon next to the others…


Please email me for theme customization,


Thanks, might do that if I find anything else I might need… Ended up putting the twitch icon in the about section instead though so I could also put an online/offline notification next to it. :)