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Hi there,

Is it possible to change the width of the area which contains the blog posts? Which .css file would this be in please?

Hi, from your comment below I see that you’ve managed to find the answer :)


Re previous question about blog width, don’t worry, I figured it out. Many thanks

Hi there,

just bought your theme and love it

i am totaly new to making websites and wordpress and i have the following problem!

i inserted a one_fourth column and i can’t get a read more button or images into it, can you help me?

Hi, the WordPress “more” tag only works for posts, not pages (in order to break the post into a summary on the blog post list template).

Hi, but is there a way to break this in a one_fourth column?

Hi, I’m afraid not, unless you manually add a link inside the one_fourth column since it only allows static HTML.

Best regards

Hi just wondering, in template section of the menu WHen u make a new page i dont get blog listed. my question is how i can get rid of contact form in default template. cus all i want is an empty page with an image that links to a video in flv format. and i canot get rid of that contact form.

Hi, thanks for your feedback, appreciate it :)

Unfortunately the lightbox only supports vimeo and youtube videos I’m afraid.

Best regards

hi man.. none of ure previous attemps of helping me out have worked for me. So i decided to upload my videos to youtube or vimeo. And when i click on lightbox it takes me to youtube instead. im begin u man can u give me some advice. I reverted the script changes in singleportfolio.php and i still cannot get images to show its so bugyy. I have jquewrry 1.8.3 the portfolio part its just not working at all…i just wana finish this site it shuold not be so hard.

Hey mate, I tried logging in with the credentials you provided in an earlier email but I couldn’t. Could you email them again so that I can take a look at the image issue?

Regarding the flv issue there’s nothing I can do I’m afraid since the lightbox script doesn’t support them, however, youtube and vimeo videos should work. Again, please email me admin access and I’ll take a look.

Best regards

How does one find their theme verification code for your site ? Apologies but I may have misplaced it . Purchased your theme some time back

Hi, please take a look at this screencast: http://support.unispheredesign.com/forum-access-how-to/

Best regards

what is the latest version of this theme? Is it compatible with WP 3.8.1? I am getting a blank page whenever I try to hit the publish button when making a new post. thanks!

Hi, the theme should be compatible with WP 3.8.1. Try disabling all plugins and see if the error persists. If it does you’ll to enable DEBUG mode and see what error is outputted by WordPress. Here’s how to enable debug: https://codex.wordpress.org/Debugging_in_WordPress#WP_DEBUG

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We’ve been using this site for several years. Unfortunately under the three home sections, my embedded html images are no longer displaying. The link is working, but the image is only displaying white space.

Site is: www.getfitharford.com

Help is appreciated.

Hi, I can see the images in the three home sections, were you able to fix this?

Best regards


I’m excited to use this theme, having just bought it and begun installing it. But I’m finding none of my images are appearing on any of my pages or posts! I’m using the dark theme, you can check the site (it’s mostly populated with dummy content while I learn the ropes). The only image that’s appearing is the placeholder logo at the top.



i had just bought the theme, but i have some problem on the menu. the dropdown menu not working. Can you please help? http://mtplas.com/web/features/