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I have purchased Vision and I wonder how can I 1) Only make the countdown pane appear on the first/top page but not the rest? 2) For the about page, what can I do insert text on one column, and pictures on the next?

Thank you so much

Hello, In the main.js file, function afterLoad (line 205) handles what happens when a slide is loaded. so there, you can add Javascript rules (add it after line 207) such as :
if (index > 1) {
} else {

How can I insert pictures at all to any page?

Hi, can you explain what you said?

When I scroll on a laptop, it takes me to another frame (the scroll is automated and takes me to another page/slide), but this doesn’t happen on the phone. How can I also turn on this auto-scroll function on the phone?

Hello, this auto scroll is diseabled on mobile because it will break the responsiveness of the layout. But if you like it to enabled on mobile device, remove the following line of main.js (or comment it) :
responsive: 481,

Thank you so much!

Hi mivfx, I want to adjust the Vision Template that I feel it’s a little over dim on the background image for my use, however, I didn’t find any guides in the instruction. Please let me know if it’s adjustable and how to do it.

Thank you!

Hi, do you mean the static image background? Background image is handled by div with class .page-cover (and its content). Try to overwrite their CSS rules with inline CSS or by inspecting the desired element and adding additional CSS rules.

Quick question. Is it possible to add sound to background video? I really really hope there is

Hi, its depends on the video file that you used. Video file presented in the demo page does not have sound but if it had one, it will play automatically

Hi, is this template for wordpress? My installation failed.

Hello, this is an html template. You need to edit its content via a code ediyor and upload all css , js and html file to your webserver. To you is with WordPress, you need to convert it to a theme first, or you can use it as a static page.


I can not upload this to wordpress? it says style cc stylesheet is missing

Hi, this is an html template so to edit its content (html 1) via a file editor, use your own images, logo, then upload the whole files via ftp or cpanel to your own server. Using it with wp, requires some php coding : eiheir you u use it as static page (there are plenty of tutorial about it on google such as this https://www.quora.com/Can-I-have-a-WordPress-blog-with-a-static-html-homepage . You just need to refer the right css and js file in uour custom page) . You can also convert it to a wp theme

It looks very bad on iPhone 7 in landscape view. Could you please fix it. Because nowadays everybody is using smartphones and I do not want to start with such a bug.

Hi, thanks fo reporting this

Hello, when I uploaded the theme in Wordpress it says it was missing the style.css sheet

Hello, this is an html template which means to make working directly with WordPress, you need to set it as a static page or a conver it to a wordpress theme..

Hi. I have a problem with the logos. Can you send me an email address to send you screenshots? Thanks

Hello, to adjust logo size, use custom css width and height (pointing to your image class and using ! important additional args) . You ca always send it via contact@highhay.com

On website appears to work well, but I have a few issues on the iPhone: 1) iphone social links don’t work. I think because one swipes with the finger and the scrolling is the top ‘layer’, but regular links work under contacts. Can this be fixed? 2) horizontal orientation: there are issues when orientated horizontally, is there a way to prevent horizontal orientation altogether?

Hi, for social links add the following code in yiur main.css file or any additional css file that you added :
.page .s-fixed-content{
  z-index: 100;

About the orientation, this should not be a big issues since few users uses mobile website in landscape mode. But if you insist,, this template uses foundation 5 css framewoks so you can checkout their website to see how to hide some element depending on the orientation of the page. https://foundation.zurb.com/sites/docs/v/5.5.3/


I’m installing this theme to my site but the installation failed due to the following reason. “The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet.

Theme installation failed.” kindly do the needful

Hi, that appeard vbecause you try directly to use it with wordpress. This is a HTML template, so to make it working with WP, you need to convert it as a theme, or use it as a special page template of an existing theme. The easiest way to use an HTML template is to modify the HTML file content (with a code editor such as Visual Studio Code), then upload all the project to your webserver via FTP or cPanel